Wednesday, January 21, 2015

From Claire Wolfe -- Background checks: inside the (tiny) mind of Alan Gottlieb.

Washington state gun owners are being smashed between a rock and a hard place. The disaster — which is bound to be bloody — will likely shape the gun-rights fight in states across the nation. And the outcome for people far beyond Washington state may depend on Alan Gottlieb. Which terrifies me. And should terrify you. . .
But there are so many mysteries about what that man is up to! Why would a gun-rights advocate — any gun-rights advocate, anywhere — want background checks? Why would he want the federal control, the de facto gun registration, and the risk of confiscation that inevitably follow? How could he be so clueless about rights? So clueless about the threat to gun ownership? So clueless about how gun owners think? And beyond that … how could a man who wants background checks continue to present himself — and be widely accepted! — as a gun-rights leader?
. . . If Gottlieb had a clue about the rights of gun owners or the mindset of gun-rights activists, he would step out of the spotlight (and not just via the pretense that one of his puppets is really in charge). Being completely discredited on anything to do with background checks, he would recognize that he has no ability to lead (even from behind) on this issue. He would let somebody more principled unite the state’s gun owners. Instead, there he is, dividing — once again — so that our enemies can conquer.


Anonymous said...

The answer is obvious this man cares about nothing but his wallet. He would give up his own mother for a dollar. Some food for thought if he would of done something proactive in regards to I594 he would not have needed to attempt to raise near as much money as he needs now that it has passed.

Anonymous said...

Let's approach this from a COMMON SENSE perspective ok? Innocent until proven guilty is a fundamental concept of even "ordered liberty". Let's have all "domestic violence" convicts and violent felons entered into a "database" for LEO to access. They should be the ones carrying the "applied for" ID cards and mandated to carry them when NOT carrying firearms they are "banned" from owning and carrying.

They should be compelled to undergo ongoing "background" checks, leaving is INNOCENT people ALONE!

Every person supporting the permission slip structure- background checks included- must be called out as the RIGHTS VIOLATORS that they are. This is NOT a "minor concession" this is INDEED a CORE issue - for the permission slip structure turns a fundamental RIGHT into nothing more than a government allowed/disallowed permission.

There is no "middle ground" here that defines "extremists" on either side. There is only right and wrong here. Either RIGHTS are being honored or they are not. Period.