Friday, January 23, 2015

I need your help.

This post on the ATF snitch John Brown is, as usual, being ignored by the "mainstream" so-called "gun rights commentariate." I need you folks to help spread the link to ARFcom and any other gun rights blogs or sites you can think of. The only way Brown (and his masters at Main Justice) will be defeated is if the word gets out. Help, please.


prambo said...


Posted in ARFcom General Discussion (the result there is unpredictable, it's Friday night) and in the NY Firearms Off-Topic Forum.

This ought to flush out the GRINO's (Gun Rights In Name Only).

From Behind Enemy Lines in NewYorkistan

prambo said...

Appears to have already hit ARFcom GD.

Anonymous said...

Your article is incomplete and lacks basic context as to why you think this guy is a snitch.

Anonymous said...

ARFcom is filled with clowns. Sorry but I refuse to post there.

MamaLiberty said...

Mike, your entire post (above) was captured and reposted at The Price of Liberty, along with a personal comment on it.

Bear said...

@Anonymous, 1:07AM: " incomplete and lacks basic context"

Did you follow any of the links to long, detailed accounts? Or any of the additional 6 unique links in those other SSI postings?

Or did you see this, and whine to yourself that "Mike didn't gimme a full canned report in this reminder post! OMG, he expects me to read stuff, to move my finger to click a link! I'll bet he even thinks I might be smart enough to do my own searches to confirm/deny the accounts I can't be bothered to read."?

Sarcastic? Yep.Overly sarcastic and uncalled for? No. Get off your virtual butt and look for yourself.