Monday, October 28, 2013

Ugly is as ugly does. (For those of you who just puked your morning coffee on your keyboard, I apologize.)

Colorado Senator Evie Hudak: Can you hear us now?


Anonymous said...

See, here's the thing... she doesn't need to worry about getting raped.... Another neck that would look better stretched.

Ramsey A. Bear said...

Not as ugly as Waxman. His bio says that he has reproduced. The gene pool needs more chlorine.

Anonymous said...

About that site you linked to -
They argue against open carry rallies and take the position that such endeavors "harm the movement". They claim "confrontation" like the protest you just engaged in is part of the problem. They are fully in the Negotiating Rights Away camp.

As "trainers" they embrace as "historic " the gun control that imposes forced training upon Citizens - arguably because they will get their thirty pieces of silver. They waffle more than john Kerry.

They threaten to "ban" those who call them on their double talk rather than debate the issues openly - thus demonstrating they like control over not just the 2nd but the 1st as well - so long as THEY are part of the controlling "membership".

They are folks who tell others NOT to openly oppose the litany of gun controls but instead to celebrate the "best deal we can get" as "historic". Now bow down, pay yer poll taxes, give up several rights for your chance to apply for a permission slip - and don't forget to sign up for THEIR classes (have hundreds of bucks ready) cuz "other" trainers "might" be scammers.... Better to be "safer" by going to them for "training".

Those folks at GSL argue openly against much of what you stand for, Mike. Their attitudes and stated positions are part of the problem because they turn some if the fence sitters away from the cause all while they project upon people like you as if your positions are the problem.

So be careful presenting those folks to your readers. Threepers they are not. Dead elephants, democrats and NRA lackeys they are.
(Sorry fellas but the TRUTH HURTS sometimes)

Anonymous said...

Dammit Mike. You should have warned me three posts earlier. :) GAK! Good thing I fell backwards when that pic startled me. Hahahahaha!

sheeezus. I've seen some real zingers in my life but holy moly..(shaking head).
“For women especially, it’s more likely to be used against them and taken away from them,” asserted Hudak. “They are more easily overpowered… and I don’t want people to have a false sense of safety and security.”unquote

Let me get this straight. A women holding a weapon is "more easily overpowered… ". WTF?? Wait..wait..don't tell me. She's addicted to Synthetic Lobotomy serum...right? Either that or that skull cavity of hers was invaded by brain sucking alien parasites. Whatever the case, Ms Pond Scum needs a refresher in Common Sense 101. I bet she thinks ..wait.. no. I'm sorry. I almost implied she has two neurons between her ears. My bad. After all..every one knows it takes at least two to make an imbecile.

Anonymous said...

Hey that is the pic that is next to the word Uglo-American in the dictionary. You can always tell a Marxist Progresive woman. Ugly, unkept, poorly dressed and looks like they have their makeup done at the local funeral home. Kind of like Senator Heat Miser from here in Michigan.

Ed said...

Let's try to understand her logic.
Someone tries to attack you with a gun.
You defend yourself with a gun.
That makes twice as many gunz! That's bad, and makes the problem worse, according to her logic.

Since she cannot control the criminal attacking you, she will control you, the law abiding citizen.
Doesn't that make you feel safer?
It makes her feel safer.

Anonymous said...

At least she saves money on dog food. She surely doesn't need any dog to protect her.

Will Flatt said...

Well, I didn't puke, but I was actually sipping my coffee just as I scrolled down, revealing that mugshot! I literally sent coffee squirting out through my nostrils!

I'll still accept your apology, Mike, in the spirit it was given!

Note to the Gene Police: lay off the &#@%!^* donuts and get back to work!!!!