Saturday, January 24, 2015

I posted a link to this Claire Wolfe piece earlier, but the comments that have been added since (including from Alan Gottlieb hiz-own-self) make it worth to go back and review.

Background checks: inside the mind of Alan Gottlieb


Anonymous said...

I still say, compromising with gun grabbers is like a frog in a stewpot compromising with the cook to only turn up the heat a little bit at a time. Sooner or later froggy's well and truly gonna be frog soup.

Anonymous said...

I'd say he should have just shortened his response to "I dont have to justify myself to you plebs" and save the keystrokes. He does himself no justice is hiding in his imaginary Ivory Tower.

Anonymous said...

A question for Gottlieb; have you or any group you are associated with ever taken money from Bloomberg; how much and why?