Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dianne Feinstein: First Amendment Is A Special Privilege

A long-time reader sends the link to this video:
The reader's comments:
Here is the evil queen's actual money-quote footage from the Senate floor on who will be selected to become government "approved" reporters. Video - 3:13
Pay close attention, folks. We're standing on the ledge of Federally Issued, Press-Pass Identity Cards for "Gov't Allowed" Reporters. No others need apply.
Got a video camera, or audio recorder ? Make sure your Ausweise* is in order. (Permission to be on Reich Property)


Anonymous said...

This piece of shit is beyond out of control. And so is the entire Congress. If this legislation is enacted into law, I give it a month before Ms Pond Scum try's to introduce a Sedition law. If that happens, I'm done. This will be the final straw. Frankly, now I understand why no one in the MSM is fighting this. They'll have a monopoly on protection and will become the mouthpiece for government propaganda. This makes The Ministry of Truth a fairy tale.

Dr. D said...

I'm sure Thomas Pain must have been "authorized" to publish "common sense"....

For the Republic, III%

C.O. Ben w. Hooper Bgd.

Anonymous said...


This isn't really related to the article, but got me thinking about 4GW and Matt's first book in the Enemies Trilogy. It took the BATF very little time in identifying likely suspects after the AG, and it was operationally near perfect. What chance would there be for others in RL? Just curious as to how you see that playing out hypothetically.

H in MO

SWIFT said...

I have seen and heard, Senators,congressmen,local officials, FBI, ATF, Pa.State Police and locals refer to RIGHTS, as entitlements and privileges. This needs to be addressed the minute it comes out of their mouths. I honestly believe they all are trained, to convince the public, that they have no RIGHTS.

Anonymous said...

Once again the Queen of Stupid gets it totally wrong. IT IS CALLED THE BILL OF RIGHTS. Not the bill of privileges. Guess she mixes the two up. Since her lifestly is one of privilege largely made off government for her and her hubby. Still wondering why Fienstien was never called to account before the ethics committee for steering billions in DOD defense contracts to her husbands company and others he had interests in. One paper in Mexifornia covered her atrocities. She resigned as the chair of the committee and WhoreHouse Harry Reid let it drop. The net worth of this witch and her hubby is well over $300 million. Also don't forget that this dolt holds dear her right to carry a concealed pistol and has been one of the few in Mexifornia that have the license to do so. While at the same time she would deny your right to even possess a firearm. Her reasoning. She is important and well shit, you aren't. Another self styled elitist asshole who has self appointed herself to be a member of the neo-aristocracy. Can't wait till the day when the people take every penny this criminal has stolen using her elected office.

Jacob Gittes said...

Any such proposed legislation is de facto unconstitutional.

The only real legal strategy would be to ignore the law, and when charged with a crime, refuse to plea. Then, when a jury of one's peers is presented with the evidence, make your case.

If your lawyer refuses to make a case based on the Constitution, fire him, and represent yourself. Don't allow the judge to gag you.

Anonymous said...

Rights ARE privileges. Rights are also immunities. Privileges are what we can do as a matter of right, and immunities constitute that government cannot punish us for exercise.

The communist game has long been bastardizing the definitions of words - in order to make the Constitution meaningless. Rights = privileges!!!

I challenge anyone to read the 14th Amendmemt with ANY other meaning than those two words being SYNONYMS. IT CANNOT BE DONE!

If privilege means "permission" or "allowance" then the 14th MAKES NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!

State governments cannot make or enforce laws abridging the permissions allowed??? See its nonsense!
Oh and as a matter of pet peeve - it WAS the Bill of Rights - until it was RATIFIED. It then became PART OF the Constitution itself - as in the Supteme LAW of rights.
Remember, lots of BILLS never ever become LAW.

As for the First Amendment usurpation being contemplated here by the wicked witch. I submit that legislators FEAR one tiny sentence that Scalia wrote several years ago and it's WHY the witch leads the way on this. Wrote Scalia - THE SECOND AMENDMEMT IS NO DIFFERENT. For DiFi to hold on to a large portion of federal gun control, there must be similar controls placed on the First Amendment. Otherwise, the creative lawyering that commies have used against freemen will be used against them. DiFi sees that a federal permission slip of some kind,simlply MUST be placed on exercise of the freedom of speech. A "qualification" list of SOME kind must be adopted OR the wicked DISPARITY is utterly self evident and will nail people like her to the wall.

Anonymous said...

Surely, a stinging letter to the Consitution loving President should sort out this problem?


Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to throw a bucket of water on this witch.

Charles N. Steele said...

I get the first part of her title, but why "Queen?"

Ed said...

Odd. The government cannot keep illegal immigrants from entering and staying in this country, yet somehow are going to restrict some from reporting on that?

Turn on the lights. Let the sun shine in. Watch the cockroaches scatter.

Anonymous said...

In the first half of this video it sure looks like Schumer is trying to keep from laughing out loud.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this is happening on all over the world, but you guys never hear about it. Now it is starting in US, and suddenly you are all get angry and scared. Now you feel the rest of the world. Hope we can do something before its too late.