Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Once more about hats.

With the exception of five readers located in Georgetown PA, Fountain & Pine CO, Woodlands & Lubbock TX, everyone should have their hats no later than tomorrow. If you do not, then please drop me an email. The exceptions were for those whose shipping addresses somehow got separated from their orders, but they are all in the boxes now and ready to ship when I get the scratch to do so. I apologize again for the various delays, most of which I can ascribe to never having done business with the embroiderer before and thus making plans (and worse, announcements) based on promises not kept.
A number of you have asked for an explanation of why, once I had hats in hand, it still took a few days to get them in the mail. You see, I procured the hats on a volume deal, but had to pay for them all up front. Then I had to arrange for the embroidery (half up front and half upon delivery). What that meant was that I had a lot of up-front costs that had to be paid out, which I did, but it beggared me. Then, once I had them in hand, I had to pay for the shipping. Of course, y'all had sent in your money by various routes so I had that to work with, but it was barely sufficient to accomplish the task. And of course there was no way of knowing how many I would need, so I guessed, allowing for enough to take me through the first quarter of the year. In the end, now I have about 200 hats left of both types (Fight Tyranny & 100 Heads) and both colors (black and dark brown) so I figure that that ought to do it. The problem is that after the up-front expenses and shipping I am only now "cracking the nut." The sales of the hats from here on out will be what I use to operate the various campaigns on.
However, at the moment, for those aforementioned folks in PA, CO and TX, I'm still short the money to ship them and will do so no later than next Wednesday when I get my pennies from the empire. (Or, if I get one more order in the PO Box, I can ship them with the money enclosed in it.) This is all very boring and mundane, albeit frustrating, stuff, but you asked for an explanation and that is it.


Anonymous said...

This is not about the hats. Thought it might interest you. Dems proposing gun control in Alabama.

2 163008-1
3 By Representatives Jackson and Melton
4 RFD: Public Safety and Homeland Security
5 First Read: 03-MAR-15
6 PFD: 01/15/2015



bondmen said...

Ahh, the vagaries and intricacies of running a business albeit a small business. Did you get your operator's license from city and county? File your corporate papers with the state? Submit the documents to IRS to get tax exemption or to file tax? How about insurance and utilities, depreciation, cost of goods sold and overhead? Did I miss anything? Well I promise if you are successful and make a big old nasty profit then there'll be a "progressive" collectivist come along and want to take that from you to share among the henchmen and highwaymen that elected him POTUS!

Then after that, maybe, maybe there'll be enough for you and your family to keep a few pennies.

Anonymous said...

Note for "bondmen" there is a little spot out back reserved to bury any clown from the Gubmint who comes to collect the Gubmint's pound of flesh. There are a LOT of places to bury the Gubmint goons who happen to show up at the wrong places.

Matt in Tx said...

Lubbock Tx here, Got Mine.

Joe said...

Nice hats !

I've got mine.

Thank you, sir.

Joe in Florida

RVN11B said...

It is not like my life revolves around getting said hat at some specified time!

The principal intent was to provide a little money toward a good cause.

I will get mine whenever it gets here.

'Nuff said!