Friday, January 23, 2015

Gee, I guess WA state authorities could take a lesson from Virginia. Virginia Lobby Day highlighted effective gun rights activism

“On Monday, I made it to the General Assembly building at around 10 a.m. The weather was as perfect as one could hope for this time of year, sunny and warming into the 50s. VCDL activist teams had already been busy meeting with legislators since 8:30, and the rally with speakers was scheduled to start at 11. In contrast to the hysterical reaction we saw recently in Washington State, many of the activists were armed, and those with concealed carry permits could even open carry inside the building as a matter of course and without causing a massive freak-out.”

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Mack said...

I was there, and David and Emily both were wonderful.

What impact did David have on the audience as he spoke?

Well, everyone paid attention, including the enemy camp with their yellow "Background checks save lives" stickers.

Afterwards, various people came up to David and thanked him personally. One woman in particular, who was wearing a hijab and had blue nail polish, thanks him very much for a speech she found inspiring.

I suppose, sometimes when you speak in public, you have to wonder if anyone cares. Well, certainly many Virginians cared, and said so both to David and to Emily.