Monday, September 28, 2009

An old sign allegedly popping up in new places.

This sign is supposed to be popping up at the Mason-Dixon Line these days. I doubt that's true, but perhaps it should be.

This was forwarded to me by Wretched Dog with this comment:

Unproved, but good if true. Whenever I used to commute from Los Angeles and the PDSRK (that is the “People’s Democratic Socialist Republik of Kalifornia) to the family in Kingman, AZ, I often thought (well, every time I crossed the Colorado River and into Arizona) that there should be a sign on the AZ side of the river/border: “Welcome to America.”


Anonymous said...


I was stationed in Berlin back in '89. Patrolled the wall and helped defeat socialism.

Now I have to do it all over again

Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania used to have billboards just over the river from NJ on westbound 78 and 80: "America starts here"...PA, having become a major league regulatory nightmare, can no longer claim such status.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way when I commute back to Virginia from my post in Maryland.

I'll grant you that Virginia isn't Texas (my home state), but it's a far sight better than living in the Maryland People's Democracy.

Anonymous said...

These signs should be posted on every major highway leading into Illinois. I especially would love to see them on the roads going into Chicago. An added bonus would be to have Mayor Daley's name and picture on them. Perhaps Oleg could make that happen.

You are leaving the American sector, welcome to Illinois.

You are leaving the American sector, welcome to Chicago. Richard M. Daley, Supreme Leader

That would be a great smack down for the bid for the Olympics.

Matt S said...

Maybe we should draw a new set of lines, but along the Rockies and Appalachians. We'd call it the flyover line. It would say "You are now entering flyover country. Just fly over and leave us alone."

Anonymous said...

I don't know about y'all but I like to project my line in every way that I can.

Whether it is the signage posted on my truck, on my bike, on my beanie, in my yard or my newest tattoo but, it needs to be all in their face and I been doing it too long now to be "under the radar".

I have seen it written, "if they don't want no crap, don't start no crap". Yep, works for me.


Anonymous said...

Anyone heard of these guys?

This tin foil came up on ZeroHedge.

Hardin, MT has allegedly been put under a private police force called American Police Force as part of APF's new contract to run the up 'til now unoccupied max. security prison.

APF's western US contact reverse lookup is a Hardin, MT number.

A legit. news site, "Big Horn News" puts a positive spin on the new prison contract, but with a dateline of 24 Sept., does not mention a privatized police force.

According to a tin foil news site, Steve Quayle, the coat of arms of this organization closely resembles that of Serbia.

Please someone tell me this isn't true.

skipelec said...

Three new gun bills on the Governaters desk.
Gotta get outa here!
We spawned Pelosi, Boxer, Bass,
Beware America, it all starts here.

Happy D said...

MKORION you have no idea how sorry I am that it has to be done here too.
But you helped beat them their we will help beat them here.