Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bob Wright's report to the Tea Party on the Alamo event.

Bob Wright at Fort Hunt Park, Northern Virginia, 19 April 2010.

One thing Bob Wright doesn't report below is his own run-in with Chief McManus. As the event was breaking up, Bob and his NM friends were walking away when they encountered Chief "Bull" McManus. He had a simpering grin on his face and addressed Bob, pointing over Bob's shoulder: "Is that one of yours?" Bob turned and saw some moke dressed as Darth Vader (probably coming from some local Halloween party) walking behind him. Without missing a heartbeat, Bob turned back and said, grinning, "No, that's one of yours. He's from the Dark Side." Here's Bob's report to the New Mexico Tea Party:
Well the honey do’s are caught up on and my belly is full so time to reflect on the Rally at the Alamo this weekend. First: It was a success as far as sticking our collective finger in the eye of the tyrant. The SAPD and its pompous chief were forced to allow the lawful exercise of the peoples rights no matter how much it hurt their little tyrannical egos.
Several hundred Patriots gathered at the Alamo and just blew the biggest Raspberry at a two bit tyrant it has ever been my pleasure to witness. The crowd was well behaved and responsible (no surprise there) and the day was perfect for the event. We arrived about 8:30 in the morning and were surprised to see almost 40 people already there for a rally that started at 10:00. So far so good. Pretty quickly we were recognized from the Temple event and put to work offering people the red straws to use as chamber flags. ( Just a personal bitch here. Every one of these rallies have been the same, asking participants to use the chamber flags as a safety issue. If your too scared or paranoid or pumped full of tactical bullshit to comply with the organizers request…don’t go).
The invited speakers were all right, and it was good to see many local politicians ready to be identified with this open carry movement. Mike Vanderboegh was the stand out speaker in my opinion. His Three Percent message was well received by the crowd. There were many interruptions for cheers and applause. More significantly was Vanderboegh’ s very public “calling out” of the punk ass Police Chief of San Antonio. Making a valid comparison between Mc Muffin and Bull Conner, with the miscreant Copper in the audience, was glorious indeed.
Ok, probably going to piss a few off here. The supreme wizard of conspiracy and disinformation, the buffoon of Austin, Alex Jones, invited himself in and was quite foolishly given a microphone. In twelve minutes of hoarse, screaming, incoherent raving he removed every bit of dignity and reason from the event. Thank God the speakers following him, Jay Stang, Mike Vanderboegh, Stewart Rhodes, and Renn Bodecker restored a sane cadence to the proceeding and brought us down from the hysterical ravings of the most audacious huckster ever to come out of Texas, to the reasoned efforts of patriots attempting to save a country. Sorry Alex Jones fans but that is how I saw it.
I have already mentioned Vanderboegh's outstanding speech, Jay Stang did an outstanding job as well . Stewart Rhodes followed Vanderboegh with a solid effort that continued the redemption of the event and set the stage for a really special Speaker Renn Bodecker. Bodecker a former paratrooper in WWII where he fought Nazis for the freedom of his country now finds himself battling the runaway government in the twilight of his life. Last week he was in D.C. tearing down barricades at the memorials. God bless this Patriot, and let us all be inspired by his never ending devotion to the cause of liberty.
Great praise and honor to the group who put this, and the Temple event on. Murdock and crew are doing tremendous work fighting the establishment of tyranny and all should recognize their very successful efforts. Other than one speaker the only problems were pretty much mechanical. God speed to Murdock and all who help him.
Several hundred Patriots took the time, spent the money and took the risk to assert their God given rights being denied by that bastard of a police chief and the numbnuts on the San Antonio City Council. I ask for God’s blessing on each of them as well.
Lessons Learned:
1. Learn what the parking arrangement are before the event and if the need for exact change is critical
2. More time should be spent on the sound system and making sure the speakers can be heard all over the venue.
3. When you will have speakers of National Prominence such as Mike Vanderboegh or Stewart Rhodes the organizers should have a separate place for them to sit where their “fans” can visit with them and they can be accessible.. They are Guests! Honored Guests and should be treated as such.
4. Patterson went way out on a political limb to allow this event at the Alamo. To suddenly have Captain Chemtrails himself (Alex Jones) on the stage, unannounced has now created a political liability for Patterson. Facing an election you can bet your boots the opposition will use this to beat him in the head. Not the best way to repay his political courage in my opinion.
5. San Antonio is a very friendly city. Every interaction we had at all levels was surprisingly pleasant. Hope to return.
Bob Wright
Eunice NM


The Old Coach said...

I've beome more and more sure that "Captain Chemtrails" (love that moniker) is an agent provacateur, and not one of us at all. Like Hannity on the radio, he's being paid to make us look bad.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Jones had Patterson on his internet radio show last week in prep for this rally. Time to forgive the past and garner forward momentum, people who love liberty are not yet infallible.