Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gottlieb's rally didn't turn out quite the way he was planning. In fact, I'm sure he probably crapped his pants over it.

More than 200 gun-rights activists assembled on the steps of Washington's Capitol in protest of the expansive background-check law state voters passed in November. At Thursday morning's rally, state legislators and other opponents of Initiative 594's requirement of background checks on all gun sales and transfers voiced their belief the new law unfairly infringes on their Constitutional rights. Most of the crowd brought firearms to the event, from long automatic rifles carried openly to concealed handguns in shoulder holsters. About a dozen protesters took their guns into the public gallery of the House just before the brief morning floor session ended.
Needless to say, it was the I Will Not Comply folks who "took the Capitol" armed. I'm sure Gottlieb crapped his pants over THAT. I can't wait to see the write-ups on this one.
LATER: Shea tells gun rights activists I-594 not law
Rep. Matt Shea told gun rights activists today a ballot measure on background violates state and federal constitutions and need not be obeyed. “An unconstitutional law is no law at all,” said Shea, who said he is supporting bills to repeal Initiative 594 and other gun control measures.
Oh, yeah. Gottlieb's not happy at all. Not one little bit.


Anonymous said...

It looks like in their haste to undermine the "We will not Comply" rally in which they did not they however did undermine themselves in their own rally!

Many like me stayed away because we will no longer follow false leaders like Gottlieb who will lead us into tyranny.

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

One of the things I took away from my time at The University of Florida was the knowledge that Elementary Education was the easiest degree offered at that institution.

The second easiest was Journalism.

1. I would be willing to bet there were no "automatic rifles" at the event.

2. If the handguns were concealed, how did the reporter know they were there?

Dangerous things happen when you combine a lack of knowledge with a room temperature IQ.

Jeremy B. said...

Yeah, let's not join together for a common cause. Let's tear a giant divide our community so we are fighting each other instead of working together to erase I-594.

Anonymous said...

Eww! All those armed patriots right inside the legislative chamber and not a shot fired!

Must be law abiding gun owners?


Anonymous said...

With 200 people bothering to show up this may be his version of The Million Moms March.

Nathan said...

Was there. Took the Capitol. We Will Not Comply!!

P.S. Excellent gun show :)

Anonymous said...

BOOM! George Soros Caught Funding Ferguson Protests with $33 Million to Spur Chaos!

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous from Florida university, yes there were automatic rifles. I had mine strapped on and did indeed enter the capitol building.

Unknown said...

Jeramy B. @January 15, 2015 at 4:56 PM ---What common cause are you referring to? The one of compromise where we keep moving to the left of both "shall not be infringed" and "shall not be impaired"?

"An unconstitutional law is no law at all." -Rep. Matt Shea To all of the well intentioned lawmakers in Olympia pursuing I-594 "fix" bills--please don't. This unconstitutional, egregiously written disaster of a gun registration and taxation bill was engineered to be a train wreck. Let it be a big one. Any attempt to "fix" junk law like this simply allows those in support to claim a "bi-partisan fix that makes this initiative workable for all." Once you do that, it will never go away. No. Let it fail, and fail miserably. INSTEAD, put all of your effort into repealing gun registration and taxation in Washington State via Rep. Matt Shea's House Bill 1245, Repealing I-594. Call and email your legislator today, asking them to co-sponsor HB 1245, in support of Freedom:

House Roster:

Senate Roster:

You might also read this:

Then ponder this:

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, what do you do when someone is doing wrong? Nothing and don't tell anyone since we're all in a "common cause"? What if the "compromise cause" is different than the "don't give up an inch cause"? Keep quiet and let the "leaders" sell us out because we're all supposed to be on the same team? So we won't compromise with the government but we're supposed to compromise with the compromisers?

You started this, so give us the solution. You act like the people insisting we will not comply are the ones "tearing a divide". Bullshit. The ones tearing it are the ones Mike is exposing.

Prove you share a "common cause" with Three Percenters.

AJ said...

This is what I posted over there:

Just another BS law designed to harass, inconvenience, and potentially criminalize people who have no intention or propensity to harm anyone. Bought and paid for with billionaire money.

Just the fact that turds like Bloomberg, Gates, and Balmer were chucking millions of dollars of their own money at buying this law should peg everyone's BS detectors. Passed with 59% of a sub-40% voter turnout. What exactly is so great about democracy again? The ability of a larger group to vote away the rights of a smaller group, and themselves in the process? No thanks.

There are a startling number of people out there who can not seem to fathom that many of us just have no desire to be controlled in every aspect of our lives. In the end, that is what this all boils down to; control. And It will have not one little bit of an impact one way or the other on violent crime. None.

On the good side, it may provide some more fodder for the corporate prisons, and give the government one more avenue by which to squeeze the peasants for money.

And of course the sheep-type people who beg to be controlled can now rest easier knowing that non-third-party control lovers have had one more of their freedoms dashed.

Anonymous said...

We are getting warm now, open defiance and its making its way out to media. "They" will be raising a FF soon I think as this whole freedom thing is starting to take hold.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:35, did you have it on full auto setting or semi-auto. just wondering?

Jeremy B, said...

Brian Morton et al...

Any and every method that we can use to undermine I-594 should be exploited. This includes non-compliance, legal battles in the courts (the SAF specialty), political pressure (NRA), and legislative reform (ILA).

It is not enough for us to simply be right. We must also educate our opponents so that we may be persuasive and turn the tide.