Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More along the lines of "One country? Or two?"

First, from Sultan Knish: "The Supersessionists of the Liberal Confederacy."
Then from Doug Rink on how "the Lefties continue to indulge in civil war fantasy of one type or another.": "Progressives and the ghosts they fear."
And the root article at Salon -- "Just secede already: The obstructionists aren’t going anywhere. Maybe we should."


Charles N. Steele said...

re the Salon article, well, if it's as easy as that, we could all cut our ammo budgets and take up a collection to send the progressive statist-collectivists to wherever it is they want to secede to... UK, Japan, China, North Korea, I am sure there's a gun-free zone to suit any taste.

Please, go, I'll be happy to pay your way.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, they don't want a country of their own, or to live in another country that's closer to their desires. They want OUR country, and they want to force us to live in it at their beck and call. There are parallels to be seen between their vision and that of the Scots Protestants transplanted into Northern Ireland. They mean for us to be their serfs. And they honestly are shocked and appalled that we don't recognize that as our proper role in their universe.

Hefferman said...

I am a Marine, I earned that title a long time ago. I supported this country and the Republic as long as it stayed true to the ideas of a Constitutional Republic.
Now that they are leaving the Constitution, and leaving the idea of a Republic this is my response.


Anonymous said...

Re: The Salon article, what a pointless and poorly written article.