Saturday, October 26, 2013

California court ruling undermines victory declaration on ‘assault weapons’ veto

“Why is it everyone jumps up and down when he vetoes seven bills,” a commentator on the FPC announcement pointed out. “What about the seven he signed that are blatantly unconstitutional? He's still a stinking traitor to his Oath.”

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Anonymous said...

Just as the NRA invented the "hunting" dogma, so too has it fostered the "victory" meme when clearly rights are being eroded. It has a long history of saying "we won because it COULD have been much worse".

When in reality the worse the legislative infringements are the easier they are to challenge in court.

The NRA simply isn't what some think it is or others want it to be. Maybe it once was but it's been infected like today's GOP, I don't know. Regardless, it's time for honesty. The NRA today's is the biggest and best disguised gun CONTROL organization in the country and is the most successful at fooling its own membership AND the general population to the contrary.

It's time to openly reject the "best deal we could get" garbage by hammering the NRA for double dealing with the domestic ENEMY in their combined traitorous activities!