Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NRA weenie wagon once again revving its engine. "Gun rights advocates must not 'negotiate' with anti-gun zealots."

Dave Workman reported yesterday, rumor has it that the NRA is in negotiations with anti-gun fanatic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on new legislation to turn non-violent "gun crimes" into felonies, requiring long prison times for mere possession of an "illegal gun".
Mayor Emanuel’s Statehouse lobbyists are engaged in serious talks with the NRA and even the more strident Illinois State Rifle Association (something that Daley would never do, and vice versa) to try and work out a compromise on legislation to force convicted gun possession violators to remain in prison for a lot longer than they already are. Emanuel himself is said to be actively involved by phone.


Anonymous said...

No more compromise with the gun grabbers!

Anonymous said...

ISRA did its own poll and over 90% OPPOSED licensing yet the ISRA turned around and SUPPORTED licensing legislation! The NRA has been actively SUPPORTING the "strictest shall issue legislation in the country" (while OPPOSING Constitutional Carry openly) and had also worked actively to help the state police IMPOSE this draconian, poll taxing, rights trading, infringement of gun control legislation. Groups like GSL and Illinois carry have sided with NRA and ISRA in conspiring to impose upon us all what they can all then turn around and "oppose " for purposes if ongoing fundraising efforts.

Speak up about those antics and they threaten ban hammers and even use them. They have gone so far as conspire with govt to ensure only THEY had a seat at PUBLIC HEARING!!! They make sure THEIRS is the ONLY voice heard saying often "let the professionals handle it".

They argue AGAINST carrying demonstrations and oppose open carry to the point of throwing it under the bus entirely as part if their "deal".

All these groups are for the right to beg for permission slips -so long as they get PAID for the "training" they "offer". The right to defend your own life is sold out in Illinois for thirty pieces of silver. Rather than openly oppose the poll taxes, the NRA and it's buddy list have bowed to them so long as we all pay THEM poll taxes TOO!


As an aside, for context, let's not forget that the NRA lobbyist openly advocated the candidacy of Mark Kirk (the guy who introduces a rifle ban, supports the UN arms treaty AND wanted us to pay taxes to buy automatics for Libyan "rebels").

There is no "stand and fight" in Illinois. There is only "bow and suck". Why NRA members around this country aren't SHAMED by this nonsense I simply do not understand.

Anonymous said...

Ah, wouldn't that be doing something ex post facto?? How could it possibly be legal to give a man more time AFTER you've tried and sentenced him and he's begun serving said sentence?

I don't know about you but reading Rom Emmanuel suggesting such a thing really gets my blood boiling.

FedUp said...

Project Exile rears its ugly head again?

How many NRA member dollars does Wayne want to donate to Chitcago PD?

Anonymous said...

Let’s take a walk back in time Mayor Daley wanted gun control so the NRA wrote a law we call that law the FOID card.

This past year the NRA supported HB1189 a Universal Background checks bill, it passed over the objections of the ISRA.

Today the NRA is in negotiations with Rahm to put innocent gun owners in prison for 3-7 yrs for any gun related violation.

I have talked to the ISRA lobbyist about this story; the ISRA wants nothing to do with Rahm and the NRA negotiations.

I am asking people contact the NRA and tell them to stop selling out gun owners.

I am also asking for people to contact GOA and demand they get involved in Illinois.

We need a GOA Illinois to counter NRA compromise!

Anonymous said...

Workman has negotiated with enemies of the domestic nature, more than once. We had an argument about it. Him writing this is just really "precious". Hypocrite lately, Dave?

He isn't one bit III. Never has been, never will be.

Jensko said...

It's not illegal guns they're after. Concealed carry is going to be a reality soon. There are many places that you will not be allowed to carry. And if you innocently and accidently carry in a prohibited location they want to be able to throw the book at you and make you serve hard time, to serve as an example to others that you are better off not carrying.