Saturday, January 24, 2015

"If You Question Authority, You Are Mentally Ill", Report Finds

Well, call me crazy then.


Galaxie_man said...

Well then, I am perfectly sane. I don't need to question authority, I already know it to be mostly wrong. Therefore I despise such authority, and will do everything I can to oppose, and if necessary, destroy it.

GA Patriot said...

Calling their opponents mentally ill is right out of the Stalinist playbook. Why would we expect any less from the American Stalinists?

Jim said...

The report is from 2002 @

Why are we getting a bee in our bonnet over a 12 year old paper?

Moe Death said...

Insanity check:


Yep, Domino and I are nuts...

Bill and Domino

Anonymous said...

So, call me crazy, because as a free man I will question the authority of any who may attempt to assert an assumed authority over me, but most particularly those traitors who have sworn an oath to a document they have neither read nor understand. I will continue to speak negatively of all that is negative in society, in our culture and most importantly in the government that is running roughshod over the American people. I will openly or covertly defy any unjust mandate, edict or statute that is contrary to the natural law......I will argue my cause against any who would try to silence me and I will be gladly annoyed in the extreme at having been compelled to do so! If that is now the definition of crazy then, sign me up!


Anonymous said...

Another group of useful idiots painting bullseyes on themselves.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the report was about juvenile diagnoses, not about adults. Specifically here Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). But I thought questioning authority was a natural, NORMAL part of growing up.

My wife and I once spent a few years working as house parents in group foster homes. In our last job we had a kid labeled ODD. Basically the kid was pissed off at the world. Funny thing was that when I learned the kind of shit he'd been through in the first 11 years of his life, being pissed-off at the world seemed like a rational response. If you had had to put up with HALF the bullshit this little guy had you'd be pissed off at the world, too.

But the idea that only crazy people question authority is itself insane.

Ed said...

I am my own authority.
I question myself continuously.
But then, "I'm not a robot".

Anonymous said...

“sluggish schizophrenia with delusions of reform”.

Ain't mentally ill - Libertards ... but I as mad as Hell!

How much more do you think I can take?

There - you just forced me to make the rational decision to go out and buy MORE ammo ...


Anonymous said...

Appeals to Authority are Logical Fallacies. It is a standard observation based in Logic that has been recognized for centuries.

So all those who demand blind obedience to authority regardless of the relevance the so called authority may have, are by definition "Unreasonable". They are attempting to rationalize their reality and their own authority to allege divergent behavior. In short those who demand such allegiance are resisting truth and are merely making any argument however unreasonable to support their position.

Failure to acknowledge the truth even when confronted with irrefutable evidence is a psychosis "Egomania". So who is the mental defective now????

This is a product of Marxist Ideology in the educational system. Reason and Logic are victims to ideology and the lack of proper training in basic education.

Sorry I will not suffer my conscious to mentally defective egomaniacs that refuse to acknowledge the truth.