Saturday, January 24, 2015

Excusing the inexcusable. A trip down Alan Gottlieb's memory lane.

A faithful friend and reader brought this article to my attention from the elephant's memory graveyard: "Tide definitely turned for Gottlieb on gun checks."
It comes from two years ago, in the wake of Sandy Hook and is written by Gottlieb's faithful Igor-in-a-cowboy-hat, Dave Workman.
For a few hours Wednesday, Bellevue’s Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, felt like the guest of honor at a public lynching.
Once again, Gottlieb is the misunderstood hero, the smartest guy in the room, whom the rest of us are just too stupid to get how brilliant he really is.
Lord above, how does Workman churn out this bilge, excusing the inexcusable and pretend to some sort of independence?


Anonymous said...

Heard that before ...

You might have caught me with it in my mouth ... but I MADE him wear protection!


Fail ...

Anonymous said...

Gottlieb's apologist meat puppet wrote:

"so-called 'universal background checks' and for many of those screaming for his hide, it appears a fair number of them didn't read the proverbial small print. That is, they didn't read beyond the third or fourth paragraph to learn that Gottlieb's interest was very conditional. There would have to be exemptions for concealed pistol license holders and for members of gun organizations that hold gun shows and do background checks on their members, and limit gun transactions to those members. An exemption for gun exchanges between family members is also non-negotiable. And the icing on the cake would be destruction of the state’s pistol registry."

It would still have been a massive betrayal. Recently, the meat puppet with a one-ounce brain in a 10-gal hat writes:

"In Arizona HB 2118 would require transfers to go through federally licensed firearms dealers. Two years ago in Washington, a similar bill was proposed, but Gottlieb tried to work with supporters to soften the measure and include exemptions for people with concealed pistol licenses. He also wanted to abolish the state pistol registry."

In other words, Gottlieb worked with the gun grabbers to PASS nearly-universal background checks and de facto nearly-universal registration. Gottlieb's alleged exemptions noted above are bogus.

His alleged CCW exemptions are bogus because CCWs already go through government-conducted background checks and would thus still be registered for that reason alone - even if the state did not keep a list of permittees! How is that a "compromise" or a "trade off"?

Gottlieb's "exemptions" would have changed nothing except form - not substance.

Abolishing the state pistol registry would have been a meaningless "gain", since the pistol buyer IDs would all continue to exist elsewhere in de facto federal registry system that Gottlieb supports:

* The registry of pistol buyers in the form of buyer identities held by private dealers under GCA 1968.

* The registry of pistol buyer identities that must be turned over to the federal government and legally maintained under GCA 1968 when dealers go out of business (over one hundred million transactions and identities have been turned and registered in this way).

* The registry of pistol buyer identities that have been illegally kept by the federal government in the process of background checks.

* The registry of pistol buyer identities that have been collected by the ATF from gun dealers that are still in business.

* Etc.

The exemption for family member transfers would hardly have been a victory or real compromise (tradeoff where both sides get something they didn't already have), because they were already exempt. For Gottlieb to assist registration bills by arranging for the gun grabbers to take a bit less than they will later is not a gain for our side.

The exemption for members of gun groups that hold gun shows and do background checks on their members would not have been a real exemption unless the background checks were not done through any government, and unless the purchase and background check records were immediately destroyed - otherwise they would still amount to de facto registration and registries. When checks are done through the government it must be presumed the buyer identities are kept. Only a fool would presume otherwise. Buyer identities maintained by private gun groups are still de facto government registries. The government knows where they are but has not collected them yet. Would you trust SAF or CCRKBA or the NRA or NSSF or SAAMI or Ruger not to turn your name over when the federales show up in ninja commando gear "asking" for them?

Anonymous said...

Wow that article reads almost exactly like the tripe that Bob Owens put out out a few weeks ago. Is there a guideline for spineless Fudds and Quislings to follow that tells them how to write their defeatist garbage? Because it certainly seems so.

Anonymous said...

Some will sacrifice their souls to be part of the "in crowd".

It seems those folks never understand that nothing ever comes free and that selling their souls really does have serious consequence.

Karma first. Eternal damnation second.

Anonymous said...

Workman is being paid well, don't ya know!

DAN III said...

Some of you folks amaze me. I ID'ed this clown Bob Owens as a 2A Quisling more than 2 years ago. Seems if someone has a blog with a reference to guns that makes him "okay" in many folks' minds. Believing in Owens' being pro-gun is like believing Republicans aren't conspiring with Democrats and Communists to sell what's left of America down the toilet of collectivism, statism, Marxism. Stop acknowledging Owens and Gottlieb and others like them. Ignore them. Quit giving them airtime. Stop discussing them. Stop buying anything they endorse. Make them persona non grata. They WILL go away.

Wake up folks.

DAN III said...

Re:Anonymous @ 1850, 24 JAN right you are about so much of your commentary. Just read a history of the Third Reich. Read what happened to those hundreds of folks determined by Hitler and his henchmen to have been part of the 20 JUL 44 assassination attempt by von Stauffenberg and fellow patriots. The scum judges, the German Polizei, the members of the Geheime Staatspolizei, the Schutzstaffel....all German citizens, chose to stand by the criminal Hitler and those fellow Germans who comprised Hitler's criminal regime. As the Soviets fought their way into Berlin German citizens were found hanging from lamp posts and others shot by SS and police. Government "law enforcers" who stood by the regime. Right until the bitter end. Do folks here in FUSA believe the entrenched, anti-constitutionists will be any different than those of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich ? Well, yes. They do.

There will only be one way out of this ever increasing storm of tyranny and totalitarianism. It won't be by voting and it won't be by begging. And those of DHS, IRS, ATF, EPA and hundreds of other fedgov and stategov agencies will not go lightly.

Verify your zero and keep your powder dry.

Anonymous said...

..."learn that Gottlieb’s interest was very conditional."

What some do not seem to understand and refuse to learn, is that we have said that there are NO acceptable conditions and that anyone, ANYONE who proposes them, or any thing else that contravenes this constitutional right, or any other constitutional right, is a TRAITOR, to the people of this country, the founders of this country and the constitution of this country.

Since we are not TRAITORS, it is easy to identify THOSE WHO ARE.

Steve Ramsey said...

Gottleib admits to writing Manchin Toomey with the cameras rolling:

Workman's take;
"Maybe Manchin-Toomey would have been a launchpad for rolling back some onerous laws"

My continuing battle with Workman:

Anonymous said...

Compromise with gun grabbers is like a frog in a stewpot compromising with the cook about how much the cook turns up the heat. Sooner or later froggy is gonna be frog soup. Bet on it!

Cameraman said...

I'am still trying to find in the Second Adn, where we need to pass Back Ground checks, and Have CPL's I still cannot find it Maybe the Gun Grabbers have a Better Microscope than I Have!!