Friday, September 4, 2009

So, let me ask you something. Do YOU think the ATF is worth 1.1 BILLION taxpayer dollars per year? They do.

Jack Booted Thug Central, or, as "Mad Bob" of the Dogtown Rangers calls it, "The Concrete Asshole of the Universe." The new ATF headquarters in DC.

A tip of the boonie hat and my thanks to BPWZ for forwarding this link to the ATF's Congressional Budget Submission for Fiscal Year 2010. Dated May 2009, it asks for a total of $1,120,772,000.00, of which $1,114,772,000.00 is "Direct Salaries and Expenses." Well paid jack-booted thugs, ain't they?

They also ask for $616,000.00 as part of Operation Gunrunner "to purchase armored vehicles and tracking devices to ensure the safety of ATF personnel."

Supposedly this is to protect their roidal asses when they cross over the border into Mexico. For the money, this is probably just for up-armored Suburbans, and hey, in a billion-plus dollar budget, what's a mere $616,000.00? Chump change. At least they don't have an Air Force of their own anymore.

Of course with ACORN going around to everybody's houses and plugging in their GPS coordinates (as happened to my mother recently in Marion, Ohio)as an alleged part of "the Census," there's no need for direct personal confrontation any more. Just program a cruise missile or Predator, right? (Pity Herod didn't have that technology at his fingertips when he decided to kill all the new-born babies in his kingdom, huh?)

Note: Be sure and get the name, the complete name, from his/her driver's license, of all ACORN volunteers before you refuse to answer their questions. That way, you have as much information on them as, or more, as they are likely to have on you.

Anyway, enjoy perusing the budget request and justifications of the National Bureau of Jack Booted Thugs. After all, it is your tax dollars at work.


. said...

Quite a strategically-made building and surrounding fortifications. Those sorts of things don't exist where people are free.

Anonymous said...

Damn, there's more fortification on that than there was on army barracks and cop shops in northern Ireland.

Infact, there's more fortifications than Ive seen on African dictators' palaces.

What did Machiavelli say about castles?

Something about "when a Prince has the love of his people, he is better off not building castles, because if he is invaded, he will have the difficulty of re taking them".

There must be some sense of not being loved there

Crustyrusty said...

The whole flippin GOVERNMENT isn't worth that much.

pdxr13 said...

It's typical JBT commander thinking, that a fortress will keep them safe and comfortable.

Truck bomb is so sloppy "-nineties", but the building is designed as anti-truckbomb standoff architecture with a little Romanesque Late Empire thrown in for the rubes.

The "dragons teeth" and Hardened Homes & Gardens planter boxes really invite the public in, don't they? It's almost as charming to the Republic as a chain link fence in front of the lawn at 1600 Pennsylvania.

I'm guessing that the maze around that building contains a multi-array of sensors to detect almost anything as it walks or rolls up. That adds plenty to build and maintenance cost.

Are they going to camp out in there forever? MRE's start to suck after about the 3rd one, even with heater packs. Got water?

I don't think so. There is no-where "safe enough" or far enough away when there are so few friends and new enemies daily.

Don't they know that the future of mass-murder (or "appropriate killing", depending on ones' position on these things) in buildings is using N-B-C's done as an inside job?

The building will be a museum/monument to FedGov excesses in the Nine Nations of North America to come, assuming that there will be anything more than one rock piled on another in DC after the Chinese are done with it.


ps: verification word "bedbang"

Anonymous said...

Like the J Edgar Hoover Building (FBI HQ), the new F Troop headquarters is defensive design vs. civil disorder.

Don't forget about the ATF Laboratory in Beltsville MD.


Mike Foster said...

The ATF HQ also includes a memorial for the four agents killed at Waco. Contrast that with the humble memorial left by survivors at Mt Carmel (I think their original memorial was eventually dug up). I think there were even memorials for the ATF agents there at Mt Carmel too.

Anonymous said...

I lived there when this thing was being built.

If I only knew it was F Troops I could have put a nice 'Kiss my Ass' in the concrete while it was still wet.

Happy D said...

I hate to ask this but hasn't the threat to buildings gone airborne?

Anonymous said...

-- I don't think that building would have a chance in hell against Ol' Joe Cornyn and his AT-802A.

He he he,


Anonymous said...

Look at those heavy reinforced concrete columns!

Those bastards don’t care how much money they spend just as long as it’s ours.

All of this for a government agency that shouldn’t even exist.

Well hell Mike you’ve ruined my day