Saturday, January 31, 2015

Considering how little the NRA did to oppose I-594, this is pretty ironically funny, in a tragic sort of way. (Of course, WA firearm owners aren't laughing.)

Wayne LaPierre: Bloomberg Banking On The ‘Stupidity’ Of Gun Owners


Kenny said...

the only way to fully enforce universal background checks is to force all law-abiding gun owners to document and register their firearms in a government database. Think about it. How else are they supposed to know when the background check requirement has been triggered, unless they can match every firearm to a documented gun owner.

The only way to Do Not Comply.

Robert Fowler said...

"As an NRA member, I know that you’re well-informed and won’t be duped."

Unless they are the ones doing the duping. There's been a lot of times I don't agree with the NRA even though I'm a life member. Mostly they do the same thing Gottlieb (the snake oil salesman) does, strike up fear to raise money. If the whole country was to go full Constitutional 2nd Amendment, what would they all do? The NRA has a good base as far as training goes, but if they didn't have Bloomberg, they would have to invent him. The masses, if they were truly free, wouldn't have a reason to even be members. Let alone donating extra to "fight for our rights".

Anonymous said...

This is why I am done with NRA--this is going on in NV and AZ too and the NRA has turned into a bunch of Crickets.

Reg T said...

Alan Gottlieb of SAF and CCRKB (and several other fund raising corporations he hides under different names) helped _write_ the background check legislation. He has taken a few pages from the NRA playbook - write gun control legislation so they can increase what gullible gun owners donate to both groups. Don't inform their members before it's too late (like the Lautenberg Amendment, which the NRA was silent about until it passed), and pound the hell out members for more and more money - often to fight the same laws they helped write.

Do a little research: NRA helped write every major piece of gun control legislation since 1934, and beyond. They even bragged about it in an issue of the American Rifleman, back in the '60s, telling members how they were fighting for them by showing the world they would compromise with the other side. They have been compromising your rights away piece by piece since the beginning.

Cameraman said...

NRA...Nothing But Rightwing Ass Holes!!
They are selling us out a little at a Time...Put your $ to good use , Buy More Ammo and Guns we are going to Need Them!!!