Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gun Test: Colt M45 Marine Corps

The last Colt 1911’s destined for US military use left the factory in 1945. They incorporated the few changes made in the 1920’s, but many valuable enhancements have become de riguer since then, and the M45 wears the best of ’em: Lowered and flared ejection port, improved feed ramp and chamber; an extended, curved and dished beavertail grip safety to enhance grip and eliminate hammer bite, a “memory bump” on its lower end, and thankfully, the original mil-spec miniscule sights have gone the way of wrapped leggings and the doughboy helmet.


Anonymous said...

No thanks on the "memory bump"....anyone else thinking slamming in a new mag with the "mb" is asking for trouble?

Anonymous said...

104 years old - and getting better all the time!

Semper Fi

oughtsix said...

The "memory bump" is at the bottom of the Grip Safety, and in no way affects the insertion of a magazine, no matter how forceful. It is a raised portion to ensure that the grip safety is depressed even with a less than perfect grip.

Use your "memory bump" to acquire actual data before activating your pie hole.