Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kollectivist Kos Kvetches -- Doesn't like the Alamo Rally, No, Not One Bit.

kvetch, k(ə)veCH,kfeCH/
informal, noun
noun: kvetch; plural noun: kvetches
1. a person who complains a great deal.
Christopher Sherman of the AP.

So, Christopher Sherman, the Rio Grande Valley correspondent for The Associated Press out of McAllen posts this story which is updated at 3:01 pm Central on Friday: "Gun rights rally to break long Alamo tradition." Sherman lets a bit of his bias show with language characterizing the rally as a "gun extravaganza."
This is how to make another gun rally in gun-friendly Texas stand out: Tell everybody to bring their rifles and shotguns to the Alamo, the state's most popular attraction, which sits downtown in the country's seventh-largest city. And be sure to invite the state's gun-friendliest politician, who also happens to hold the keys to the historic site.
When the organizers of "Come and Take It San Antonio!" made plans for a display of long guns Saturday, this setting seemed ideal but the event is now drawing attention for breaking a century-long tradition against public demonstrations at the shrine of Texas liberty, where Col. William Travis and 200 Texas defenders famously died in a siege with the Mexican army in 1836. Such public displays have usually been relegated to an adjacent plaza.
Some are asking whether a pro-gun group has gone too far in extolling firearms rights, a feat considered near impossible in Texas. And whether a politician may have been too willing to accommodate them.
"We certainly consider the Alamo our family cemetery," said Lee Spencer White, president of the Alamo Defenders' Descendants Association. "Our guys died there and we take it very seriously."
Lee Spencer White

Now I don't know the politics of Lee Spencer White but at 04:58 PM Pacific, three minutes before the update, one "bastrop" who lives in Austin TX and pimps for abortion advocate Wendy Davis for Texas governor posts this on the collectivist Daily Kos website: Turning Texas: Land Commish running for Lt. Governor issues unprecedented Gun Rally permit at Alamo.
"Patterson is using this as a launching bad to shore up a Tea Party base. Unfortunately, this tactic will likely pay political dividends and further inspire a more aggressive and confrontational image of public arenas to intimidate and strong-arm Republicans in Texas to be wary of opposing their radical and extreme agenda.  Stay tuned. This is only just the beginning for Patterson and the rest of the Teabagger gang."

 What a kvetch.


FedUp said...

I thought the Sherman article was pretty fair, in a point-counterpoint fashion.

1. seemed like an ideal location.
2. but some people don't like it, because...
3. organizers thing the kvetchers are full of crap because...
4. here's the historical and legal background, including a quote from a history professor in support of the rally...
5. but Sherman has to give the head kvetcher the last word. The really ironic part is that her quote he closed the article with is a slippery slope argument:"You're setting a precedent here," she said. "Today it's a gun rally. What is it going to be next month, next year?"

Sabra said...

Alamo Plaza =/= the Alamo. There are public events and protests regularly on AP. In fact, the first big SA Tea Party--the one with Glenn Beck and Ted Nugent--was held on Alamo Plaza. It's not the most common place for events and demonstrations of a political nature, but it's not unheard of. Not that it will surprise anyone to learn the anti-gun folks are lying again, but there you go.

Anonymous said...

What a putz.

SWIFT said...

The Left has just about wore out the 'Teabagger' theme, as a means of insult. We have plenty of Leftys locally, they know exactly who I am and not one has ever said that to my face. A real mystery that; although I did hear a rumor that they refrained because they are hooked on breathing air.

Anonymous said...

Hey JReb, you write, "without people like us...".
Get over yourself. You are not the ones keeping us free. For the most part you are aging guys with guns who, futilely, like acting belligerent. Most of us find you humorous.

You are important, as all of us, and keeping us free, like all of us, and like the journalist of this topic (whether we agree with him or not) simply by speaking your mind. But you are not keeping us free with your guns (they are your right, but they are still toys in the greater scheme of the modern world and modern warfare). -AE

Anonymous said...

"Bless its pointed little head" -- Jefferson Airplane

Anonymous said...

I can't help but get amused every time I see a leftist use the term "Teabagger" to disparage someone affiliated with the Tea Party movement. The origin of this term is the act of "teabagging", a sex act practiced by gay men. The left claims to be the supporters of rights for the LGBT? community, yet they use this disparaging homophobic slur to ridicule their political opponents. I believe the psychiatric community calls this "projection".