Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oath Keepers: WWII Vet American Hero Reflects On Long Gun Rally At Alamo

As Renn said, when asked what advice he had for young people today, who see the freedoms he fought for slipping away: "Make up their minds, I don't care what the cost is, that they are going to take this Country back, and bring it back under the Constitution. Whatever the cost."
It was my honor to meet Renn Bodecker at the Alamo. He is a remarkable man and a true patriot. I regret that no one seems to have YouTubed his remarks there.


Anonymous said...

I don't use youtube but his entire speech is recorded on the disks I mailed to you yesterday. Feel free to youtube it or post it any way you see fit.


William Flatt said...

I made that oath nearly 20 years ago when I joined the militia. Restore the Republic, peacefully if possible; by any means necessary if otherwise... whatever the cost. To stand against all enemies of the Constitution and our Rights, foreign.... OR DOMESTIC. Right now, I see a whole lotta domestic.

I am very proud to announce that the 4th Continental Congress is being convened soon to select delegates and begin business. This is an action organization for restoring limited government. Details can be found at the United American Militia Advisory Council's public announcements page; http://www.facebook.com/groups/UAMACPublicAnnouncements/
- and the front page for 4CC is at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Fourth-Continental-Congress-of-the-United-States-of-America/144867595671398

4CC is working with core III%ers and the militias of the states, side by side representing the deliberative and the executive. They expect to link up with citizen grand juries to complete the circle (judicial), for all three branches.

We WILL take our republic BACK!

Charles N. Steele said...

I particularly like his line...

"Death is nothing. Freedom is everything. So if you don't have freedom, why live?"

Elias Alias said...

Thanks, Mike;

Here ya go -


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