Saturday, January 17, 2015

"Let's be honest here. Islam has a problem."

Jindal's Brilliant Take on Radical Islam


Anonymous said...

Neither you Larry or Jindal understand what happened in France, had everything to do with Islam.

The problem of radical Islam is the problem of Islam itself.

Many are afraid that if Islam is the problem there can be no solution. That terrifies them. So they do all they can to avoid engaging with the evidence that Islam is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Noooooo. . . . . Islam IS the problem.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Islam was born of violence, its core teachings advocate violence. Is Jindal so sorely misinformed, or just playing along with his own version of political correctness.

Fayette County, Texas said...

There is no radical Islam. There is islam. The world has put up with Islam for over 1400 years. How many more must die before we grind evil is not the sand?

Anonymous said...

If you would like to learn about Sharia this book is a must read. I challenge you to read this book.

I find most people say they are interested in learning more about Islam and when you say read the Koran or a book like this , it stops no interest.

CB said...

Last line of the article:
"Jindal gets it."
No, Jindal doesn't get it.
Even "IF" all muslims denounced the Paris attacks, Islam still has multitudes of problems that will never allow it to mesh into civilized society.
For example:
If a person born in a Muslim household ever wanted to convert to another religion or just leave Islam for any reason, they would be under a death sentence...just for leaving it.
Which brings up the reason that "Islam is the fastest growing religion, blah, blah, blah".
They breed like rats.
Persons born into a Muslim household are Muslim. Forever. Period. For Life. No way out.
As the other commenters said, "Islam IS the problem."

Anonymous said...

Close but no cigar. He came close to the truth but stumbled at the last second. Islam doesn't have a problem, IT is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about Governor Jindal's speech is "Hard hitting" or "Brave". It just seems brave because all the other rhetoric is so lame.

"Brave" would be his speech concluding with..."And as Governor of Louisiana, I intend to introduce legislation and State Constitutional Amendments that force assimilation of all those immigrants who wish to live and benefit from living in LA and the US.

Anonymous said...

Christian, Muslim, Jew, I Careth Not. Bring Your Oxygen Sucking Psychobabble into my house I'll be wanting to Shoot or Stab or Club You. Sooo Sick of Hearing it.
We Love We Care We Share. Lets Leave it Right There.

Anonymous said...

There are 1000s of those denials, not at all hard to find them online.

Here is a latest I just happen to have up in a tab :

The comments here are such BS. Easy counter-examples to every claim. E.g. the 'Muslims' in France are not very, just like the Catholics of France, it is a very secular society. Indeed there are regressive states in the Muslim world. Conflating that with the religion isn't good thinking.

BTW : until recently, All Catholic nuns wore headgear more complex than a scarf, and all women did in the 1200s. Civilization survived.

Anonymous said...

Is radical islam a problem and Evil?...Yes! The problem is,our Traitorous and Treasonous and illegitimate government and their European Union counterparts,have been using the worst elements of radical islam to Try and undermine,destabilze,destroy and then Enslave countries from the inside, As they had done to Libya and are now Trying to do to Syria.

The 'Charlie Hebdo' "Attack", was Staged "False Flag",meant to eventually crush more of Our God Given Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and also to be used as a Pre-Text,to invade Syria and Try and remove Assad, who has been protecting Christians! The un-censored Video evidence,showing the shooting of the Paris,France Police Officer,was a Staged "False Flag"!...Not even a drop of blood after a "Point Blank" head shot!...The whole 'Charlie Hebdo attack was an acted out FARCE!

Neil Wampler said...

I am assuming that many of you commenters would decry the erosion of our Rights, and would advocate restoration of a fundamentalist Bill of Rights? Many of the statements above are an echo of the anti- Japanese drumbeat that arose after Pearl Harbor. Do we really want to repeat that national disgrace? The true test of a society is in how the least of it's citizens are treated.

CB said...

Uh, Neil....
"The true test of a society" as in the way Saudi Arabia and all other Islamic states treat Christians or any other nonconforming "infidel", whacking their heads off.
What political system or ideology even comes close to the hydrophobic insane "religion" coming from the mouths of those states. Yep, Islam really reaches out and touches the heart.

AND, regarding "fundamentalist", it is "Constitutional Bill of Rights".

MarkinPNW said...

Anonymous at January 17, 2015, 7:56 PM has nailed it. At least in his first two paragraphs. Not sure about the third paragraph, but it is certainly plausible.

PO'd American said...

Depends on what the meaning of

Anonymous said...

This is just Real Clear Politics way of propping up another Republicrat for a run for the White House.

Don't let Jindal fool ya, he's being PC. As others have said, Islam IS the problem. Imams aren't going to take his advice b/c it goes AGAINST everything Islam teaches and stands for.

This is nothing more than political strategy for a run for the Presidency. The American sheeple are scared witless of Islam and "terrorism"....and will give up liberty for the illusion of security. Jindal is positioning himself to be the crusader against "radical" Islam....of which there is no such thing. There's only true Islam....every Muslim who does not advocate establishing the Caliphate and jihad is a hypocrite according to their own books.