Sunday, October 20, 2013

Praxis: Basic transistor radio repair for the novice

Received this email while I was preparing for yesterday's events. Not sure of the military utility of these but it sure looks like fun if you have the time.
I was impressed by this guy's threads on basic, old, transistor radio "revival". His simple, well illustrated threads are written for the novice radio tinkerer. First, for a GE P780B. (I have one of these, they're built like tanks and are worth seeking out.)
Second, an American made, Zenith portable. The Zeniths from the 1950s - 1970s are very well made and have audio and DX qualities that place ALL modern portables to shame.

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FG said...

Mike, you are correct. The military utility of these older am broadcast-band radios is probably next to nil. That being said, this gent's MX / radio restoration posts are useful in helping folks understand some of the raw basics of simple electronics repair. It's going to be a skill very much in will be the skills of quality Gunsmiths, mechanics, plumbers, CNC, and anyone who is blessed with with a special tool set, and the appropriate skills to match.