Monday, October 21, 2013

IL legislators to take another swing at gun owners, with Bloomberg's help?

The other side has billionaires and a sycophantic mass media. Ours has a grassroots passion for liberty--and tens of millions of guns, and hundreds of millions (billions?) of rounds of ammo. Morality demands that we do our best to win with only the first. But win we must.


Anonymous said...

Aren't we all just so glad that the NRA is busy helping the state police implement the legislatures latest gun control agenda disguised as a carry law? Remember now, this party, the Democrats, that is trying this latest feline penalty is who the NRA decided to PARTNER with over and over and over.

Time for the NRA to answer WHY they continue to partner with them rather than "stand and fight " against these rights violating BASTARDS!

William Flatt said...

The NRA is the Neville Chamberlain of gun rights. I tendered my Life Member resignation and told them to take me off EVERY mailing list they have.