Monday, October 28, 2013

John Lott responds.

John Lott left this comment on my post The convenient amnesiac. Down John Lott's memory hole.
Dear Dutchman6: I don't even know your name and I surely didn't know who you were when I wrote my book "At the Brink." I have a recollection talking to a man during the event in Connecticut what was openly talking about an armed revolution (while I remember the conversation, I don't remember the man's name (that is your name "Dutchman6")). My point was that those statements were going to be seized on by the press to make everyone at the presentation look nutty. I would argue that while it is nice to gin up the base, in order to win elections you have to take into consideration what is a concern for those in the middle of the debate. Explaining why gun ownership helps safety is important. Talking about an armed revolution these days isn't going to help you win over people in the middle of the debate. By the way, I didn't "seek" you out. You walked within two feet of me. In any case, I don't know your name and I couldn't have excluded you from the book even if I remembered your on The convenient amnesiac. Down John Lott's memory hole.
Now, our recollections of where the conversation took place are sharply different. If I did walk within two feet of him, the fact is that the conversation I recall was with a guy looking like John Lott's twin brother on the side of the building from where the rally was still going on. I had been asked by the film crew to wait there because they were going to do an interview with me. So, he did in fact "seek me out." He approached me while I was sitting on the steps. There are witnesses to the conversation. There are also witnesses from the CCDL who recall Lott's bitter denunciation of me to them over the content of my speech, much along the lines of his criticism above. If he didn't know my name, or my connection to Fast and Furious, he wasn't paying attention to the introductions or to my speech. To say that even now he doesn't know what my name is, well, pretty funny. I stand by my characterization of him as a convenient amnesiac.


Will Flatt said...

Mike, Mr. Lott is living in an ivory tower fantasy world if he thinks that you're doing a disservice to the freedom movement! I personally know - and count as my friends - some people who just in the last few years have woke up from their liberal stupor, thanks to Obama's extreme statism. People who voted for Obama in 2008, were lifelong liberals before, but like you have become the most vocal activists I know against collectivism, and even if I may add, are solid III%'rs now.

Lott would have us abandon our high ground and come down and stand with him on the plains of mediocrity where the terrain is indefensible and the only cover to be found is that of the Dead Elephant Party. He probably also falsely believes that we can vote our way out of the intractable tyranny we face, and that in 2016 we'll all sing Kum-ba-yah on our way to a Dead Elephant victory for the White House. Even if it does miraculously happen with a little election-rigging help from Diebold, I still doubt it will avail us anything: IF a Republican were to run and actually make it, that Republican will likely be as weak & pussywhipped as ol' Yellowstain himself - once safely within the confines of the Oval Office.

This country will not survive to 2020 on its current course. Even if we survive Obama, the economy cannot. Everything the federal government is doing is with an eye toward inevitable economic collapse and civil unrest in the libtard 'red zone' cities. Already Obama has made agreements to give portions of the USA over to the Chinese when they are called in to assist suppressing civil unrest. The Chinese will assist NORTHCOM because they have invested in the USA for more than 20 years now buying up the debt our politicians have accrued, and they fully intend to collect on that debt. How else would Obama get away with double the unprecedented deficit spending that occurred under Bush II & keep the Chinese interested in our increasingly worthless paper money?

Answer: Obama has signed away the landmass of the United States to the most populous nation on the planet. After all, the Chinese have the greatest need for 'lebensraum' and as the commies like to say; the needs of the collective outweigh the needs of the individual.

For all you FNG types who just started reading this blog, you'd better start buying ammo like there's no tomorrow. Pick a common military caliber (such as .308), and buy that and .22 (for basic marksmanship training), and stock up as much as you can as quickly as you can. NOW. Before prices REALLY go up and the supply simply goes away!

Anonymous said...

Who the HELL is trying to win over the middle?

We're talking about unintended consequences for God's sake!

Steve Ramsey AKA Rivitman said...

Mr. Lott's biggest mistake is believing we are interested in winning elections. He must think we are republicans or something.

While I admire large chunks of his work, he has his shortcomings. But these days, you take what you can get i suppose.

Mark III said...

For a guy who's claim to fame is researching 2A issues and who would likely be called on as an expert on matters like "Fast and Furious" to not know who you are would indicate a serious lack of knowledge on the issue. Could any serious researcher of F&F not have come to know about your involvement? That's like a Clinton biographer saying "Monica who?"

Anonymous said...

Lott's work on gun violence statistics and the (negative) effects of gun control were excellent and very useful, but his fame seems, unfortunately, to have gone to his head.
I think that's a component of his background in academia.

Anonymous said...

Lott's work on gun violence statistics and the (negative) effects of gun control were excellent and very useful, but his fame seems, unfortunately, to have gone to his head.
I think that's a component of his background in academia.

Anonymous said...

Hey, both Mike and John Lott help the side of gun owners in their own disparate ways. I accept both of them as being patriots and advocates of the second amendment.

By the way, even with their faults, if you don't vote Republican, you ain't helping our cause! And don't stay home on election day.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lott,

Evidently you are a journalist. You have written books. One can only assume that you do a reasonable amount of research in those endeavors.

If you have done any honest research about Fast and Furious - and the fact that you have mentioned Codrea says you have - then the only reasonable conclusion reasonable can come to is that you are deliberately excluding Vanderboegh.

So enough of your obamaesque prattle. Come clean.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, I just wrote a book about Nixon and his abuses of power and I talked about his scandal involving thr break in at the watergate building and coverup. There is some other guy claiming to have been involved in breaking the story besides Woodward, but I don't believe it and have never heard of him. So my book is only crediting Woodward, and in my research I didn't come across anyone else who broke the watergate stories.

Charles N. Steele said...

I met Lott when he spoke at the college where I'm a professor. While I appreciate that he is on the right side of self defense issues (and others) he came across as something of a self-promoter, willing to cut corners and jump to conclusions, and generally neither rigorous nor entirely scrupulously honest. All of that is unfortunate, because it hurts his credibility.

But don't take my word for it, ask Mary Rosh.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ all the fools still voting republican for the sake of voting republican (as if that is some kind of solution).

Take note old grey one - the BEST call to arms -both word and lead- has been the usurper himself and his party's antics (and the outings if the mccains and kirks of the world).

Are there people worth voting for within the Republican Party? Absolutely. Is that BECAUSE they are "republicans"? Fuck no!!!

The answer is to throw the bums out ESPECIALLY if they claim to be defenders of the Republic but in reality are nothing more than democrats with a (R) behind their name!

Oh and john Lott will NEVER live down the claim he don't know who mike v is........ Ever. That's as obvious a outright lie as the usurper saying you can keep your insurance and your doctor.