Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More pure evil from Mordor-on-the-Potomac. Sauron minions terrorize family, ruin man's life over a dud shotgun shell.

D.C. businessman faces two years in jail for unregistered ammunition, brass casing.
David Codrea also forwarded this link, with the comment: "There is no place for this barbarism, or for anyone who would be a part of it, in a civilized society."


SWIFT said...

Why is it that these raid teams always have to cause damage? It is almost like a burglar leaving his "trademark". Back when I was young, we had a series of burglaries in my neighborhood. We called the burglar "the shit bandit", as he would take a shit on the steps leading up out of the basement, or the steps going to the 2nd floor. These raid teams are a collective of the shit bandit and just as immoral. #30 officers for a raid? What's the matter? No balls? Does it take 30 officers to collectively have some steel in your spine? Pathetic wimps!

Anonymous said...

More of America's finest keeping us safe.

The motto used to be: "To Protect And Serve"

The new motto: "To Make It Through My Shift At All Costs, The Constitution Be Damned"

smitty said...

I hope this Mark Witaschek has a bit of luck and draws at least one juror capable of rational thought.

This highlights a serious flaw in the legal system-that a nutty prosecution like this can move forward, especially in light of the special treatment accorded NBC's David Gregory.

Equal treatment under law...ha, that's a quaint notion.

Mark Witaschek should call the involved police officers and the prosecutor as witnesses for the defense, asking them to explain to the jury exactly who is the injured party in this case that requires criminal prosecution. Mark Witaschek appears to have neither committed or attempted to commit unlawful harm to any person.

Note the extortionist tactics used by the prosecutor-adding additional charges in order to pressure Mark Witaschek to accept a guilty plea "bargain", so as to spare the prosecutor from the real work of a trial by jury.

This ploy could have been borrowed directly out of Joseph Stalin's playbook.

This also demonstrates the uselessness of the grand jury-they are merely so much lawn furniture, to be arranged however the corrupt government prosecutor wishes.

Government prosecutors didn't even exist at the time of the Founding, and the use of plea bargaining was totally unknown then.

Gradual corrosive corruption of the Republic has brought us this sort of garbage.


What is more disgusting-that the system of justice has come to work this way or that it is meekly put up with???

Anonymous said...

Why would any sane individual live in DC?
Leave the cess pools to the commie freaks.