Friday, October 18, 2013

A release on the San Antonio action tomorrow from Open Carry Texas, et. al.

Received via email from Murdoch Pizgatti of Don't Comply:
We as OCT, TC, CATI and DontComply understand some of these requests may offend some, but please understand that a lot was put on the line for this event for many people. We are showing how 1000 rational armed citizens can gather and obey the law (even if we don't agree with it)Let's make History on Oct 19th!!
Long guns will have "flagged chambers" meaning a flag or 1/2 of a drinking straw will be inserted into the empty chamber and visible on the outside. This protects you legally! The City of San Antonio has a illegal ordinance (21-16) that makes it a violation to openly carry a "loaded" long arm on a public street. Loaded in SAPD means a chambered round and/or a full mag.We will be doing chamber checks only, and only on long guns. Holstered (secured) BP pre-1899s and CHLs will not be checked.
We will have "safety" teams posted at the parking areas. They will have free chamber flags. It is recommended that If you are solo, that you wait at the "safety check" area for some fellow patriots and travel to the event site in teams. We should avoid individual movement at all costs. Travel in groups to The Alamo. We don't want to open ourselves to be picked off one or two at a time. SAPD chief has said on record they will not be enforcing the 21-16 ordinance at this event.... We shall see but it's best just to cover your rear.
We do not anticipate any harassment from SAPD but, Also highly recommend that if being approached by a officer IMMEDIATELY flip on the record function on your phone until you are satisfied it is not a negative encounter. Also SA has a ordinance against folding knife that locks in the open position. Yes I am talking about all the pocket clip knifes we all carry.
If one is SEEN by a officer it does give them PC that you are committing a crime....
Moms Demand Action group is forming a counter protest. These ladies are delusional in their thought process about guns.... PLEASE if you encounter them be Gentleman and smile... You will not charm or sway them... Don't give them any fuel.
The Alamo is a HUGE tourist location. We have done a few smaller events in the area and have received a 90% acceptance level in the past. But you may get a small fractional amount of tourist that don't like guns... Same with the Moms group. Smile and wave.... If you GOT to say something I'd suggest, "Welcome to Texas!" And move on.
This event is not a field training..... And showing up in multi-cams,LBVs,PCs does nothing more than reinforce the stereotype that we are pushing against..... If you want to dress up in full battle rattle, join a local militia group and attend the FTX's... We are Texas patriots at this event, not a standing army. Yelling terms like, "pigs" and "natzi" at police is counter productive to this event. We are trying to foster a positive relationship with law enforcement to prevent negative encounters.... Not encourage them.
We will have a legal team of senior attorneys from Texas Law Shield at the event in case of illegal harassment from SAPD. Anyone acting out or irresponsible will be asked to leave this event.
We are showing the world ( and the world will be watching) how 1000+ openly armed Texans can safely and respectfully gather in a highly populated area without incident. Our goal is Open Carry of Handguns and this event, will be used as a tipping point landmark example.
Thank you from all of us at:
Open Carry Texas
Texas Carry
Come and Take It


Tom Skoch said...

God be with you all!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this headline from the Seattle PI, Gun rights rally to break long Alamo tradition.
Here is the Link:

Take care and God Bless

Ed said...

The prohibition on locking blade knives is just another example of government stupidity. The locking blade will not fold onto your fingers unless the lock is released, making the knife safer to use. Unfortunately, government thinks that prohibition of objects confer some safety, making us all less safe. The focus instead should be on penalizing improper usage.

Anonymous said...

Ed, point of info regarding the prohibition of locking folders. The catalyst for that was a city council member deciding that the way to combat the gang problem was to prohibit them..............another classic example of a 'feel good' measure that had no basis in reality nor the solution to the problem. But what the hay, he 'did something'....I'd more classify it as individual stupidity backed up by the gummint :-)