Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist." Kerodin goes nutzoid again.

Well, it seems Kerodin reacted poorly to my post this morning.
I received an email while I was out directing me to this link at Kerodin's site, titled "Much fuck you in your future." Unfortunately, by the time I got home the post had been taken down by Kerodin (or some adult supervision with access to his website) and said merely "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."
The fellow who sent me the link commented:
His latest, he has a solution to all this! He is going to hunt down all his critics and dare them to repeat what they type and then assault them and crowd-broadcast beating the shit out of them, which is more or less a potential death threat, especially in Mike's case.
This is very useful information: It shows how Kerodin's III community and dream "republic" will tolerate dissent, that is, the same way the brownshirts did, and it also shows his total incompetence as both a trainer and a tactician--there is not a credible self defense trainer in the country who teaches students to go looking for physical fights, rather, they teach the exact opposite. And who that is sane teaches to pre-announce targets? Anyone following Kerodin needs to look at the example he sets and ask themselves if they would follow such a lunatic into battle.
It's also legally very stupid, as he says he wants to try to petition to get his gun rights back.  Why would anyone who is honest about that create such a public record that any judge would look at and say "No way"?
The guy is psychotic. He is destroying himself. Every time he gets prodded to go on a rant it becomes obvious to everyone with a brain and further makes those still loyal to him look like the idiots they are.
Question: How long did his parole last? Is it still active? Because I would think this would really f-ck him up if whoever monitors him knew he was making thinly-veiled criminal threats.
Later, he emailed that the post had been taken down.
Post existed, cannot retrieve, essentially he was saying he has a solution to this and that is before he goes to Idaho he will go seek you out and Militialaw and a few others and invite you to repeat to him in person what you say over the internet and then either you will beat him up or he will beat you up.
Militialaw noticed it too, and says K is in violation of federal stalking statutes:
Here is what MilitiaLaw, an attorney, had to say:
Kerodin and the Federal Stalking Statute
And here I thought he’d forgotten all about me…
Convicted extortionist Christian Kerodin, has demanded a face-to-face meeting with me and a bunch of others who he believes “are all talk.”
These meetings, according to Kerodin, are necessary as he wants to prove a theory:
Now, my contention is that the man would only speak to me one time in the tone he brings to the blogs if we were face-to-face. He would either stop using the tone, he would beat me into unconsciousness, or I would make it impossible for him to continue.
While he is trying his best to sound tough, all he is doing is reinforcing the fact he can’t prove any of the claims I’ve raised.
But his threat does raise an interesting ancillary point.
If Kerodin does manage to go to Alabama, Texas, or Florida as he is promising, it appears he can be arrested under the federal anti-stalking law codified at 18 U.S.C section 2261A(a); interstate travel + intent to injure/intimidate + causing target reasonable fear = Kerodin’s promised trip.
But Kerodin seems to have no fear of being prosecuted under this or any other statute.
Ask yourself why that is.
Rather reckless behavior for an ex-con indeed. One would almost believe that someone has issued him a federal hunting license for yours truly and anyone else who crosses him, along with a Get Out of Jail Free Card.

LATER: A reader sends -- "Hey Mike, Just in case you didn't know this already, and are interested, Kerodin's latest meltdown can for now still be seen here (in Google Cache). Don't know how long that will last."


Anonymous said...

Google cache page if needed

bubba said...

A man might surmise that the boy never met a man.

Osmium said...

The very fact that Kerodin would run to a fort in the hills rather than reclaim the country itself shows he is not a man for liberty. The rules of his fort run counter to the ideals he states, including and especially the lack of private property in this "citadel."

Con men are manipulators at heart. Even when their cons are known, they still manipulate people through positive reinforcement (appealing to emotional needs or wants), negative reinforcement ("liberty will die if you don't give me money"), shaming (slander), rationalization (he tried to spin his Citadel's rules as being similar to a Kibbutz, despite his stated beliefs of individualism) and if all else fails, threats.

Anonymous said...

K is about to implode. He's allowing himself to be easily controlled by outside influence of minimal proportion. Ya have to wonder how he would respond to a much more serious situation such as on a two way range? His actions show he isn't to be trusted.

He's showing his true colors, serious lack of intellect and maturity in his angered responses.

All one can hope for is that no innocents are harmed during his implosion.

Fatebekind said...

You were a commie, he was a criminal.Fine done. Can you two at least agree to never mention the other in your blogs again and stop all the other Threeper sites from having to choose sides and fragment the movement more than it already is?

Anonymous said...

So, the fool is a criminal, eh? Figures...

Anonymous said...

This man is increasingly disturbing. I had not heard of him, up until a few weeks ago. What little I know of him, I read here, due to our moderator's good grace. The idea of threatening others who have the same general goals is repugnant. I do not imagine I will be visiting his website. If he is a convicted felon, he should not be threatening anyone; probation and parole have a long reach. Sounds like it is getting beyond the getting along stage. I do not see that our moderator has been out of line at all. He has no financial gain in educating people, and protesting illegal laws. The only crassness and vulgarity on this site relates to postings by this other man, Kerodin, Hyman, or whatever. He is certainly creating hate and discontent where none existed before. If, as I understand, he has a community in Idaho, I do not think I would want to live there.

David B. said...

A word or three.

The way a humorous comment about checking on someones whereabouts elicits some over the top comments that were later deleted leads to the following conclusions:

Kerodin did not shoot the projectile.

He has been trashing the Dutchman.

He has significant fear that one of his people/followers did decide to take some action which could be traced back to him.

Sort of like the way some low level members of a group cause trouble for the leaders. Who are then forced to either approve it or let the culprits hang.

Some people really need a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Kerodin, Bill Nye and Craig Cavanaugh are nuts. Ignore them.

You know that feeling you get five minutes after you take a dump and " I SHOULD HAVE WIPED BETTER" flashes in your mind. That's what I feel like when I have contact with the THREE STOOGES.

Ignore them.

Dutchman6 said...


Again you make the mistake that the man is part of the Three Percent Movement. He's not. Nor is he capable of leading anything without destroying it and the people who mistakenly lend him their trust.

I heard the same arguments in the 90s that we had to overlook the collectivism of the neo-Nazis and the Identities because we needed the numbers. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE MEANING OF THREE PERCENT IS? We will always be a minority. The only way that we lose is if we accept "allies" who have differing agendas. Do that, and you'll get shot in the back every time. Note that it is not me who wishes death on Kerodin, but rather the other way round. I'd just rather he finds another venue to run his scams. I am also done with this unilateral disarmament that people have been urging on me for years. It is past time to face who and what Kerodin is. Again, he is NOT a Three Percenter as I understand the term. We have principles. He does not.

Anonymous said...

An old pal taking you to task, and bringing to remembrance the things he says he did for you. Have you seen it?

bloodyspartan said...

Why are you wasting time and space yapping about some BUllSHit Federal Law, whose side are you on?

Anonymous said...

Mike - to respond to your post that "Kerodin is NOT a Three Percenter" - ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.

I am saddened, amazed and disgusted by those reading this blog who do not understand that. Those who think his POV and comments are just as valid as yours, or the next guy - as long as everybody claims to have the same goals.

Let's be clear - Kerodin DOES NOT have the same goals. Kerodin is a sick, narcissistic, megalomaniac with a god-complex. He is an insignificant scam-artist with an over-bearing desire to be in control, filled with resentment and anger because so far, he has failed. This "3%" BULLSHIT is just his latest angle - as he has been able to fool a whole bunch of people, who are apparently desperately looking for a leader, into believing his latest sales-pitch. And when I say it's bullshit, I am NOT referring to those of us who are TRUE III. I am referring to his hijacking and prostitution of the idea for his own gain and self-gratification. He reminds me of a televangelist who is fleecing his flock - and the only reason he can do so is because the flock is ignorant of what the Bible actually teaches! The rest of us are watching and shouting "BULLSHIT!" at the TV.

There is NOTHING about Kerodin that demonstrates honesty, integrity or any hint of leadership ability. He is a FRAUD and that is OBVIOUS by no less than his NAME, not to mention his BEHAVIOR. He claims to be a Christian, yet he threatens the lives and well-being of people who simply point out what are factual and documented truths about him? This piece of human fecal debris is the DEVIL. He is to be ignored and if he insists on not being ignored, then he is to be eliminated. I am sorry to say that if he keeps going down the path he is on, somebody is likely to take him to school where HUMILTY is the lesson of the day. That is not a threat - that is an observation. People with his bent usually wind up in one of two places.

To the rest of you - there is NO REASON to respect Kerodin or call for restraint of any kind in regards to criticism or debasement of the man. He is a dangerous piece-of-shit and deserves ZERO consideration.

That is all.

CB said...

The very few times I have visited Kerodin's page, I didn't stay long. For some reason it gave me the creeps. After reading his latest at WRSA with the monogrammed noose enterprise I decided he was a loser looking for a fight. Going to the Google cache link above verified the "loser looking for a fight" impression.
Call me a naif if you will, but I still have a sliver of hope that we can vote our way out of this sinkhole....I know, I know.

Anonymous said...

I STILL don't see the point in mentioning K's name on this blog, and I refuse to read anything about him. Who gives a damn what he does or says?

- Old Greybeard

Average Moke said...

If I remember right - When Mike Vanderbouegh was busy playing a key role in breaking Fast and Furious, Kerodin was busy bitching at Mike Vanderbouegh.

FedUp said...

I like Mark's comment at WRSA:

"I don’t know any of the parties involved very well, but one only needs to read Kerodin’s replies on the subject to understand that he’s unhinged. Maybe both men/groups are deeply flawed, but from my vantage point, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hitch their wagon to a lunatic who can’t control his temper. In any event, if Peter wants want be left out of the feud, that seems like a reasonable request."

Allen said...

if this Kerodin character isn't stable enough to take a bit of fun poked at him, without threatening to hang someone, he isn't stable enough to be in charge of anything, much less lead the 3% movement.

he's another product of the same program that gave the world Hal Turner and Alex Jones, designed to sidetrack something that the feds fear.