Tuesday, October 22, 2013

From David Codrea: ‘Two countries’ Alamo speech validated by ‘progressive’ rhetoric

Today’s Gun Rights Examiner commentary advises “Remember the Alamo!” and notes this time, we’re not the ones who are outnumbered and surrounded.

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bitter clinging texan said...

thanks or the link Mr V and thanks for the article Mr Codrea. I am often asked by friends of mine how someone of my orientation can be down with the three percent when they hate me.....well guys, I got the answer. Most threepers, oath keepers, and patriots might hate me, but they don't want to send people to my house to deprive me of my life, property or liberty. I'll take that any god damn day of the week over some SOB that wants me dead or in jail cuz I own a hunk of metal and wood made in Romania. and as Giap said"never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake", and more and more folks like me are realizing that these "tolerant, open minded" progressives, are only tolerant and open minded about folks like me as long as we agree with everything THEY think. I would rather stand shoulder to shoulder with a man who respects my right to defend myself, no matter what he thinks of me, than some slimy wannabee tyrant