Monday, January 19, 2015

The Further Adventures (in their own tiny minds) of the Molon Labians. "A few stupid extremists." It seems I have pissed off Gottlieb and his Igor, Dave Workman. Whatever shall I do?

Go here and scroll down through the comments. On page two you will find this comment from Dave Workman:
You should all read this.
Presumably some of you are "molon labian bedwetters"
To which one Brent44 posits this, in reaction to my statement: "How is it, exactly, that you can 'fix alleged problems' of 594? It is an unconstitutional infringement. AGAIN, YOU DON'T COMPROMISE ON ESSENTIAL LIBERTY -- YOU DEFEAT THOSE WHO TRY TO TAKE IT. Tell that to Gottlieb, Mr. Workman. There is no deal that he can make that we can't wreck with armed civil disobedience. Get that? NONE!"
What does this mean in practical terms? Applying these statements literally with the most straightforward interpretation possible, I come up with:
Mike Vanderboegh does not want Judge Ben Settle to issue rulings to in the case of NORTHWEST SCHOOL OF SAFETY, et al., Plaintiff(s), v. BOB FERGUSON, et al., Defendant(s).
In particular, Mike Vanderboegh does not want Judge Ben Settle to issue an injunction barring enforcement of I-594 as sought by the plaintiffs. Alan Gottlieb is one of the plaintiffs in this case.
Mike Vanderboegh considers any potential rulings by Judge Ben Settle barring enforcement of portions of I-594 to be a "deal".
Mike Vanderboegh is willing to "wreck" rulings using "armed civil disobedience".
Mike Vanderboegh is willing to use "armed civil disobedience" to stop rulings from being issued.
The next logical set of conclusions I draw is that:
Mike Vanderboegh is planning to use armed violence to kill the Judge.
Mike Vanderboegh is planning to use armed violence to kill the plaintiffs, and or defendants.
Mike Vanderboegh is planning to use violence to storm the courtroom in order to halt rulings from being issued.
I participated at the I-594 "I will not comply rally" and even signed the document which I swore to not comply with the initiative.
I used to admire Mike Vanderbough -- but not anymore. As far as I can tell, Mike Vanderbough is completely unhinged, off his rocker, and may even have some anger management issues.
To which Workman replies approvingly: "Brent, you may have cracked a code."
What morons. This moke doesn't understand a. The Three Percent Catechism and b. the concept of armed civil disobedience. By refusing to obey an unconstitutional law we force the "authorities" to either deal with it -- meaning THEY attack US while we are exercising our God-given inalienable rights -- or to choose to refuse to enforce their diktat, hence nullifying it. The choice of violence is theirs, not ours. What part of "No Fort Sumters" don't you understand, Brent?
To leap from that -- from what I said and who I am -- to a conclusion that I would murder judges is complete and utter bullshit. Of course Workman understands that. He's just inciting the Fudds on behalf of his master Gottlieb. It seems I may have gotten under their collective skin. Workman used to pretend some independence of thought from Gottlieb. Now all he can do is slobber, Igor-like, "Yes, master! Yes, master!"
Another reader replied to Brent: "You may want to look up the definition of 'armed civil disobedience'. You always remain civil yet protest/refuse to comply with whatever it is your protesting while retaining your arms. Exercising your right to bear arms while addressing your grievances with that government... It's astounding how many anti-gun people there are on here, pretending to support the 2nd."
Indeed. Thereby proving David Codrea's concept of the "Molon Labians."
LATER: Since Workman apparently has taken me off his mailing list (oh, whatever shall I do?) I didn't see this before I wrote the above -- I had to get it forwarded to me by a reader: House bans open carry in its gallery as SHOT Show opens in Las Vegas
Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms — and who is heading to the SHOT Show — issued a statement that is being picked up by the media, starting with While his remark infuriate some people — he is currently the target of blogger Mike Vanderboegh, who operates a site called “Sipsey Street Irregulars,” Gottlieb is also getting considerable support from gun owners who are not happy about the bans, and what precipated them.
"This is the result of a few stupid extremists on our side who not only handled their firearms unsafely, but made the hundreds of Second Amendment supporters at the rally look foolish,” Gottlieb said in an e-mail that also came to Examiner. “Irresponsible actions get us bad results. Unfortunately, some of the fools in town are on our side. This kind of childish theater hurts our cause. The gun ban crowd is having a field day over this.”
Well, it's nice to know I got the "Igor" relationship right. Note that Workman no longer refers to me as one of the guys who broke the Fast and Furious story as he has in the past. That's already gone down the memory hole as far as he's concerned. And tell me, Alan, just exactly how do you define "our cause" -- you know, the cause that you claim is being "hurt?" Hey pal, I've got news for you, YOU ALREADY FRIGGING LOST THE FIGHT AGAINST 594 AND YOU WANT TO COMPROMISE SOME MORE? That may be your cause, but it sure as hell isn't the cause of liberty.


Tionico said...

One of my favourite group acts of "civil disobedience" took place on 19th APril 1775, as the British Regular Army were launched on a "powder raid" to disarm the colonials at Lexington, then Concord on that day. As a small contingent of Redcoats, under the command of one Jesse Adair approached the Commons at Lexington just at sunrise, they met the Lexington Militia under the command of Captain John Parker, drawn up in loose formation. As those oppressors approached (they KNEW what the invaders were on about, as General Gage's orders from King George Three had been leaked a few weeks previous, and this was Gage's fourth usch raid) Captain Parker declared: Don't fire unless fired upon. WE don't want a war, but if THEY want a war, let it begin here". As Adair's company approached, Adair gave the command to the Colonials "Lay down your arms and disperse", to which Parker responded with the single word command "disperse". (note he failed to mention Adair's first demand...) As Lexington turned and quietly began to walk toward their homes, a single shot rang out, the Regulars fired a volley, eight or so of Lexington were hit, most in their backs, the remaining turned with no further command and fired a ragged return volley. The War for Independence from Britain had begun. THAT is armed civil disobedience. It was the last resort after years of abuse, oratory, letters, broadsheets and pamphlets, voting in good officers and representatives (which George Three removed and replaced with HIS chosen puppies)... and so the FOURTH "box" became the final resort.

Unknown said...

Alan a tool the libtards used to divide the 2A movement... Who's only goal is to stop patriots into running a smear campaign to shame us all into submission!!! New flash....we're still standing!

Anonymous said...

In the words of the great Louis L'Amour:

"When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one that got hit."

I think you cracked poor Brent44's noggin.

This is indeed a paradigm shift in the battle to preserve our right to bear arms; yet the folks at "Stick A Fork in it" cannot see past the threat to their own bottom (line).

A fellow stupid extremist,


Joe said...

Gottlieb loyalists will find the very latest in dapper fashion advice at:

Section 5 covers appropriate neckwear for everything from an NRA HQ Fairfax Brie & mineral water mixer, to that long awaited, Congressional-Page-Mentor interview.

Herschel Smith said...

Hey, it's the same argument when people say that my support for open carry "does more harm than good." "You're hurting the cause," they say.

What cause? Trying to convince people that I have God-given rights? Trying to convince people that I should be allowed to exercise some of those rights, even if not all of them, if they will only agree to it? Trying to make sure that I don't offend anyone with my exercise of my rights.

If we play the game of incrementalism, we lose. It's as simple as that.

rexxhead said...

Cum ulla sella in pugno taberno...

FedUp said...

Dem minority leader says that somebody ejected a round from a loaded chamber onto the floor in the house?

I'm hoping he's a lying sack of doodoo:

Deputy Minority Leader Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda, said the rules have been clarified to make clear that openly carried guns are among items that are banned as objects of demonstration. Last Thursday, he said, some gun-rights advocates brought loaded firearms into the gallery. One had a chambered round and ejected it onto the gallery floor.

“All the rules of gun safety were violated,” Kretz said. “It's too bad, because I don't think they represented your average gun owners.”

Anonymous said...

591 was a disgrace. Gottlieb and Workman and all of their minions were behind it. The 591 campaign destroyed any chance to defeat 594 in the state of Washington, those responsible for 591 either where supporters of universal background checks like Gottlieb is or they were duped into supporting 591 for some other stupid reason.

Anyway you look at it if these people can not admit their error or if these people think that what they did was right then each and every one of them is a traitor to liberty and the 2nd amendment.

There should be no forgiveness unless they beg for it and if they continue in their evil ways they should be exposed for what they are.

Thank you Mike V for doing that. Keep the light on these rats.

Here's a fact; they really don't represent that many people just look at the BIG rally they had where all they could get was a few hundred and a lot of those people came there to demonstrate against their leadership.

Those that love freedom will have their justice one day and these rats better not get too far from their rat holes because if they get caught out in the open they surely will get the rewards that ever traitor deserves!

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

Some words get overused to the point where they lose at least some of their impact and meaning.

When Larry Flynt was having issues with nearly everyone over the issue of whether or not Hustler magazine was obscene he mailed to many of his critics pictures of a dead Vietnamese woman who had been rendered nearly unrecognizable as human by an artillery near miss. His point was that what had happened to her was the real obscenity yet it could be sent through the U S Mail with no legal issues.

In my younger years, among my "youthful indiscretions" was a brief association with the Students for Democratic Society (SDS). At one meeting two of the other members, one William Ayers and his future wife Bernadine Dohrn, put forth the opinion that in order to get the American people really engaged against the wars in Southeast Asia the SDS needed to start bombing American elementary schools. The reasoning was that until American parents were seeing American school kids blown to bits like Vietnamese parents were seeing happen to their Vietnamese kids their involvement would be cerebral and not visceral.

Now that, Boys and Girls, is extremism. What Gottlieb and Workman and the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania avenue are calling extremism doesn't even come close.

Ayers and Dohrn were essentially kicked out of the SDS and went on to found Weather Underground and eventually start the political career of one Barak Hussein Obama.

Funny how things work sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I've said it a few times that something SMELLS in this whole thing and this email from Mike Vanderboegh confirms it in my mind.
I learned many years ago that Alan GotLies (aka Gottlieb) is more than an untrustworthy person and it amazes me how he gets others to run interference for him. GotLies has ONE goal in life - to get as much of other peoples money as he can while destroying those who are trying to do what is right. He has a long track record of dishonesty in his dealings.

So sorry to see Workman run media interference for GotLies. Such a loss. It is a long time practice of the crooked ops to do all they can to discredit the honest folks... Old timers here in Washington remember Big Al Woodbridge and I learned all about GotLies from Big Al. When GotLies took over Angel Shamaya's group he drove it into the ground - all because Angel thought GotLies was there to help him. GotLies is doing the same sabotage to JPFO.

Anonymous said...

Before this is over anyone who writes on these blogs will be accused of violence of thought. Violence of word. It's bull to us but these statist psycho's have their own special language of bs. Those accusations will be used to imprison you.

Anonymous said...

They are begining to realize that the paradigm has changed and that MODERATION is the extremist response to such things as are happening. The extremely FUTILE response.

The script is always written by the extremes the rest becomes simply irrelevant.

Where are the legions of OC armed citizens marching into the Washington House and Senate galleries to demonstrate the stupidity and unenforcability of the new 'rule' ?

The first shot was long ago fired - start 'shooting' back!


Anonymous said...

Banned as objects of demonstration.

"Banned" on FIRST Amendment grounds CUZ you CANT do so on the right to keep and bear arms grounds. What a pathetic display of malarkey meant to FOOL people.

And as for Workman, well, his "botched" reporting about GunWalker said it all- all along.

Get it through your heads folks - EVERYONE who supports the gun "rights" groups is ACTUALLY supporting the gun "permissions" groups.

The ONLY ONE who can defend your right to keep and bear arms is YOU! So DO SO - by EXERCISING IT !!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading this blog. I agree that there can be no compromise on the 2nd Amendment. If we begin to compromise we may as well add the word but after infringed. Then the libs will keep chipping away until we have nothing left.

Ned Weatherby said...

Take a look at Kurt Hofmann's Jan. 19 story entitled: "'Sanctuary cities' artificially inflate 'gun control' advocates' political power."

Check out the comments section from Prozi sociopath "Lector." To wit, regarding the :

"...And yes, I'd pay to see those criminals executed, preferably by firing squad. I'd pay even more if I could be part of the firing squad.

Are you so-called "conservatives" surprised to find that there are those who do not share your views who are better armed and better trained than you and who are more than willing to wipe you off the face of the earth in the name of the liberty?"

Lector and his ilk is who the actual opposition is. He wants to murder people who have never been found guilty of a crime, except believing in something other than that he puts his faith in. So - we're really going to negotiate with the folks who are so disturbed they want to murder us? And would pay to do so?

Right. I'm going to choose "compromise" to satisfy crazy, sociopaths like Hannibal Lector, Jr.

Incidentally, I somehow got on a mailing list from some "Conservative" organization, and received duplicate emails from SAF. I followed some of the links, until I received an email from Gottlieb, promoting a website that will sell you plans to build your own "free energy" device with which to power your home. As I've repeatedly stated, if such a device existed, someone would be making a killing selling the finished product.

Gottlieb is a snake-oil salesman, who will, apparently, sell anything to make a buck. My opinion of Workman, already shaky, is no solidified.

Look how far compromise has gotten us. I just supplied a thumbnail of the people we're supposed to be "compromising" with. Re: definition of insanity.