Friday, January 30, 2015

In timor veritas. "Olympia disarms open carriers in hearings."

Washington State House and Senate officials announced yesterday that the ban on open carry has been extended to include all public hearings in legislative office buildings, the Associated Press and Seattle Times reported.
The original edict is going to be tested on 7 February by the I Will Not Comply folks. It seems certain that someone will, at the least, be arrested this time. My intention, if I can raise the ticket and the expenses, is to go out, participate in this action and give them the chance at me. The fight in Washington state is more important than almost everybody understands and has national, even international, implications.
If things go really south, Bob Wright has offered to truck my bones around the country, Irish-like, to raise money for the cause. I have accepted, since at that point I will no longer have need of them. ;-)
I am not suicidal, but the willingness to trade life for liberty -- your own and those that you love -- is implicit in the oath we take. The collectivist media has been very successful in serving their masters by deliberately ignoring the armed civil disobedience movement. Even the pukes at CSGV have been holding their tongues, even though the various state campaigns "prove" their "government-needs-a-monopoly-of-force" position. The "authorities" in Olympia are frightened to death, it would seem, about citizens exercising their rights while in the vicinity of their Mandarin personages. To paraphrase the Romans, "In timor veritas" -- in fear there is truth. The politicos have demonstrated their fear and an essential truth. The trick will be to give them the opportunity to overreact and demonstrate the bankruptcy of their tyranny where all will see and notice. THAT is a cause worth risking much for.


Anonymous said...

Amnesty and Your Right to Bear Arms

Mitch McConnell’s surrender on immigration reform last week could have major consequences for Second Amendment rights.

Deportation amnesty is one of the biggest threats to gun rights because it will add millions of anti-gun voters to the electorate in one fell swoop.

The vast majority of illegal aliens are Hispanics, and Hispanics are one of the most anti-gun demographics in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, 62% of Hispanics prefer expanding gun control to percent gun rights, compared to 39% of white voters.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand how you getting arressted will help anything. For better or worse, many people probbaly think not open carrying guns in public buildings is a "reasonable" restriction. Now if they foricbly arrest you during a rally for clearly utilizing free speech thats different, but I just am thinking this is one battle worth lossing in order to succeed in the overall war. Who would take over the blog for one? I just dont think that this is a smart move at all tactically.

What about a massive open carry rally to the edge of the ok zone? I.E. right outside the capital. You could emphasize that all these guns are here and not one person has been shot and killed yet.

I dont know, I am sure you have thought this through. I guess I am just ensuring due dilligence review of this strategy to get arrested which I beleive has more cost than benefit.

Scott J said...

Is CCW still allowed?

Anonymous said...

All this is going to do is get people arrested and that will shut down this blog if you get arrested. Lets face it, anyone going up there to open carry is going to be arressted. I highly doubt any shoot out will occur as that will simply underscore to the media and the rest of the world that open carrying are depraved lunatics. Therefore, I would assume any arrest will be complied with as the consequences of fighting arrest will be too extreme.

Lets think this through for a minute. A bunch of people attempt to open carry in the galley and get arressted one by one. The media will ignore it and the end result will be some patriots arrested. The bloggers will also have a field day underscoring how idiotic these people are, etc., etc. and the wussy gun rights folks will also use it to underscore those idiotic open carriers. Now, heaven forbid if someone tries to violently oppose arrest, well I think that will go against 3 percenter pricncipal for one, but we would without a doubt lose the moral high ground.

I guess in a morbid sense the best that could be hoped for is if some rapid cop tases or shoots first. Then we gain the moral high ground for sure. But as long as the cops peacefully and calmly put the protesters in handcuffs, I just think its going to be a lossing scenario for us.

Anonymous said...

If we can all help you with a few bucks make a post for it ASAP, as that date is pretty close. None of us are rich, but 10 bucks here and 5 bucks there can add up.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but still interesting:

Anonymous said...

Deep South here, checking in. Although I understand the logic behind the resistance/liberty movement, at some point a man has to draw his own personal line in the sand. For some this will start here for others it may have already been crossed and a plan is in play. This game isn't checkers its chess!

Anonymous said...

Here is WHY getting arrested is what HAS TO BE DONE!
Only via arrest and attempted prosecution can these pukes be bitchslapped! Once arrested, title 42 section 1983 claims come into play civilly and once a few of those can be made to stick (a few already have) then another Tidbit in the CRIMINAL CODE can be waged as well.

It's hard to sue and gain STANDING. once arrested and prosecuted, your DEFENSE becomes a jump over that STANDING hurdle. Anything less and courts ignore this subject BECAUSE THEY FEAR IT and the admissions that must be made.

Look - the tyrants want us all to SUBMIT via FEAR of arrest and prosecution. Just like they want to CON us into giving them permission to search our vehicles fronting a request as a order.

If we just SUBMIT then that's giving them an inch - and then they take us miles.

Mike is absolutely correct here. This is MASSIVELY IMPORTANT for ALL of us. Those Citizens (mainly) HAVE to stand up now - a few out of staters are required as well. The more Citizens banding together the better - when numbers stand together, they stand down! Ferguson protestors ought to teach folks something. Occupy Wall Street as well. Did ya see citations for lack of permission slips for "assembly in public".

What's AT STAKE HERE is exercising our RIGHTS where they are needed MOST! In the most PUBLIC of public places - the halls of OUR government. That entity BELONGS to US, not the nervous nelly politicians SCARED of their own corrupt actions! For if they were abiding by the constitution and our RIGHTS, their LIMITATIONS as well, they would have ZERO to WORRY about.

If this is lost - if this ban happens and stands- then the fight itself is over and carry in public places will ENDLESSLY be a permission and eventually ALL halls of government at all levels will be banned. And THEN, that can only mean it's a matter of time before FIRST amendment RIGHTS will be banned there as well. If they can ban one they can ban the other!!!!

Anonymous said...

You-all don't get it ...

If they begin to arrest people for exrecising a Consititutional Right then Court cases ensue and pile up leading to possible Supreme Court appeals and testing of the Rule.

It is all about forcing over-reach by the forces of darkness ... and shining a very bright light upon them.

Handled properley even arrest compounds and makes their case for infringement more and more untenable.

What atanding in Law do 'House Rules' have upon Constitutional matters? Will they rush to unwise infringement by actual legislation? How many people can they arrest, try in Court, have Jurries find Guilty and subesquently imprison and face endless appeals before the political cost of doing so has consequences at election time?

Fertile grounds for ReCall efforts also.

Anything that leads to the possibility of their trotters and snouts being pulled out of the trough gets their attention.

Think outside the square!

This must be planned as the long game.


Unknown said...

In order to sue government for civil liberty violations, one must have a "Cause of Action"

People being uncomfortable, and worried about public perception need to understand that if you truly believe in your right to something, you must exercise that freedom/liberty muscle. If you do not, the collectivists will continue to act in a manner to decrease one's liberty, because one only tries to retrieve said liberty piecemeal. NOW look at all of the infringements we have stacked against us. Yeah, those tactics SUCK!

OR you could just wait for things to get worked out in the wash. OR donate money to an organization to work it out for you. OR go through the process of waiting for another Chair to the WA State Judiciary Committee. OR wait till the next election and really work at replacing collectivists with statesmen. OR...

Anonymous said...

". . . the willingness to trade life for liberty -- your own and those that you love -- is implicit in the oath we take."

I have to disagree with you on this. While each and every one of us is free to trade his own life, nobody can trade the life of another. That is their choice, not mine.

And as long as we're talking about trading our lives, we have it backwards. To paraphrase Patton, nobody ever won by dying for a cause. You win by making the other poor bastard die for his cause.

Anonymous said...

Well.. Once martyrdom comes, I'd like to help finance the bones through the state of California. I'll see to it that they be escorted with due honors.

Dakota said...

One thing no one has mentioned so far is the gnawing fear that this could be a really good place for a "set up". All it takes is one asshole, or one Federally paid asshole. Boy wouldn't the media and the antigunners love the shit out of that one. I hear the arguments but you are playing with matches in the dynamite shack guys. I don't like it and we have a lot of pissed off Feds, or did you forget what happened at the Bundy ranch, and several other encounters in recent history?

I don't like this!! Push your luck and eventually you will push it too far and lose waaay more than I want to think about. For one thing Mike, do you not realize how important you are to this movement? All due respect .... well, I don't like it!!

Anonymous said...

If folks will go to Mikes Blog page and read the right hand side you will find how to donate $$$ to help Mike.

It is all there so make use of it.

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% behind the "I will not comply" movement, including arrest for excercising your right to K&BA, but aren't legislative buildings closed on the 7th (Saturday)?

Anonymous said...

God go before all of you and your just cause.

Molon Labe

Anonymous said...

There is a huge oppourtunity to parody the whole process.

If persons are not able to carry long guns into the Chamber - what do they do with them?

Take gun racks and set them up in the foyer and/or stack arms there.

Use grubby old Dime Store .22s and make an orchestrated chaos of stacking them and returning them to the attendees - OOps That is not mine! Transfer Arms ... Swap! Swap! Swap!

The scope for a media spectacle is only limited by imagination.

Kiwi III