Monday, September 14, 2009

A Cluster of Threeper Flags in DC


Eric said...

Are these available for purchase yet?

Tangalor said...

Where can we obtain these flags?

Also, I believe it would benefit if they were also made in smaller sizes, to accommodate those pet milk people..


cocked and loaded said...


Charlie said...

I think the one in the middle is a "Second American Revolution" flag. Those folks were handing out stickers with this web address:

I think the group might be connected to former Ron Paul supporters?

Concerned American said...

Center frame is a "II" flag, which was an independent effort at least as populous as our 50 "III" flags.

As I was scrambling to the field after being both the team's medevac and admin puke/gear honcho, I carried a III flag and ran into two gents carrying a "II" flag.

"What's 'II'?", says I.

"What's 'III'?", says they.

Several iterations ensued before either side budged.

Eventually, amidst much chuckling at our banner-version of the old Mexican standoff, the IIs said they were calling for a Second Revolution.

I explained that 3% in arms in the field had been enough to prevail in RevWar I.

We all agreed before proceeding to our respective destinations that our messages, dark as they were, were mutually supporting.

Not coincidentally, II plus III equals V.


J. Travis said...

I started seeing some of those II flags at some TEA Parties on TV.

I wasn't sure what their message was, but I had no doubt that both teams would run into each other!

riotwire said...

Such a wonderful site! Glad I could be there!

Happy D said...

Wish I was there.

Anonymous said...

Awesome sight! II or III, doesn't matter.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Do the II's have a website??????

A. Nonny Mouse

Anonymous said...

That is a really beautiful picture, all these III flags, especially in this photo. It made me think of blue bottle gentians and larkspurs growing amongst streaks of blossoming purple loosestrife and white asters.

Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW, I had been wondering what the II flag was the whole time. I vaguely thought it might mean the 2nd revolution or something like that.

Mike, don't forget to check your email, I left you a message :)

BTW, if I had only entered Starbucks!!! I had been standing right outside the place for almost an hour before the march on the capitol began LOL