Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bob Owens, Alan Gottlieb and the difference between sh-t and shinola. Are the the Dems playing "Whack-A-Moeller" in WA State House?

"What Happened to Moeller?"
Did you notice something different about the Washington State House of Representatives on Monday? Not many people did, but those who follow sessions closely may have noticed something was a bit irregular. Where was Speaker ProTem Rep. Jim Moeller (49th LD)?
Democrat sources say that Rep. Moeller is being disciplined for his role in the current controversy over open carry of guns in the House gallery. Moeller’s online comments stating that he would not allow open carry of a firearms sparked outrage from gun rights groups across the state. This led to a large protest of armed civilians showing up at the capitol to press for their gun rights. A small group of whom entered the house gallery, then as some say, they were provocatively displaying their firearms. Could it be that Democratic leadership is actually holding Rep. Moeller to account for his part of setting off these tense encounters?
Well, one thing that was brought to my attention up is an earlier post of Moeller's on Facebook on the same subject:
Here's Moeller's Wikipedia entry.
And here's some context to go with it. The "Take-the-House" move on the part of the 594 resisters did not happen in a vacuum. It was in response to Moeller's taunting. From an article in September of last year:
Earlier this summer, Rep. Jim Moeller took to Facebook and issued what some gun-rights advocates perceived as a challenge.
"I will refuse to conduct the business of the state as long as any 'open carry' nuts (are) in the gallery," Moeller, D-Vancouver, wrote on his Elect Jim Moeller Facebook page.
As speaker pro tempore of the state House of Representatives, Moeller often presides when the House is session.
Frank Decker, who is not one of Moeller's constituents but a Vancouver resident and a gun-rights advocate, saw the post.
"My immediate reaction was, challenge accepted," Decker said.
Decker created his own Facebook page titled "Moeller's Open Carry Challenge." The page has more than 80 "likes," and the goal, Decker said, is to have a volunteer openly carry a firearm in the gallery of the House every day during the 2015 legislative session, which kicks off in January.
"The best case scenario is that Jim would come to his senses and realize he's not being intimidated by us being there; he's not being threatened," Decker said.
Moeller, said it's the equivalent of having someone shouting at him from the gallery.
"It's ridiculous it's allowed," Moeller said. "It's not allowed in courthouses, it's not allowed in jails or bars or schools, and I think it's ridiculous it's allowed in the gallery."
Moeller said he doesn't take issue with lawmakers who carry a concealed weapon on the floor or firearms being allowed in the statehouse, but having someone open-carry firearms in the public gallery, which is elevated, he said, is an act of intimidation.
So when Bob Owens wrote insultingly of the anti-594 resisters in this screed -- saying "A small group of long gun open carriers lacking the discernment, basic common sense, and the political savvy of your average garden snail made complete fools out of themselves as they dangerously brandished firearms in the Washington House gallery last week during I-594 protests. Now legislators in both parties have agreed to ban long guns completely from both state houses as a result of these immature antics." -- he didn't know or care to find out that Moeller had already picked this fight LAST YEAR. It was Moeller who invited the controversy, not the I Will Not Comply folks. Owens, to put it bluntly, apparently didn't know shit from shinola about the context of the action.
Gottlieb, on the other hand, knew intimately about it. However he did not share that knowledge with his larger audience when he denounced the resisters as "extremists." To place their actions in context would be to explain them, rather than demonize them. Owens has the excuse of ignorance. Gottlieb does not.


PO'd American said...

I know the difference between $hit and $'s odor. This association stinks all the way to the Washington Statehouse gallery.

Anonymous said...

The guy who has a website called Bearing Arms is against bearing arms?

Anonymous said...

I look at this guy, and a word comes to mind, not as rhetoric, but as a general anatomical description of what I see....."Dick-head".

FreeMan said...

Is this a cat fight between Workman and Owens to service Gottlieb? I'm all for freedom of whatever you want to do and all, but please just leave the rest of us out of it!

Joe said...

It looks like both Gottlieb and Moeller have very impressive bow tie collections.


Segio neckwear in N.Y.

Paul X said...

"I will refuse to conduct the business of the state as long as any 'open carry' nuts (are) in the gallery," Moeller, D-Vancouver, wrote on his Elect Jim Moeller Facebook page.

Wow, what an invitation to anarchists. All we have to do is show up in the gallery with a gun on our hip, and the government comes to a screeching stop? Where do I sign up? :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah! So the Bow-tied 'perfumed' Prince is basically protesting about smelly oiks.

That neck needs a touch of the rough hempen necktie ...

Smelly - he wouold soil himself!

Perhaps wiser heads are begining to understand what they are facing and how moderate the present protestors in fact are compared to the 'extremist' response bow-tied possers could precipitate by their unwise activities ...


Anonymous said...

This whole thing is stupid. At any given point in time I can suddenly go on a homicidal rampage and run over every child and man and woman on the street in my multiple ton machine of death (i.e. my car). I think I could do more damage just running over people until police blow out my tires and force me to stop. Yet no politican is screaming at me to not get in my car today less I expierence the 0.0000001 % chance I have stroke that doesnt kill me but sends me on a sudden homicidal rampage in my car. The point is these stupid politicians automatically assume openly carried firearms are going to be used on them. I bet if a bunch of construction workers carried sledge hammers into the galley there would be no objection. A sledge hammer can do a good job of changing bone from the solid state to the "crushed ice state", but I think these same politicans wouldnt bat an eye if a bunch of contruction workers carried sledge hammers into the gallery.

I am tired of assumming people openly carrying firearms are going to unleash warfare at any minute. If anything, they should be scared of concealed carry because you cant tell who is armed.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people die in their cars. Just the other day, I read an article about a family completely flattened and slaughterd on the highway on the way to disney world. Where are the screams from politicans to conduct extensive background checks on car buyers and mandatory waiting lists before you hop into your machine of death that gets you from point A to point B fairly fast? Where are the cries from NATO to firebomb car dealers less another human be murdered on our highways by the autmotive fat cats? Where are the massive protests and molotov coctails thrown through car dealer windows lest another family member be killed driving to work?

Its never, never, never, ever, ever about lives but political agendas. Simple. We as a society accept car death and devestation as a reasonable price so we dont have to live like the Amish unless we want to. Why cant we accept firearm ownership the same way? If you subtract out all firearms related suicides, I am sure more people die in car accidents than by firearms but absolutely no movement to put a stop to car death.

Dr. Michael S. Brown said...

Not taking sides here, but this infighting is only benefiting the gun haters. I think everyone needs to stand down, take a deep breath and start thinking about ways to harness all this energy in a way that will advance our cause instead of harming it.

Anonymous said...

The Facebook quote won't show in lynx,
FYI. I do understand that you need a
screenshot. (I also can't read it in
firefox but that's bc I lack the know
how to enlarge it.)