Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The next political move: Alabama "Rainy Day Patriots" are going to take the fight to the enemy: the state-run media outlet, CNN.

Here is the e-mail from the Alabama Rainy Day Patriots. If I can, I will be there with them. Hope to see some Threeper flags there.


The Rainy Day head to ATLANTA, Ga.


The 9-12 March on Washington was only the beginning….

Here’s what’s next – - We are PEACEFULLY protesting the COMPLICIT and BIASED media on the sidewalks outside CNN’s headquarters in downtown Atlanta. Come join the rest of the Rainy Day Patriots as we make ourselves heard! This is part of a nation-wide protest where thousands all across the country are attending similar protests at other major news outlets on the same day. Join us and help us make the most impact at these huge media moguls!

Date: Saturday, October 17, 2009, 12 hours round trip from Birmingham,AL to Atlanta, GA.

Leave Time/Arrival Time: 6:30am/6:30pm CT

What to expect on the ride: We will make one one stop for breakfast/break going and one stop for dinner/break coming back. We ask that you wear your Rainy Day Patriot T-shirt. They can be purchased at this link for $16.

Protest Time: We’ll start assembling at CNN Center at 10:30am, Protest from noon – 2pm. ET

Location: CNN is located at One CNN Center Drive which is on the corner of Centennial Olympic Park Drive and Marietta St. Official address is 190 Marietta St., Atlanta GA 30303.

Click Here To Register to ride round-trip on our Media Tea Party bus ($28.75 per person.)

Payment and cancellations October 9.


We will be protesting from CNN Center and up the Marietta St. sidewalk to the Atlanta Journal Constitution headquarters located at 72 Marietta St. We will (and must) stay on the sidewalks – we do not have permits to close the streets or for Centennial Olympic Park due to previously scheduled concurrent events

Theme: Media Complicity / Media Bias.


Let’s stay on message and NOT give the media any ammo against us. The message is COMPLICIT MEDIA and MEDIA BIAS. So please stay away from the following messages:

No Anti-Obama, Pelosi, Reid, others

No Obamacare / Healthcare messages

No “Liar” related

No name calling

No Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh for President

Here are some sign ideas:

Lessons on Counting

Media is supposed to be the Watchdog, not Lapdog

Tell the WHOLE Story

Can You Hear Us Now?

Can You See Us Now?

Boycott: Time Warner, GE, Capital Cities and all their subsidiaries

State Run Media – add logos

CNN – Controlled News Network

This is a marathon Not a sprint

Truth or Consequences

Silence in Consent

Sign Making Party:

When: October 15, 2009, 7:00 pm

Location: Location Needed – please help if you have any ideas.

Visit us at for more details.

Click Here To Register to ride on our Media Tea Party bus ($28.75 per person.)

Thank you,
The Rainy Day Patriots


Anonymous said...

How 'bout "What Happened To The Fourth Estate?"

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest a good move for Rainy Day Patriots or, any Patriot for that matter, to compile a list of advertisers on CNN and write them saying as long as they advertise on CNN, you and yours will not patronize them. Enough of this and the advertisers will walk and CNN will crumble just like the newsrags have. They already have some of the worst ratings and pointing that out to advertisers may be to our advantage... Pile it on folks.

Follow the money...


Anonymous said...

Another sign:

Communist News Network.

With the hammer-&-sickle forming the letter "C".

B Woodman

(in SLC)

Anonymous said...

Go get them, we have a Tea Party happening here in S.V. tomorrow night!

daniel said...

I plan on being there with my Threeper flag! Hope to see you there, Mike.