Wednesday, January 28, 2015

General Sebastian Snowflake, commander of the on-line prag army, criticizes Texas OC.

General Sebastian Snowflake, Commanding the Loyalist Order of Puling Pragmatists and NRA Apologists (Cyber Division) at Valley Forge.
Herschel Smith comments on "Texas Politicians Renege On Promise Of Open Carry Legislation."
If this all sounds like politicians making promises in order to get elected and then reverting collectivist after being elected, it’s because that’s exactly what happened. And as to the propaganda that this all has to do with those “obnoxious” open carriers, Sebastian fell for it hook, line and sinker.
Remember, before their little stunt, this was supposedly a done deal … So far all all the OC Tarrant County folks have accomplished this session is getting the legislature to install panic buttons, and scuttling a bill that looked like it had the legs to pass. What else will they manage to accomplish in this legislative session?
Right. They’re all a-skeered of the open carriers, enough to install “panic buttons.” It sounds to me like they aren’t a-skeerd enough. The legislators are supposed to be in our employ, and maybe what they need to see is more voters carrying guns.
Longtime readers may recall that Sebastian and I go way back, to July, 2008, when he denounced me as a "lunatic." My sin? Why I wrote this letter to the editor of the collectivist rag, the Madison (WI) Capitol Times:
Dear Editor:
Joe Bialek from Cleveland proposes the licensing and registration of all weapons currently in civilian hands. My question is, how exactly do you propose to do that, Joe?
There are some of us "cold dead hands" types, perhaps 3 percent of gun owners, who would kill anyone who tried to further restrict our God-given liberty. Don't extrapolate from your own cowardice and assume that just because you would do anything the government told you to do that we would.
Are you proposing to come yourself, or do you want someone else's son or daughter in federal service to take the risk? Are you truly prepared to stack up the bodies necessary to accomplish your plan? Seems a strange way to make a "safer society." More to the point, are you willing to risk your sorry hide to do it? No? I thought not.
Then quit proposing the next American civil war. We're done being pushed back from our natural rights without a fight. Be careful what you wish for.
Mike Vanderboegh
Pinson, AL


Anonymous said...

Texans are getting a hands on education. Texas is just as corrupt, just as much a police state as their Yankee cousins.

TdB said...

No shi'ite! Yuppified metropolitan areas dominate the state, just like every other state in the union. Fort Worth is now have-a-cow town.