Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quite an echo for such a faint little ping. Mr. Kerodin seems to be under a certain amount of mental pressure.

I subscribe to a search engine that keeps me up-to-date on certain terms, "ATF," "Fast and Furious," etc. It lets me know when anybody posts stories with those terms. Of course that means means I get a lot of emails telling me about stories of automatic transmission fluid, the Pakistani Anti-Terrorism Force and the Asian Tennis Federation but these are easily deleted. I also have it search for my name so I can know when somebody like the Southern Poverty Law Center slanders me once again. So, faithful little robot that it is, it delivered the link below to my email inbox this morning. I put a single little quip in my post about the slingshot attack on my house last night, and someone doesn't think it is funny. No, not one little bit:
Quoth Kerodin -- "Mike Vanderboegh: King of useless genetic waste."
So - I just got a heads up to go check little lil' Mikey Vanderboegh's site - and look what I found.
The cancer-ridden fuck had someone throw a ball bearing or something similar through his daughters bedroom. His response?
"Has anybody done a bedcheck on Kerodin tonight? ;-)"
The man is mentally unstable.
Now folks, I don't think I have to explain just how fucking foul and disgusting the man is to print such a thing, especially in public. If any of you still have any doubts regarding his value in life and to humanity, this should put those doubts to rest.
The man is a sad, pathetic, foul fuck who lives to create division and strife in the Patriot community.
It's that simple. Please do not bother me with his mentally unstable filth any longer. He needs help.
He needs to do his part for humanity and die already. He really thinks he earns my attention in a day. Mikey, you are simply too insignificant as a Human Being, and too irrelevant as a player in the Patriot community to warrant even one serious moment of my time. You mean nothing to real men.
Own it.
Mike, this is for you, fucktard: If I EVER decide to come at you with a projectile, I will walk up to your cancer-ridden walking corpse and push the bullet into you and through your puss-laden, seeping, oozing carcass with my fingers, you disgusting, useless fuck.
What a fucking coward.
Here's the link. It won't be long before he edits it.
My, my, my. The boy has quite a mouth for an ex-con who doesn't want his picture taken. Under a certain amount of mental pressure, perhaps? Having trouble selling seats at your feudal table in Idaho? The "trademark" extortion business not going well? Anyway, have no fear of my editing the little ;-) joke out of the original, Mr. K., or whatever your DBA alias is next week. It has always been my sincere belief from the beginning that you will eventually self-destruct and reveal yourself to the world without my help. I've been resisting the regime for 20 years and have no need of lies. My record speaks for itself. As for your threats, well, I've been threatened by experts and I'm still smiling. Indeed, I'm smiling right now.


FrozenPatriot said...

The petulant back and forth within the patriot community is getting really old. Many of us in the readership see this, roll our eyes, and long for the day when one of you will grow up and let whatever bad blood exists between you and Kerodin be water under the bridge. Ultimately we're all on the same team and you two have much more in common than you'll likely admit.

Anonymous said...

This person has no sympathy and is uncouth. It is offensive for him to refer to you in such terms. It is one thing to disagree civilly with somebody. It is another to personally attack an ill man with threats of disgusting violence. I know nothing about this man, but I hope that when age and ill health catch up with him, as it does us all, that he is treated better than he is treating you now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike as K just made a threat of murder won't that bring in the Feds? He's a federal convict. Didn't he just commit felony "making a threatening communication" interstate? That's an automatic five years. You should call the feds and report it.

CB said...

Years ago when my mouth was as foul as the response I just read, a good friend threw a book and hit me in the back of the head. I said, "Man that hurt. Why did you do that?"
He said, "CB, you're a potty mouth."
I looked down to see the book on the floor...."101 Days To A New Vocabulary".
It changed my way of thinking.

idahobob said...

As I said previously and on K's post on his site, the two of you need to give it a rest.


Dutchman6 said...

I certainly will NOT call the Feds on Kerodin. As I have posted elsewhere I don't do that as a matter of principle. If I have wrong-doing to report I call the local or state police. (And in this case, although I agree that K. has skirted the line of felony threats, I haven't called them either. I am not the only one that K and the FOCKers have been threatening. Let someone else drop a dime on him to their state and local cops. I'm sure it won't be long and I've got better things to do.) Local and state authorities have a constitutional right to exist and none of the animus that the Feds bear towards me. The Feds would use it as an excuse to come after me, not him, Which is, perhaps, the whole point of the exercise.

Insofar as Frozen Patriot's characterization of the "petulant back and forth within the patriot community is getting really old," I have never accepted the proposition that Kerodin is either a real patriot or a Three Percenter within the definition of the term. Kerodin is out for Kerodin and the only principle he holds dear is his wallet. As time goes by -- and in the near future, I suspect -- you will see what I mean.

Paul X said...

I agree with the other comments. This does not help the movement. The post was better left unposted. The quip was better left unsaid.

You have to decide what is more important to you - getting a few whacks in, or having readers on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there are a WHOLE BUNCH of sensitive little sissies out there! Kerodin's reaction is indicative of a scared little girl who's ego is so fragile she can't stand a little ribbing. That bitch is also narcissistic enough to think it actually matters. Frozen Patriot and Bob are clearly bothered by some mild squabbling. I wonder: what the fuck are these Sensitive Sallys going to do when the shouting turns tonshooting? If words upset them this much, how are they going to handle buletts? Clearly, conflict makes them uncomfortable. Sorry girls - but you'd better get used to it.

Anonymous said...

One guy drops a funny aside with an obvious nod and a wink, and the other loses his SHIT and, true to form, starts flinging poisonous insults and abuse. Hyman the Felon ought to get a grip.

-Vic Vega

Anonymous said...

Profanity is a very poor substitute for wit.

"'An thayt's all I gots to say about thayt!"

oughtsix said...

Anyone who can't see the difference between this:

"Kerodin...bedcheck etc"

and the unhinged rant from kerodin, are the ones who need to knock off the bullshit.

That is the most disgusting thing I've ever read from someone representing himself as III% leader and patriot.

It beggars all credibility as to why so many insist on supporting and defending him. He's the one doing the damage. He has co-opted and adulterated the whole III% concept from the beginning. He should "copy right" this, instead:


Anonymous said...

Classic example of using emotional reaction between 2 enemies of the state to destroy themselves. I know who broke the window. Any volunteers want to check to see if J Edgar's corpse is still wearing a dress?

bubba said...

If some of you weak sisters aren’t able to listen to anything untoward about a known deceiver what are you doing here? What are you going to do if our new federal polizei decide to talk harshly to you? A great lot of help you’ll be to the cause if you don’t have better morals than a politician.

oughtsix said...

Quoth Querodin:

"Here's the link. It won't be long before he edits it."

Guess who's rantpage, as linked herein, "does not exist"?

Without the courage even to leave his rabid rant for all to see, I seriously doubt he'll ever "come for" any one.

Ramsey A. Bear said...

I have chosen my side. The eloquent, soft spoken, competent vs the vile, snide, and threatening. The style of reply from the Kerodin camp resembles/echoes the insecure rants of the gun grabbers. Mike, I have no close ties/family. If you need me I will be there. I will make yours mine.

100 heads

Average Moke said...

I just checked and sure enough, he deleted his latest Jack-Assery, and links off to a sales pitch for a piece of rope for crying out loud. Wake up and smell the coffee gentlemen. Kerodin is bad news.

Mark III said...

K is a putz. Even if this was a case of two "leaders" trading jabs, Mike's was playful while K's was unhinged. The guy is a lunatic. He certainly isn't leading any movement I'd count myself a part of.

Vic Vega said...

Now he's (a) finalizing the itinerary for his revenge/Final Confrontation tour (gonna stop and beat the shit out of everybody who's ever snarked at him) and (b) whining about how the other kids in his treehouse don't go off their fucking nut when he gets in a scrap.

KerodinOctober 29, 2013 at 5:19 PM
You didn't miss much - just more of the same. Someone threw a round (he says about .36 caliber) through his daughters window and then intimated that it was something Kerodin was capable of doing.

Mike's words don't bug me at all - what really pisses me off is how many people, supposedly allies of mine, laugh it off or parrot the standard "You both have to stop" nonsense.

Personally, I don't think real allies would tolerate his constant statements and implications that I am a baby-killer, an advocate of killing innocents, the type of person who would fire blindly into a childs bedroom, a business fraud (with not even ONE PERSON who I have ever dealt with in business lodging a complaint), and so on.

Instead, my "allies" shrug it off. "It's just Mike being Mike". "Both of you need to stop." Bullshit.

I wonder how many of my "allies" would tolerate being called such things, over and over, and just walk away.

Mike gets to define me as he wishes, it gets repeated in real media, because no one dares to call him what he is - an enemy provocateur. No, instead "We must all just get along!"

Fuck that.


Poor bastard - spends all that time trying to stir up shit but when the rubber hits the road, his little penpals remember they had to wash their hair.

Anonymous said...

No division here....Kerodin would have to be part of the III movement and not merely someone who's latched onto it for personal gain. He has major character flaws that preclude him from being a true part of it....i.e., his willingness to target innocents and his plans to be czar of his little township in ID.

oughtsix said...

"...his willingness to target innocents and his plans to be czar of his little township in ID."

The second of those will never happen, and the first will happen very little, if ever, before someone takes him out.

Anonymous said...

All you gals are posting are platitude statements.. Nothing really substantial.

Anonymous said...

IdahoBob - a pissing contest? Is that what you want to get into? I should have expected as much. Laughable. Apparently, your ego is as sensitive as Kerodins's?

If unity is what you seek, then man-up. If Mike's light-hearted ribbing of a narcissistic sociopath bothered you, then you ARE a Sensitive Sally. There is no assumption made. I simply responded to your sniffling little-girl post. You're right, I don't know you. I can only respond to what you write. If you want to be respected, write like a man.

The fact that you give two shits about Kerodin (who is clearly a psychopath) or what he thinks, tells me that maybe you aren't the guy we need on the team? I don't need any unity with an asshole like Hyman or anybody who believes he has an ounce of credibility.

I've got your number.