Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In Senate hearing, federal gov tries to weigh in on states' self-defense laws

In reality, of course, if the gun-haters in Congress find any leverage they think might be exploited to force the states to repeal SYG laws, Tenth Amendment be damned, they will jump on it without hesitation, Durbin's aide's assurances notwithstanding. And states must Stand Their Ground against such usurpations.


Anonymous said...

It's a profound mistake to claim that self defense is a states rights issue. It's a FALSE narrative. With the Second Amendment, the RIGHT to self defense is federally preempted. The FORM OF GOVERNMENT guaranteed to EVERY state is compelled to STAND DOWN infringing on this RIGHT!

There is due authority for laws OUTSIDE ownership (which requires purchase and sale) carrying (openly AND concealed both long guns and pistols) AND use of all arms in defense of self kin and property.

I wish those living in gun friendly states would listen to the perspective of those in anti gun states. They might just see how their states rights argument backfires.
Understand this - government itself, as a matter of FORM is expressly limited by CONSTITUTION as a matter of right,with the expressed and declared purpose to protect the blessings of liberty, in that it's NUNYA! That means nunya business! It's an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT protected from ALL government!


I watched this hearing and it was the same old voices from the Communist left Gun Grabbers, led by Dickey Durbin. Criminal vermin Travon Martins mother was there, and so was John Lott, who kept the Commies honest, correcting them as needed. Florida's Stand Your Ground Law was challenged, and it was claimed by the left that Travon Martin was a loving child, honest and good, and was gunned down as he walked home. The Communist left can leave one wretching in disgust, every time they open their mouths and speak. I think that by listening to Dick Durbin, one can vomit on demand, useful if you swallowed a poison, or are uncomfortably nauseous.

Anonymous said...

The exact same people decrying "stand your ground" laws like durbin are the biggest defenders of Obama blowing away people who are actually innocent in the Mid East, including the 16 year old us citizen who Obama killed in cold blood via drone.