Saturday, October 19, 2013

We got the bulge on 'em.

Successful rally and march.  Police presence minimal and respectful.  No arrests that I saw.  To paraphrase  Nathan Bedford Forrest, we slapped their jaws and forced them to resent it.  To do this in Temple was one thing.  To do it in a major Dem stronghold city like San Antonio is just huge.  You may judge the quality of my speech from the transcript below.  Got a great deal of applause and shouts at the right places.  I'll have a more complete report tonight.  Right now I've got two meetings and a nap to work in before my report tonight and then (and only then) can I finally turn in tonight.


Paul X said...

Good job Mike. Yet more evidence that the regime can be faced up to, and they will blink.

WarriorClass III said...

I would add that the rally was VERY successful; at least 1,000 armed patriots in attendance, perhaps more. Mike's speech was EXCELLENT and got many ovations. Both police and tourists were friendly and waved to the crowed. San Antonio may well be a liberal city, but it is also a gun rights city and the people were supportive of our efforts to correct the thinking of their police chief.

Rate this one A+.

WarriorClass III

Anonymous said...

Terrific to hear!

Thanks for your ongoing efforts, Mike!


Anonymous said...

Great speech. Thanks for your work.

Anonymous said...

Look like Alex Jones was there trying to shit on everyone's cheerios by trying to get the cops stirred up. Pathetic. This is the second time in as many weeks his blathering has been connected with souring an event. Makes you wonder if he's on "his own side" rather than on the side of Liberty.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that it went well and there were no untoward incidents. Ya'll were in my prayers as I was off doing some of my volunteer civic duty so could not attend..........
WCIII - I'll take minor exception to your classification of SA as a 'liberal city' - I classify it as a relatively conservative city saddled with a liberal government, led by one of the least competent mayors around. I was appalled at the voter turnout at the first city wide election after I moved here - spending bills passed 'overwhelmingly' according to the expressly bad news, with a whopping NINE percent voter turnout. That is the problem and why the libs control things.

Tom said...

Little birdy in points a bit north says that his amigos in Bexar WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY to not arrest anybody. BTW, as a multiple time resident, the lockblade thing is to have an excuse to pop gang members, not normal people with a nice knife they like.

I still don't see the point. It's preaching to the choir and making people take notice of things that are hoplos. Constitutional carry would be nice, but it isn't going to happen in Alamo Plaza unless you are in uniform with a bunch of your friends.

I'd like to see one human go to Alamo Plaza on Wed. with a slung AR and tactical gear and, hell...toss in a chamber flag. They WILL get arrested, even if they didn't do anything illegal. Back to that "disorder and affray" thing. I don't think this particularly helps the idea of open carrying pistols in Texas, which is what's at the root of this. Maybe I'm not as smart as the people who planned it, but I could have marched around SA with a rifle, and didn't. Didn't make sense. Still doesn't make sense.

Glad you had a good time. Shame you missed La Calesa when they were alive. But I still think it's a wrong angle.


Anonymous said...

Great speech. Good to hear that the rally was successful in liberal San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

You are like mighty belligerent Vikings, you are! With your rights and your guns out for all to see!
Advancing the cause of freedom.
Some of it seems a bit silly, especially the verbal threats and the made-impotent guns, but the principal of free speech and assembly trumps that.

It is your freedom to speak and assemble, which I and many liberals and conservatives, will fight for. You were right to give credit to the SA leaders, who appreciate that. The guns, while your right, are insignificant in comparison (one reason you were no threat to the folks in SA). -- AE

FedUp said...

Anon 9:19 says that SA is a conservative city infested with a progressive government and a socialist mayor.

The part about the socialist mayor is verifiably true:

It's been said that police chiefs get their political views issued to them by the mayors who hire them. Maybe that is why the chief found it so easy to back down from his earlier threats towards yesterday's rally.

Allen said...

anon 9:04

Alex Jones is a product of the same PATCON government program that produced Hal Turner. stirring up the cops is what he gets paid to do.