Saturday, January 31, 2015

'One Percenters' may find escape leads to trap of their own making

It’s the kind of headline that fuels ideas for a movie script: “Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips to escape if poor rise up.”


AaronW said...

This is something that's been going on for a while. It's mentioned in some detail in Neil Strauss' book Emergency.

Neil Wampler said...

Very,Very good Mike! This is definitely worth a nightmare or two for those Elites. why wouldn't the guards start lording it over their "Boss" when they see he is so completely dependent on them? Just how long would these mercenaries defend the castle if an angry mob told them "Leave or be torn to bits!" A good read for elites would be Forsythes "The dogs of war".

TimeHasCome said...

This imbalance is not just about money but about millions losing everything including their lives . And in 1999 then Eric Holders said the criminal banker class was to big to fail and too big to jail.