Thursday, October 31, 2013

Brings a whole host of new possibilities to shop class.

In the late 60s, a high-school classmate of mine built a rather sophisticated magazine-fed .22LR zip gun in shop class with the knowing, and approving, assistance of the shop teacher. Boy, what he could done with one of these: MIT students develop easy-to-use 3D printer for schools


Anonymous said...

It gets even better. The patent rights for 3D printers using metals rather than plastic expires next year. "Then you're gonna see some serious sh*t."

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine built a muzzle loading cannon in metal and wood shop. Think it was .58 caliber. And to top it off once it was finished the teacher decided it should actually be test fired. Yep, at school. In high school we always brought our shotguns or .22 rifles to school so we could hunt after classes were over for the day. They were kept in the trunks of our cars or behind the seats of pickups. The teachers knew we did it as did the school administrators. No problems were ever experienced. Sure as hell shows you have things have gone to shit since the 60's. And you can trace it right back the Liberal Marxist Progressives. These people should rightfully be declared a disease by the World Health Organization.