Thursday, October 31, 2013

Well, it seems the Army got its fingers burned hawking SPLC BS.

A tip of the boonie hat to Threeper Jim for forwarding this link:
Army orders stand-down on anti-Christian briefings
Directive here.
SITUATION. Due to recurring Equal Opportunity (EO) challenges, the FORSCOM DCG has directed an Equal Opportunity Training Stand-down. All units will immediately suspend all Unit EO training to include the Equal Opportunity Leader's Course (EOLC).
1. Retrain your EO Advisors (EOAs) and EO Representatives (EORs) NLT 31 October 2013 on three primary training objectives:
a.Emphasize that neither DoD nor the Army maintain or publish any centralized list of specific organizations considered to be extremist in nature or in opposition to the Army's core values.
b. Reinforce the importance of conducting unit EO training consistent with HQDA policy and command needs using only approved Army training aids and materials.
c. Encourage EOAs and EORs to use their chain of command to answer questions and resolve issues.
2. Restart unit EO training NLT 01 NOV 13 and ensure that leaders at all levels are directly involved in the conduct of EO training.
3. Task your IG to inspect unit EO training on a routine basis IAW AR 1-201, Army Inspection Policy.
4. Ensure all commanders understand their responsibility to provide command direction and oversight for their EO program.
5. Commanders will use their EO Program Managers to lead the refresher training to the EOAs. EOAs will then lead the refresher training to the unit EORs/EOLs.
6. III Corps EO Office will conduct the refresher training to Corps Separate Brigades EOAs and Separate Battalions EORs/EOLs.
7. Upon completion of retraining, Program Managers will receive, consolidate, track, and staff results through the III Corps EO Office NLT 28 October 2013


Sean said...

It's just more bullshit CYA, and they'll keep pounding the same notes anyway. Our Armed Forces are just another propaganda arm of Dear Leader.

Matt Bracken said...

The military zampolits and other political commissars are getting more specific command guidance on how to fly under the radar in the internet era.

Anonymous said...

Any information on the names of the personnel involved? They and their ilk need to be hounded out of the military.

Anonymous said...

The Command level Officers which have been released by the Administration for insufficient willingness to follow illegal or unconstitutional orders need to get together and advise the loyal opposition on what is happening within the military and whether they will remain true to merican prnciples of Liberty and Freedom in spite of the Traitor-in-C

Anonymous said...

If you canot promulgate our crap agenda under the radar you WILL be 're-educated'!

L in C

hazmat said...

You should check out Todd Starnes' column on Fox News about the same training manual for EO/EEO teaching that there exists in the US Military a 'white privilege' among the ranks. Enough to make one's blood boil.