Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Outstanding. Check this out. Red Dot Arms offers a Three Percent upper.

Their new web site.


William Flatt said...

III. Outstanding! Makes me wanna go buy one!

Unknown said...

Pretty sure that logo is copyrighted, and they don't have the copyright.

Dutchman6 said...


If you're talking about the thugs at III Arms, they've already tried to extort money from Red Dot to no avail. The difference is significant enough that there is no case, and in any event since they stole the concept from and the Roman Republic just who else are they going to sue? Kerodin and his thug band need to get a life. In any case, their conduct shows that it is money not principle that motivates them.

And if he thinks that is slander he is welcome to sue ME. I'll have much more fun with discovery than he will. In any case, he's nothing but hot electron air. When has he actually DONE anything besides slander and threaten others?

(Sue that.)

Bill Ford III said...

Actually I believe the correct term is "trademark" not "copyright".

Also, seeing as how my wife has worked in the IP field for well over 20 years, I think you will find yourself on the losing end of this debacle MR Vanderboegh.

Dutchman6 said...

Bring it on. I'd love to have the little ex-con rat bastard under oath. LOVE to.

Unknown said...

I believe it is rather ironic that you bring up the past of Kerodin, since anyone in the security field, could have put themselves into that situation unknowingly. As you know, choices you make in life can have consequences, some concerning reputation, some concerning your freedom. You of all people should know how prior choices affect your present reputation. Regardless, this has nothing to do with this situation, if they've spent the money to "trademark", "copyright", whatever, they have the rights to it, whether you approve or not.

Bill Ford III said...

I made no threat of "bringing it on" to anyone. I simply offered my opinion on the matter.

IMHO I find all of this divisiveness in the III community unnecessary, outright childish and dangerous. It works for the enemy and against those of us with the same goals; restoration of the Founders Republic and Jefferson's definition and principles of Rightful Liberty.

I look at this from the perspective of having initially "found my way" towards the concept of the III from your writings and those of David Codrea, Mr Vanderboegh, quite a few years ago. I learned many things from your posts and had much respect towards you. As you see, I still read your site. It has been quite sad to see the egotistical idiocy being put on display.

You admit to being an "ex-commie", Mr Kerodin admits to being an "ex-con". I have made many mistakes in the past, I defy anyone to claim they have made none.

There are many more important matters at hand then the childish antics of schoolyard name calling.

Dutchman6 said...

You obviously define "the III community" different than I do. There is little ego about it. It is for me a matter of principle. Advocates of the murder of innocents do not, in my opinion, constitute the Three Percent principles that I laid out originally, before Kerodin tried to hijack and make money off them.

I really do hope he sues someone so we can get him under oath. That will be the end of any mistaken perception that this guy is anything but a thug and a shill.

Unknown said...

Why would you have anything at all to do with a lawsuit between III Arms and Red Dot arms, unless you are claiming some ownership of the logo, which we know you don't legally have? Maybe you should have jumped on that years ago, but it's water under the bridge now, isn't it? At least Kerodin never espoused stepping on the little guy to forward a sick utopian agenda, the way communists do. Pretty sure Kerodin paid for his crime, have you? Yes, I believe espousing communism is criminal, they are thieves of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

The Picture above is not meant to portray any political belief of Red Dot Arms Staff or Ownership.

R.R. said...

Obviously, Mr. Dodge, you fail to see there are different degrees of evil. It's only a little bit evil being a "former" commie, but God forbid you ever committed a crime in the past. Actually, I believe Mr. Vanderboegh was busted for dirty carry at one point but I guess that was just a "misunderstanding". In my opinion, Kerodin has done more for the III with tangible results than Mike ever will and I think it breaks his heart that he will never be on K's level. I was a reader of this blog when I first discovered the III and all Mike's slander did was push me to read Kerodin's site. So, I guess I at least owe him a thank you for that.
Josh R. III

Bill Ford III said...

"You obviously define "the III community" different than I do."

How do you come to this conclusion based on my statement of; ".... restoration of the Founders Republic and Jefferson's definition and principles of Rightful Liberty."? From what I have read of your own words, this is the exact same destination you claim as your goal.

As to the matter of the possible trademark infringement, JC Dodge is correct in everything he has stated above. He is also correct in his statements concerning communists as being "thieves of the highest order", to which I would add; mass murderers which have no equal in history.

You appear to have quite a double standard concerning the past of people; forgiveness for your own mistakes but none for the mistakes of others.

Anonymous said...

Stand back, cause I'm really am about to sue one of them. This individual really crossed the line in his slanderous bullyism. I'm not one to take being bullied, nor do I make idle threats. You are right when you suggest that it is 'they' who slander others. But, in their minds, it's OK for them to do so. To stand up to them is somehow verboten. As far as I'm concerned, it ends now.

Bill Ford III said...

Anonymous at October 23, 2013 at 12:35 PM

Do you always hide behind anonymity whilst making "threats" towards others? It would appear to me that your comment would have more credibility if you at least stated who you were as well as who the "they" is who you suggest "slander others".

Anonymous said...

Kerodin may have stole, but you were a communist. Not only that, you were in the INNER CIRCLE!!! How much worse does it get? Kerodin could have stolen $1 from 10 million people and what you did was 10 times worse. How can we trust that you are a patriot? Because you give a few speeches? Oh, yea, i'm convinced. You may very well be a commie double agent.
As for this lawsuit, if IIIarms co. did trademark III on their arms red dot is in a lot of trouble...guess they should have gotten it first, but maybe they are disabled like you and only do what they think is fun instead of actual work...my mom is 59, has MS and a brain tumor and works 16 hour days at the pier in SF,CA so don't give me that crap that you can't work you lazy ass commie.

Anonymous said...

"Advocates of the murder of innocents do not, in my opinion, constitute the Three Percent principles that I laid out originally."
Really, I find that comment extemely ironic.
The last time I checked, the forces of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao(and those wishing to fill their shoes) not only advocated the same, but joyfully performed that slaughter throughout the entire 20th century.
By the way, you wholeheartedly rolled with those collectivists once upop a time.
Did you not?

Anonymous said...


What a bunch of muppets you are. I normally just troll this site but I am so tired of these Alinskyed noob fools blaming the victim. I will try to speak for MV but I know well that while you can teach a man something, once they have made up their mind on a subject, they will not learn. To Mike's serious detriment, he has never been able to properly articulate his defense in the three year span of the Kerodin debacle.

Mike never did anything? Are you fucking serious? What were you doing in the 90’s? Back when you were flipping through Baywatch episodes and debating on Perot, Mike had a good piece in keeping the Nazis out of the militia movement. How about a “Hey Mike, thanks for not letting us get tar babied by those assholes”? This was, of course, back before the interwebz when everything was (as you guys have finally figured out) local, local local. Since that time he has assisted and trained more boys in defense of the Constitution than you and or anyone else. This includes combat communications, movement to contact, combat medicine etc. Not that he has put that on the web, but then, why would he have to justify decade’s worth of work to the likes of you? Again, who have you trained and what skin have you put in the game?

Did you go to the boarder when the Minutemen were being demonized by everyone with press credentials? Of course you did not. Mike did though, to assist fellow militia units. Assuming you had woken up by then, you do know that Mike had created Sipsey Street irregulars and the III brand in defense of the Constitutional rights that were being eroded through the Patriot Act, right? We begged Mike to copy write the III logo, lest some unscrupulous bastard try to hijack it. He refused saying that it was an open source idea with an open source logo. Hell, he was just happy that he could wake other people up to the destruction that was happening to his country. Big mistake huh?

Did you hear about the Window War or perhaps the breaking of Operation Fast and Furious? This was about the time that Kerodin came and pledged his allegiance to the III cause. Let me give you a brief rundown how that transpired. K: hey guys can I join your team. MV: Yeah sure. III Community: Hey this guy is kind of an asshole and convicted for extortion and a weapons charge. K: You guys are big meanies for noticing. III Community: yeah Mike, give this guy some slack. MV: Yeah, fellas, I have see this all before. Stay away from those out for a buck and clearly able to be influenced by the ATF. K: You are a big meanie who will not accept me for who I am so I am going to continue to lie, manipulate and generally Alinsky my way to become the all supreme leader of the glorious revolution, III Community: Mike, he really does sound reasonable. MV: ??? Don’t believe me ,you damn noobs, look it up.

Lest we forget that he has done much of this in the past 20+ years while dealing with cancer, heart attacks, strokes, MRSA AND in serious financial straits. What. The Fuck. Have. You. Or. Your. Tin. God. Ever. Done .that was not for your own benefit or grandstanding?

Don’t take my word for it. Everyone who has ever questioned him directly was shouted down and marginalized through ridicule. So fuck you Bill Ford, JC Dodge RR and the rest of you blind manipulated fools. Finding moral equivalence to a repentant political enemy with decades of defense to the Constitution vs. a three year tirade by a guy who has ridden on the coat tails of others. Don’t believe me? Check this shit out: http://militialaw.com/2013/08/30/how-kerodin-answers-questions/

MV has never asked anyone to kiss the ring. What he has seen though is the III Community that he buy invented, built and fostered, hijacked by a known criminal and charlatan. I think he has handled it pretty well, don’t you think?

ExPat Matt

Anonymous said...

"so don't give me that crap that you can't work you lazy ass commie."
You ignorant little fool. You don't even realize why, do you?

Bill Ford III said...

"So fuck you Bill Ford, JC Dodge RR and the rest of you blind manipulated fools."

Reading comprehension problems ExPat Matt? I specifically pointed out the fact that it was through Mr Vanderboegh and his writings that I initially grasped the III concept and stated how much respect I had and how much I learned from him.

One states they are an "ex-communist" and yet derides another for being an "ex-con" in the past. It is idiotic and hypocritical to make any attempt to claim any sort of "moral high ground" based on these facts. The absolute absurdity astounds me. We are all "felons", we just haven't been targeted, yet.

How very liberal of you to tell others "fuck you" and resort to calling others names such as "muppets".

Anonymous said...


To answer your question, nope my reading comprehension is just fine. If you want me to be specific: yes the "You admit to being an "ex-commie", Mr Kerodin admits to being an "ex-con" was what I was referring to. Sounds like trying to find moral equivalence when their clearly is none. But then you are a learned gentleman in the IP field, so I bow to your intellect. You say you came to the III by way of Sipsey. Congrats and here is your cookie. That does not excuse the chiming in of the two minutes hate brought by the little FOCKers.

My expletive directed at you was made in anger but not haste. Others such as RR, CavMedic, etc. seem fit to have someone else's hand up their ass while they act as the same mouthpiece to slander a good man. I cannot abide that pack mentality. If Muppet does not apply to you then I humbly withdraw the statement.

Through all of that, I found myself out of my chair and standing in applause your comment that we are all felons. How true that is. I beleive we all can find common ground that if we do not hang together, we will surely hang separately.

ExPat Matt

Unknown said...

So your telling me you believe comparing someone who got railroaded (as any of us could be), and convicted of a crime is the same as a man who chooses to walk iin the footsteps of. Lenin, Mao, and Stalin? Obviously your an emotional chap, who needs to vent, but your defense of MV has nothing to do with my original remark, (trademark infringment), and you are obscuring the facts stated about past choices, with an emotional tirade in defense of an obvious hero. Facts are funny things. I have not said anything about MV's historical accomplishments, because they don' apply here. We are discussing the hypocrisy of judging one man's past indiscretions (purposeful or not), compared to another man's absolute choice tzo be part of a group of historically proven thugs.

Bill Ford III said...

"yes the "You admit to being an "ex-commie", Mr Kerodin admits to being an "ex-con" was what I was referring to. Sounds like trying to find moral equivalence when their clearly is none."

You are absolutely correct, there is no "moral equivalence", IMHO commie is much worse, as history has proven, time and time again. However, I only referred to each of their past lives, nothing else. Like I stated earlier, we have all made mistakes in the past.

I asked you or no one else to "bow" to me, "intellect" or otherwise, I expect no freeman to bend knee to me or any other mere human, for any reason.

I also would like you to show me where I "chimed in on the "two minutes of hate"? Oh, and as civil as I have been, you can take your simplistic and very childish remark and offer of a "cookie" and shove it up your ass. Nothing I have stated deserved such an idiotic or derogatory remark.

I have remained polite and civil, without "name calling" or "insults", you should try it sometime.

Oh and I do sincerely appreciate and honestly thank you for your last paragraph last paragraph

Anonymous said...

Wound a little tight are we Bill? If you cannot take a bit of sparing after coming to troll, then maybe this whole internet thing is not for you. I am sure you can find your way to the door.

But before you do go, please consider why you came here to defend a guy who is going around bullying (e x t o r t) small business owners for a claim to the Roman numeral 3. If he wanted to defend the III Arms logo, I would say go for it. But they didn't infringe so it is not infringement. That was not so hard to see now was it? What I believe is troublesome for the III (C) crowd is that if one small business owner can tell Kerodin to pound sand, the others will find their balls and do the same.

Please feel free to express your righteous indignation in another forum. Like they say, you do not have to go away angry...just go away.

ExPat Matt

Bill Ford III said...

ExPat Matt,

I am not "wound tight" at all, I merely responded to your comment.

"Trolling", really, that is what you honestly believe? I honestly feel pity for you if this is what you truly believe.

I came to defend no one. All I did was make a comment. In fact to quote the opening statement in your comment "
What a bunch of muppets you are. I normally just troll this site but I am so tired of these Alinskyed noob fools blaming the victim. I will try to speak for MV...."

It appears it was/is you who came to "troll" and defend others. I am not the the person who resorted to telling others "fuck you" and childish name calling, I believe the comments will show that it was you who resorted to those measures.

You do not know me, so to make any sort of "assumptions" that " this whole internet thing is not for you" is rather presumptuous on your part, don't you think?

"Please feel free to express your righteous indignation in another forum. Like they say, you do not have to go away angry...just go away."

Seriously, for expressing my opinion, not a so called "defense" of anyone, this is all you can come up with any intelligent thought? I should have expected nothing more.

This is Mr Vanderboegh's house/blog, it is not yours, if he wishes me to vacate/go away,so be it, he can block me if he wishes.