Saturday, January 24, 2015

Procurement politics.

Army Delays Effort to Replace M9 9mm Pistol

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Dakota said...

The way the military procures things is one of the most sickening travesties ... trusting them is like sending my 2 year old grandson to milk the cow. Ever read the way they screwed us out of the Stoner 63A? Oh, and how they were told not to buy a certain gun powder for the M16 rifle and they did it anyway because that was their buddies. A lot of soldiers died in Vietnam because of that little stunt. The entire history of the U S procurement shitheads has been littered with many incidents like that and has cost lives because of it.

I am gonna stir up a hornets nest here I suppose but I don't give a damn. They say they want a more powerful cartridge than the 9MM. Well that is OK I guess althoug I will take a 9MM any day over a 40 S&W. Why, because of penetration, period! My caliber is of course the 45 ACP and it is a great cartridge and always will be. I have carried one my entire adult life. There are only 2 other calibers that impress me for handgun power and penetration.... the 10 MM which is a power house, accurate and can fit more in the mag than the 45 ACP. If being subsonic is important the 45 ACP goes to the head of the class and probably stays there as all the others are not subsonic.

I found out something the other day about another handgun caliber that is starting to catch on here in America, the 7.62 X 25. Don't laugh too loud, this is a very potent caliber and I was very surprised to find out that it is the "only" handgun caliber to penetrate the G I current issue helmet. Yup 357, 44 Mag, 45 ACP, all tested, and the little 7.62X25 did what none of the others could.

So which one do you suppose they will pick .... why the 40 S&W of course!!!