Monday, October 28, 2013

Well, that was interesting.

At 2102hrs local time, someone fired an approximately .36 caliber ball bearing through Zoe's bedroom window, leaving about an inch diameter hole in the glass. The projectile had enough velocity to penetrate the glass but not the plastic blinds or the curtain, falling down and rolling off the sill onto the floor. Rosey was in the room at the time, using her computer. She heard two cars accelerate away. I was downstairs napping on the office couch. A few minutes later, as I was inspecting the damage from the inside, two cars reappeared and slowly passed by. Whether it was the same two I have no idea. They were gone before I could get outside.
So, I took my life in my hands and called the cops to make a police report. Mostly I wanted to see if there had been any other incidents of the like elsewhere in the neighborhood. The disinterested sheriff's deputy has come and gone, taking the projectile with him. But he did say that there had been no other reports tonight or any time in the recent past.
Hmm. Not what I expected. Occam's razor would seem to dictate that it was a bunch of kids with a slingshot. For now I've got a shaken Rosey with me downstairs below ground level. All the windows down here are barricaded with so many shelves of thick books I doubt a .30-06 would penetrate.
Has anybody done a bedcheck on Kerodin tonight? ;-)
All of this sounds like I'm not pissed about the event. It was Rosey in that room. It would be wrong to conclude that. You bet I'm pissed. We'll see what the rest of the night brings. They might get a surprise if they come wielding a deadly weapon around here again this fine evening.
Hannah's due home in a bit. I'll have her take a picture of the window and post it here when I have it.


Chris said...

Sounds like it may be time to ensure that you have an anti-slingshot gun battery.

Anonymous said...

One car, I'd say kids.

Two cars smacks of conspiracy.

Yes, I may have been pranksters. Then again, it may have been a bold attempt at provocation. Perhaps one hoping to draw fire.

Stay safe. A surveillance camera or two pointed toward that roadway may be in order.

Anonymous said...

Youndomwhatis needed to protect your family, but don't leave them without a husband and a father.

You know what to do.

Will Flatt said...

I bet some friends would like to come over on random evenings, park elsewhere, and do some counter-surveillance on whomever that was that made the typical thug move of coming back to admire their handiwork / see what your response was.

If they come back again and are stupid enough to trespass, you just might find them laying there in the morning ;-)

Could also be a couple of libtards who came up a couple bricks short of returning the favor from what you suggested a few years ago, as blown out of proportion by that libtard TV-talking-head POS, Chris Mathews.

Anonymous said...

That just ain't right.

I go outside when I hear (or the dogs) anything suspicious. But then, I have a practiced method for doing my sweeps. I don't worry too much about it, but then, I've never found anyone crazy enough to brave it up near the house. They wouldn't get out alive. I can assure you of that. And things haven't even heated up yet!

Good luck. Don't know how the laws are over in Bama, but they're pretty relaxed about it where I am. Don't even have to drag them inside anymore.

Anonymous said...

First of all, accept my gratitude that no one in your family was injured, and my hopes that the perpetrators will either be apprehended, shot in the conduct of another act of stupidity, or wise up before they try a repeat.

Second, seriously, stop the feud between yourself and Kerodin. While I am wholeheartedly in agreement with the belief that there are things K says that are ridiculously over-the-top and sometimes stupid, the two of you are accomplishing absolutely fuck-all with the incessant name-calling. Everyone in the community knows you don't like each other. That's fine. I would think both of you however, would find more pressing things to do, at this late hour, than continually sniping at one another in articles and posts.
John Mosby

idahobob said...

The two of you need to give it a rest.


ApoloDoc said...

Mike, so sorry to hear about such a cowardly attack on your family. These are interesting times in a nation that has lost her moral grounding. Remember Who is truly in charge, seek His glory, and all will work out.

I frequently remind myself and others that this life is Boot Camp for Eternity. Perhaps this may be some small encouragement to persevere.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely sorry that something like this has happened to you and your family. Please don't give up the fight, you have a way with words that speaks for those of us who are not as gifted


SWIFT said...

Mike, call the FEDS and ask them if they would down load their surveillance camera and maybe get a license plate number. There is NO WAY, that they don't have your house under camera surveillance. It would stretch the imagination to believe otherwise. I've read about and personally seen, the vast amount of resources spent on lesser personalities, to believe that they would not have a camera(s) in place.

Anonymous said...

I am very sad that your home and family were attacked by those miscreants. From my experience, two vehicles and a possible return trip to visit the crime scene indicate some type of coordinated attack. Some outdoor wireless cameras might be indicated, positioned to show the general area, and the rear of vehicles passing by (assuming Alabama still issues one license plate). Within the last 10 years, we had similar problems, and the cameras were able to capture the offenders and their vehicles.

bubba said...

God fearing, decent and honest people believe that a man who has shown no sign of being industrious and who has been found a deceiver once is always a liar and not worthy of being listened to. Deceivers, and people who follow and defend them, are not to be trusted; ever.

Matt Bracken said...

It begins. No, it already began. The kinetic phase begins. God Bless your strength, Mike, you stand as a pillar stiffening all of our backs by your example of visible rectitude.

Anonymous said...

A game camera powered by a car battery might help if you hide it out near the street.

Dutchman6 said...

Swift, I never call the Feds. If I have law-breaking to report I call the local sheriff or the state police. They have a constitutional right to exist and possess none of the animus of the federal leviathan.

FedUp said...

Let's assume some progressive thinkers knew where you lived, and knew that you proposed a window war...

Bill Ford III said...

Mr Mosby and idahobob stated it perfectly.

Enough of all this nonsense and BS.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, the fact that they turned around to come back and see their handy work indicates that they're probably just young dumb asses. If they really know about you, and the type of person you are, they would be scared shitless to return to the scene that quickly.I know I would. There is no way in hell I'd return.

Charles N. Steele said...

Occam's razor is useless... which hypothesis has the fewest assumptions depends what theoretical framework one starts with.

In these kinds of cases, the minimax principle is a better decision criterion.

Stay safe and keep up your guard...which I am sure you do anyway.

Hefferman said...

Mike, Keep yourself and your family safe.
The game cameras could ID who did this. However running outside when something happens is falling into a classic trap.
If someone near can respond and stop any attempt at getting away, I think it would be smart.
If you need protection for yourself, or your family be man enough to speak up.