Tuesday, January 27, 2015

American Sniper is condemned by collectivists because they feel the crosshairs on their necks.

Dave Workman worries that as ‘American Sniper’ soars, critics will zero on ‘gun culture.’
While American movie-goers are making “American Sniper” a box office record-breaker, critics are sniping back, taking all manner of shots at the film, and one might wonder whether some of this distaste is perhaps due to a subconscious reaction to the central core of the film: the story of a man who was remarkably proficient with a rifle.
How long before anti-gunners start pushing to regulate “sniper rifles,” which might be that bolt-action deer hunting rifle in the gun cabinet, the one with the black or camouflage composite synthetic stock and a scope sight? Such rifles fire cartridges that are far more powerful, and certainly more lethal to big game animals, at greater distances than the so-called “high power assault rifles” panned at every opportunity by the mainstream press.
Personally, I can think of no more wonderful outcome than if the movie prompts the firearm prohibitionists to go after deer rifles. They mess with Elmer Fudd at their peril and frankly the Fudds could stand being reminded that we are all guests at this disarmament party.
I finally saw the movie the other day and my reactions were much as I had expected. There have been a lot of explanations about why this is a Rorschach test of the two different worldviews currently vying for dominance in this country, but I think I have a much simpler reason why collectivists like Michael Moore condemn the movie, often without seeing it.
The reason is hardly intellectual nor is it academic -- they feel the crosshairs on their own necks. They understand that sooner or later this appetite of theirs for other people's liberty and property and lives is going to come down to a test of firepower and marksmanship. They prefer to believe (without much evidence) that as long as Obama is in the White House that the firepower is on their side. But what they understand subconsciously is that firepower and numbers can be negated by properly targeted, accurate marksmanship. This is why Diane Feinstein is always going on about .50 caliber rifles being able to shoot through limousines and aircraft -- because that is where SHE lives.
Oh yes, the explanation is simple and visceral -- the notion of a young deer hunter becoming a skilled killing machine targeted at THEM, well, that is something that they fear above all things. No wonder they loathe American Sniper. In fact, I think I'll go see it again just to say I did. ;-)


Anonymous said...

"In real life, there really are some evil people in the world....

Workman being an employee of Gottlieb should be someone who understands that statement well.

When I think of the movie Sergeant York and then Gottlieb I keep saying to myself; Gobble Gobble!

Anonymous said...

the only condemnation that is sensible, is that the film is not true to the spirit of the book-

Kyle made up stupid stuff that only diminishes his, and his comrades legacy.

Anonymous said...

Collectivists are commies.
Semper Fi

Ben D. Kennedy said...

Great post you are one of the few I have seen that understands the true reason behind the criticism. Yes they are scared that freedom loving people will learn that one individual with a rifle can make a huge difference.

Anonymous said...

"When I think of the movie Sergeant York and then Gottlieb I keep saying to myself; Gobble Gobble!"

Air you a'sayin or air you a'tellin'?

Tom W. said...

If it gets sporty enoungh, its not the whiz bang AR's that will scare the straights. It will be Grampa's Mauser, Winchester, Weatherby, and Remington bolt actions, that come from a wise Japanese that stated "Behind every blade of grass."

They ain't seen nuthin yet. I pray they won't have to, and we won't have to,... But,...

Anonymous said...

They do not yet understand that antique single shot rifles can be used to 'remonstrate' with them ... from a kilometre away ...

God forbid that they have to learn that lesson.


Anonymous said...

I am not a collectivist...and I do not appreciate the film.......he was a blow hard, read Veterans Today article by Gorden Duff, this is all a distraction and yet more propaganda by the powers that think they be!!!!

Anonymous said...

No one's afraid of Elmer Fudd. There are fewer than 15 million licensed, registered hunters left in the US, down from about forty million before the Second World War.

They're just using one wedge issue at a time. They'll come for the "baby killing sniper cop-killer rifles" soon enough.

Anonymous said...

The Prozis, the OPFORs, call them what
you will are in a position somewhat like
the Wehrmacht by October 1941. The
realization of complicity in criminal
activity that might face retribution.
Yes, that's an extreme example and I
think their rhetoric has more similarity
to that of the Germans in the First War
deploring the unpardonable opposition of
the Belgians

Anonymous said...

Hard core Democrats were shell shocked by this last election. They see the tide turning against them, and it scares the crap out of them. I have spoke to some, and they are pinning their future on women voting for Hillary. They think sex will trump common sense, if she runs. Just like the black vote elected Obama, women will come out to vote in droves for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing to me about the movie, book and Kyle in general is this: he's been proven in court to be a liar. That being said, I take nothing away from his skills as a marksman or what he ( or anyone else in war) has gone through. I'm sure he had altruistic reasons for joining the military and becoming a sniper but somewhere along the line got caught up in the glamor of being part of the power structure. A power structure that creates enemies for the profit of the military-industrial complex and international banking and creates fear to control the populace. Are they scared of trained humans with firearms? Bet your ass they are, and that's why they want to go to AI robots for their combat needs; eliminating the human part of the equation. When Kyle's charade was about to be revealed for the world to see, a "mentally unstable" assassin was used to take him out. So we never got the chance to see if kyle would have fessed-up and outed the ones telling him to lie. That would have been even more of a danger to them than his shooting skills....And I'll always be more of a fan of Carlos Hathcock; that shot through the rifle scope is legendary. If that was a movie i'd have the DVD..

Anonymous said...

" Just like the black vote elected Obama"

NO, it wasn't. Ignorant white people elected Obama and every other Marxist of any skin color to office in this country.

It was made possible by your "independent" and "unbiased" media, who actually caused it to happen in almost every case.

They hope that you will either never figure this out or that you will forget, or that they will be able to lie their way out of any retribution.

Make sure you remember them as the would be HVTs they truly are.

Richard said...

I want to thank someone for bringing up the legacy of Carlos Hathcock. This man remains my ideal of the American sniper, who fortunately did not have to deal with the strange fate of becoming a national celebrity because of his personal body count. In the controversy surrounding Kyle his own prowess as a killing machine may not be affected but his integrity already has been. Kyle is a poster boy for the dilemma of American globalists in government: they need young Americans to excel in the killing of anyone standing in the way of their psychotic domination psychology, but they fear them like death (theirs) once loosed into the post-military environment. As a result we see the establishment's attack on veterans in civilian life, most visibly in the efforts of the VA to separate them from their second amendment rights by mental health tags. Kyle was a great shooter and a brave man; no doubt his service was motivated by genuine patriotism, but no less by his own predilections for killing without remorse. For him Iraq was the perfect life environment. We'll never know if time and post-service maturity would have brought him back to greater personal honesty; maybe a second book written as mea culpa for his excesses. But his demise appears to indicate that the paranoia of his former masters at the top of the American food chain beat him to such a new outlook; clearly lulled into letting his guard down, it looks like he suffered the Jesse James ending.

Paul X said...

"...and one might wonder whether some of this distaste is perhaps due to a subconscious reaction to the central core of the film: the story of a man who was remarkably proficient with a rifle."

Some of it, perhaps. But I expect others (e.g. folks over on Lew Rockwell) just didn't like seeing the glorification of someone who killed men who were defending their country from invaders and modern-day Crusaders. The Empire is ugly, and it is maintained by ugly deeds.

Cameraman said...

Believe Me "Deer Rifles" will be Next on the List as Dangerous Sniper Rifles!!These Chicken Shit Bastards are afraid of Patriots Period!! And they have good Reason to be, we don"t deal to well with Traitors!!!
Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

“Just name any hero… and I’ll prove he’s a bum.” Col. Gregory H. "Pappy" Boyington, USMC, Medal of Honor recipient

We all have a need to create larger than life images out of people who have done extraordiary things. But it's important to remember that they were people, flawed, human, mistake making people.


Anonymous said...

Wow what a statenent. I am moved by the audacity to speak the plain truth and the valid reason for the manner in which all God's people feel. Remember Alinsky dedicated his book "Rules for Radicals" to Lucifer. WHat a perfect way to tell His people that things ain't right.

Best listen to solid direction in things folks, we will be tested on this material later.