Monday, January 19, 2015

Three from Herschel Smith.

Rangerettes and Female Marine Infantry Officers
Review Of American Sniper
Reenacting The ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Massacre

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Anonymous said...

As an older woman now, who once boxed professionally, i can say with all truth and sincerity, that men and women are created much differently. Male muscles are capable of not only more power but also far more speed at which they can twitch. Even forgetting just overall size for a moment. I once sparred with a man who was, if i remember correctly, 125 lbs. and champion in a couple of different sanctioning bodies in that weight class. I weighed 145 and was ( I say was because this gentleman has passed away since then) a few inches taller. I made the mistake of perhaps going a little too hard when we started. He just smiled and then showed me just how fast punches can come. I never saw one jab coming or going away but I did feel something that felt like a Coke bottle being broken on my nose. That's the kind of thing I usually did to other women in the ring!..A few months later the same trainers that put me in with him asked me to spar with Arturo Gatti. I told them to go jump in the lake. If a 125 pounder could do what he did, I fear what a 160 pounder can do...My point to all this is: Ladies, unless you're shot full of steroids and have a death wish you cannot physically match males. Sorry but get used to it. And no tests should be changed just so women can pass it, because then it's really no test at all and it's just bullshit. You can get strong enough to defend yourself, but to go in there and try to make an equal match of it isn't going to fly..Just one more reason all women (and men to) should be armed...One more thing - every time my ribs were broken sparring (3 times), it was from a man, never another woman.