Thursday, October 31, 2013

"For shame"? Pete takes me to task. I reply. No shame here.

The indictment is here. My reply, "awaiting moderation."
No one recalls how much you helped me in the early days, nor is more grateful for it, than me. I could not have done what I did back then without it. I considered you my best friend in the liberty (movement), next to Bob Wright who I had been fighting alongside for 20 years. I wrote the other day that our estrangement saddened and pained me yet today and I meant it.
Throughout our disagreement over what Kerodin was/is and what/who he represented, I have never believed -- as some were telling me from the very beginning -- that you were a federal asset. I still do not believe it. I have been very careful not to use your full name or draw attention to your day job (although I cannot think that the FBI has not apprised them of it by now.). Even after the airport incident, I refused to believe it.
You point to my creation of the Three concept and my proffering it to the world as some sort of hypocrisy, yet my present beef with Kerodin (and let's not forget Holly, the only way he's able to do business at all given past indiscretions and court judgments) is their use of the Three "trademark" to keep others from using it in order to add to the Kerodin's profit margin. Get that? I threw the concept to the world and they are trying to keep others from using it unless they profit from it -- using, I might add, threats of the very federal laws they claim to despise. In fact, the "trademark" is not yet official and won't be for a matter of weeks, but that has not kept them from threatening firearm manufacturers with federal legal consequences if they do not "cease and desist." This they have been doing already for many months. Oh, the irony of a jail-house lawyer using the federal leviathan to coerce liberty-minded folks, all in the name of "the Patriot community."
In a sense, I have only myself to blame. I could have trademarked everything early on, but then I deliberately didn't want to profit from it, merely to propagate the idea. As you well know from early discussions, based upon my experiences of the 90s, I did not want the Three Percent to be an organization, subject to infiltration, provocation and discredit. The idea was that it was, I thought, impossible to infiltrate an idea. That was before I met up with the likes of our many-aliased Mr. K. Live and learn.
My criticism of you in the post, gentle though it was, has nothing to do with Kerodin except that your embrace of his "kill 'em all let God sort 'em out" philosophy (not that K. seems to much believe in God from what I read) and your winking at his threats to innocents is emblematic of the increasing tone of the Dark Side in your posts and comments. If we become that which we claim to fight, how different is that from the collectivist butchers except the names and faces? Fantasies of a Turner Diaries-like "The Day of the Rope" and Kerodin's obvious wish to have everyone who's ever criticized him at the end of said rope apparently didn't concern you. If you lose your essential humanity in the fight to save it what is gained? What is lost, including your immortal soul?
There is this desperate need on the part of some folks (and I learned this very vividly in the 90s) to embrace any allies -- including collectivists such as neo-Nazis -- out of sense of powerlessness, a yearning for numbers. Yet if your "ally" ends up by stabbing you in the back what is gained besides the warm and fuzzy comfort you feel just before the knife slips between your ribs and penetrates your heart? What you ascribed to egotism on my part is just the hard-wiring I learned in the 90s -- do not suffer fools, con-men or neo-collectivists even grudgingly because they will damage, co-opt and defeat you.
This was my initial reaction to Kerodin and so it remains today. I am grieved that I lost one of my best friends over it, but I am who I am, I believe what I believe and I serve Who I serve.
Just exactly who Kerodin is, what he truly believes and who he serves is still open for considerable debate and discovery. That process continues.
(Sue that.)


Anonymous said...

Well WRSA and that Kerodin character need to be taken to task for having have now tied the 3% movement to racism with the 3% branded nooses.
I don't know how it is where they are from but people in the south associate the noose with the practice of lynching.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous and your 'people from the south' comment - as a southerner I wish you a whole hearted fuck off.

Now, back to the original topic. Mike... you seem to be insinuating that Pete is a 'federal plant', with vague references to 'the airport incident' and even vaguer references to his 'day job', insinuating that you 'don't mention it' because... why exactly?

This type of innuendo is not for public consumption. Either say what you gotta say, or keep it private. Otherwise, all you do is feed speculation, paranoia, fear, and mistrust.

Which is straight out of the COINTELPRO playbook, I might add.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, that's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard! Associate the noose with being a racist. So if we go to DC one night, and build a gallows on the mall, the next morning every black man in DC will believe they'll be hung because of their color? The noose is an effective execution method that can be reused, that's it! Associating it with anything other than that is stupid, and no different than associating the AK with communists, and shying away from using it because of that association. The Anonymous statement sounds like the crap that would be put out by the SPLC, or the ADL.

Anonymous said...

Who this Kerodin character is yet to be discovered indeed!

I smell an agent provocateur.

The question I raised some months ago remains unanswered;

How does a convicted felon lawfully possess a firearm?

The answer that comes to my mind; He must in bed with fedgov.

I've respected what Pete has been doing for many years now and it is a shame that he is deluded by this character.

Anonymous said...

That is a very perceptive catch. It raises the question of how that design could not be intentional so that others would make that connection & discredit the concept. P's post was disappointing in its one-sidedness. He put everything on MV and gave K a total pass for what he owns in this in spite of two insane posts the guy took down within hours of posting. AFTER he realized what a psycho they made him look like. And MV is right. It is K who is threatening to sue people. Not MV.

Anonymous said...

"Throughout our disagreement over what Kerodin was/is and what/who he represented, I have never believed -- as some were telling me from the very beginning -- that you were a federal asset."

I've always wondered about that.

If Pete, Kerodin (or both) WERE federal assets, we'd have to admire their success at causing a fracture within the movement.

They've been equally effective in associating the three percent with a melange of unsavory characters, all antithetical to liberty. (Far more effective than the lavishly funded but comical SPLC...)

I, too, cringed at the III noose - when you're trying to counter totalitarian propagandists with reason, you sure as hell don't give them images like that to use against you.

So, are we looking at the consistent folly of well meaning but bumbling friends, or an impressive string of propaganda successes authored by enemy assets?

The law of averages increasingly suggests the latter.

Whatever they are in real life, the old saying applies: with "friends" like that, we don't need enemies.

Anonymous said...

Can we, then, all agree that K is a moron, of the first class?

Anonymous said...

So Mister JC Dodge what was this about
or this
was a noose not used for racial intimidation in either of those cases?
The noose and KKK imagery is used quite often as means of making black people feel intimidated.if that's not racism I don't know what is.
AND yes That's the same thing the SPLC would say, and as they are the enemies of any right thinking man, will say,

As far as building a gallows goes that could debatably be a legitimate use of a noose, as most lynchings did not take the time to build gallows.

As For Mr as a southerner, go hang a noose over a light pole or tree near a black family and see how the news portrays it. Do you think it will be played during the politics section of the news?? I don't, I think it would be the teaser story about Racism through the whole broadcast.

So as I see it anyone who brands a noose with a III and then starts selling it is actively trying to tie the IIIpers to racism!

Mark III said...

Reading the post here and over at WRSA, I have noticed one trend. Supporters of K seem to be very much like him in that they quickly resort to personal attacks and profanity. No big deal. Certainly grown men don't wilt at reading bad language, but it doesn't give the impression of reasonable or intelligent people. You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. K seems to keep the company of folks who can't control their tempers or have a rational discussion.

Anonymous said...

I do not support the federal government or its arbitrary laws, but in addition to his psychological manipulation (the calling card of a con man), he is a convicted felon who not only possesses a firearm but has the license to manufacture them.

That so few people have spotted this inconsistency is beyond me. At best Kerodin is being what he is, a con man. At worst, he is the enemy's controlled opposition.

Anonymous said...

Looks like 100 heads just got expanded to 101 or 102 or more.

Charles N. Steele said...

Mark III makes a cogent point.

Anonymous said...

"That so few people have spotted this inconsistency is beyond me. At best Kerodin is being what he is, a con man. At worst, he is the enemy's controlled opposition."

Well stated!

wirecutter said...

Kerodin doesn't own any firearms. Kerodin doesn't produce any firearms, that would be Jim Miller of III Arms.
Do your homework before running your mouth.

But a question does beg to be answered: How does an admitted (ex) member of the communist party own a firearm? Are they not prohibited? Last time I purchased a firearm that question was specifically asked of me on the form that I had to fill out, yet your idol who is a self admitted (ex?) member owns firearms.

Dutchman6 said...

Talk about doing your homework. You must never have filled out a 4473, or if you did, you imagined the question you claim to have seen. There is no political test, only that you have never been a felon, wife-beater, etc. I am none of those.

Mr. Miller, I am told, is actually a full-time employee of the VA in Martinsburg WV, whose complex sits next to the ATF complex at the same place. He is said to be in IT with access to the entire VA database. Of course I haven't had the time or the inclination to confirm that, but you can file it under "reliable sources say."

It is also said that Kerodin sought him out in order to build firearms. One wonders what the legality of contracting with a known felon to build firearms is.

But no, there is no political test for owning a firearm, at least there won't be until Kerodin and his neo-collectivist ilk take over the world.

Then it's the rope for me and scraps at the foot of Lord of the Citadel Kerodin's table for you.

Dutchman6 said...

I wrote: "It is also said that Kerodin sought him out in order to build firearms. One wonders what the legality of contracting with a known felon to build firearms is."

One also wonders why the ATF seems totally uninterested in that fact.

Unknown said...

You said "Mr. Miller, I am told, is actually a full-time employee of the VA in Martinsburg WV, whose complex sits next to the ATF complex at the same place. He is said to be in IT with access to the entire VA database. Of course I haven't had the time or the inclination to confirm that, but you can file it under "reliable sources say." So you just admitted you'll print something you haven't verified, why, because it will make Kerodin look bad? Why would you put Jim's personal info out there? That's stepping over a very big line, especially when, as you've said, you haven't confirmed it. Imagine that, a federal facility is next to another federal facility on federal ground, go figure. And what does having access to the VA database have to do with the ATF? Oh, that's right, you wouldn't know, because you haven't verified it. You had better confine your "badmouthing" to Kerodin, someone you've got a history of problems with, leave Jim Miller out of it.

Dutchman6 said...

Now, now. Mr. Miller is the FFL holder of record for III Arms and has made threats of his own to folks he disagrees with. The question is a reasonable one. Kerodin went shopping for an FFL SOT and found one. Miller agreed to do business with an ex-con and his not-so-spotless wife. This does raise legitimate questions. Of course, Mr. Miller is welcome to correct the record if he likes and tell what, if anything, is inaccurate about it. I will certainly print it. In fact, he is welcome to sue me if he likes. And it DOES come from a previously reliable source, so Sullivan vs. New York Times applies.

when it happens said...

will you all be anything when....

Anonymous said...

Would you categorize Absolved as more of an unfinished bridge, or a bridge to nowhere?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm convinced. Either both sides of this soap opera are feds, or one is and the other is just a dumbass, or both are just dumbasses.

Note to self: The Resistance will not be led by internet personalities.

Unknown said...

If you notice, my primary issue was with you putting out his personal info. Your conjecture that he's a fed because he works next to the ATF building is weak at best. That's like me sayin' your still a communist, because you used to be, possible yes, but doubtful.

Dutchman6 said...

The "conjecture" about ATF is not "because he works next to the ATF building" but rather because they are supremely uninterested in enforcing their laws when it comes to the connection between an FFL SOT and a convicted felon who makes violent threats of inter-state mayhem against any who disagree with him. Any COINTELPRO-type program would not be run by ATF, however, but rather by DHS and the FBI. The ATF would not be trusted to run such an operation, only with certain less-important and compartmentalized portions of it, much like Fast & Furious. There, the ATF was only given the less important tasks to 1. Make sure the dealers sold to the straw-buyers and kept diligent records of the sales and 2. Collect the statistics of which dead bodies in Mexico showed matching those serial numbers when the Mexican police entered them into the E-Trace system.

The really serious portion of the conspiracy was entrusted to the FBI and their paid informants the Miramontes brothers, who paid the straw buyers, picked up the weapons and smuggled them to the cartels. That is why Dodson and the other Group 7 agents were forbidden to follow the weapons. That would have led them to the FBI's operatives. Of course no one's seen or heard of the Miramontes brothers in a while and the speculation is that they were kacked, whether by the cartels or the FBI is the subject of serious side bets that may never be collected.

That's what happens, however, when you're a COINTELPRO type stooge. The Fibbies will either violate you on some unrelated charge and throw you back incommunicado in the durance vile that they found you -- see the case of Pete Langan of the Aryan Republican Army and the OKC bombing -- or they will kill you. They first tried the latter with Langan in front of too many witnesses and failed so he is now in federal prison so deep that not even 60 Minutes can get to see him. His fellow leader of the ARA, "Wild Bill" Guthrie, ended up at the end of a dirty bedsheet in jail in Covington KY shortly after telling an LA Times reporter that he "knew some serious shit" about the OKC bombing.

This is general principle with the FBI in these high-risk political operations: if a provocateur cannot be reliably controlled then they will kill him themselves or have him killed.

Food for thought in some quarters, eh?