Monday, January 19, 2015

Homer Simpson's dumber brother strikes (out) again.

Long time readers may recall my first encounter with Homer Simpson's dumber brother, "Kill All They Send..." following his modest proposal for The disarming of America back in 2007.
Well, here we are 8 years later and Simpson is still singing from the same collectivist playbook: "The NRA is not about protecting the Second Amendment, it’s about selling guns."
Simpson concludes his screed:
I had sighed in resignation as two years passed after the Newtown murders, and as other mass shootings followed, and nothing happened. But watching a show as theoretically serious as “Frontline” blow past gun-industry corporate financing of the NRA was more than I could bear.
At different times, including after the butchery of children in Newtown, President Barack Obama has showed himself disposed to take on the gun lobby. I note his feistiness now, in the last two years of his presidency, by changing U.S. Cuba policy, by taking action on immigration and, as he grays, showing a human side in his objectives that was sometimes missing in earlier policy calculations. The lack of reasonable limits on gun sales, ownership and use is one of the true stains on America as a civilized nation, very much worthy of his attention.
Why can’t Mr. Obama now take on guns? He could take a stand and do what he can as president. Even if the NRA continues to block meaningful legislation, he could make an important point on a key American issue.
I hope the Secret Service hasn’t deteriorated so far that he is afraid for his life if he takes on the NRA. Then there was Martin Luther King Jr.
So, Simpson is saying that NRA would assassinate Obama if he "tried to something serious" about guns? THOSE pantywaists? What a hoot.


Anonymous said...

The NRA is not concerned about your personal liberty.

Anonymous said...

"Dan Simpson, a former U.S. ambassador ..."

No wonder the US of A is nearly rooted!

Kiwi III

Anonymous said...

I agree with Old Greybeard. I am also a life member of GOA and I heartily recommend GOA to all of my friends even before I urge them to join the NRA.
NRA Life Member

Anonymous said...

"...So, Simpson is saying that NRA would assassinate Obama if he "tried to something serious" about guns?..."
Only it wouldn't be the NRA or anyone related to them. It would be Simpson's own brood of vipers, whose MSM would insure the NRA and Freefor got the credit.

DĂșnadan said...

You didn't pay any attention to the I-594 debacle, did you, Greybeard?

I thought not.

DC Wright said...

Old Greybeard, I know of my own knowledge that the NRA will "negotiate" the Second Amendment out of existence for no more reason than its relevance. They are, in the immortal words of our gracious host, a bunch of Fudds whose stance on the 2A only relates to hunting or target shooting. It has ZERO to do with Constitutional militias or restoring a broken and damaged Republic, a situation which is slapping us in the face and DEMANDING our IMMEDIATE AND UNDIVIDED attention, even as I am typing these words.

I know it's really difficult to see the warts on the face of someone or something in which you've invested so much emotional capital; I've been there myself. But it's time to wake up and smell the gunpowder, because CWII is almost upon us and we're sitting around debating who dun what to whom. I usta be an NRA member until reality slapped my face while I was reading the real concerns of the membership, which had NAUGHT to do with gun RIGHTS. In fact, reader comments showed a high comfort level with more restrictions on that God-given RIGHT. That's when I got out of the NRA and vowed never to return.

D.C. Wright
USMC Retired

Anonymous said...

The NRA is not concerned about preserving or defending Individual Liberty WHEN it actively argues openly AGAINST Constititional Carry, works hand in hand WITH democrats gleefully in order to impose "the strictest shall issue legislation in the country" and works diligently to empower STATES with "preemption" powers that essentially usurp the rights of the INDIVIDUAL spelled out CLEARLY by the Second Amendment.

Old gray - you might WANT the NRA to be so and you might THINK that's its purpose but the FACTS are contrary to your assumptions. I was there when the NRA locked hands with gubmint at "public" hearings making damn sure NOBODY from the "public" got to speak - but the NRA lobbyist sure did. Imagine that. Self annointed "only ones" eh? Pathetic.

Listen partner - I don't care if you funded it with a million bucks - money can't change actual history. The NRA has conned millions and millions - out of money AND gun related rights. But hey "it coulda been worse", right? Hardly.

The NRA today is concerned with keeping the money rolling in. SOLVING issues then becomes toxic to it - for solution harms fundraising.

The NRA wants and NEEDS to protect due process incorporation federally and it must plague case law with tenth amendment states rights garbage called preemption or it couldn't ensure job security for another 50 years. The only problem is - folks are finally figuring out their dangerous game and calling the double talk out. That of course draws posts like yours - money level donation and all. But here it is for all to see - I answrrd you back with what the NRA ACTUALLY DID!!! And what it did was almost as anti second amendment as it can get. But then, you don't really care to look at what the NRA ACTUALLY DOES, do ya? If you did, you might find yourself seeking a refund.

AJ said...

Simpson is correct in that the NRA doesn't care about the 2nd Amendment, other than to give it lip service. But selling guns is not what the NRA is about. The NRA is just as keen to ride a crisis in order to get money from the membership in order that the NRA staff, especially the upper echelons, get to keep their cushy non-profit jobs.

If GOA had NRA's $$ and membership numbers, gun control in America would dead and buried forever.

DeWalt said...

This is how the marxist taunt the crazies to do extreme acts. Then they use said act as their banner and are never held responsible.