Thursday, January 22, 2015

There's that "extremist" label again. Perhaps Gottlieb was channeling Media Matters?

Washington, D.C. Based Fox Reporter Says D.C. "Is Not Part Of America" At Extremist Pro-Gun Rally
There's that "extremist" label again. Perhaps Gottlieb was channeling Media Matters when he denounced the anti-594 resisters? Tiny minds evidently think alike.


Anonymous said...

Originally, DC was constructed in the shape of a square, from parts of Maryland and Virginia.

As I understand it, Virginia got its missing piece back, some time ago.

It would be easy enough to reincorporate Maryland's missing piece back into that state, although that action would thwart the hopes of certain collectivists who wish to see DC gain house and senate representation.

Speaking of Gottleib, his credibility wanes daily. He really needs to show where the money is coming from, as well as where it is going.

Anonymous said...

Psychological projection. Just like all Leftist Libtards.
See what I did there? Conflation)

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Gottlieb is no better than the worst of the worst gun-grabber. He will sell you out and work hand in hand against you laughing all the way to the bank. Without doubt, he has blatantly declared himself the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Media Matters - a George Soros entity if one ever was..Actually, D.C. is NOT a part of the united States (as in the States united) but is a federal fiction that is only supposed to hold jurisdiction over Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands and the Philippines were also part of that but i'm not sure if they are any longer. When a person claims to be an American citizen you are actually claiming that the 10 square mile area of D.C. has jurisdiction over you. Before the 14th amendment people were citizens of their state. This is a long , protracted argument that could go on for hours, but long story short, there are ways to get out of being classified "American citizen" and go back to being only a state citizen, which goes a long way in getting a few federal pain-in-the-neck things off your back. The "elite" do things like this all the time, like getting diplomatic immunity, to keep them from being prosecuted under federal statutes and avoiding taxes...

oughtsix said...

Folks are really being sorted out, aren't they?

Sides are being chosen, defacto, by the revealing words and actions on all sides.

Workman, Gottlieb and, regrettably, even Bob Owens are outing themselves, and folks are beginning to notice.

It's just one more sign that things are coming to a head.

While I yet live, please Lord.