Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Time to repeal Second Amendment?" "How many millions of bodies of . . . American firearm owners . . . are you willing to stack up to achieve that result?"

From the Winona Daily News.
Again and again, we’ve used the Constitution to wipe the blood from our hands ... but it doesn’t work any more.
If the Second Amendment protects the right of James Holmes to equip himself for mass murder, it’s time to repeal the Second Amendment.
Times change. Our Constitution should change with them.
My response:
RE: Your proposal for bloody civil war.
So Jerome Christenson wants to repeal the Second Amendment. How many millions of bodies of those of us American firearm owners who would resist such a move to the death are you willing to stack up to achieve that result?
And have you considered that people who are willing to die for a principle are most often willing to kill in defense of it as well? And we will not go gentle into that tyrannical collectivist good night. Indeed, I think it is safe to say we would make it more than a one-to-one ratio.
What an unthinking putz you are.


Anonymous said...

1. Click on the link.
2. Click "Enlarge Photo"
3. Right click, save image as (redacted.)
4. Print as many copies as you like.
5. Head to the range with your newly printed targets, your favorite sidearm, and lots of ammo!


Anonymous said...

The threat of a bloody civil war fought on principle would seem to feed into the meme that people must be disarmed in order to prevent it. More compelling to me is the historical reality of the millions of deaths that occurred when Armenians, Jews, Poles, Cambodians, Mexicans, or any group you want to include, were and still are disarmed in order to effect their demise.

Paul W said...

Yet another moron that wants to destroy our rights based on the actions of a mentally-deranged individual.

When are people going to stop this crap, and understand that any object can be used for good or for evil, depending upon the user. Guns, as we here all know, CAN be used to commit murder (even mass murder), but they can (and regularly ARE) used to stop crimes and to save lives, to say nothing of the deterrent effect that 250 million guns in civilian hands has on the tyrannical goals of some in government.

The 2nd Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights, which is a set of basic laws passed to specifically forbid certain actions and to otherwise limit the authority of the federal government. These are pre-existing rights, rights that cannot be wiped away with the elimination of the Amendments in question.

Also, I don't particularly give a damn what the law says - I will not give up my firearms until and unless they are significantly warmer than my body. There is ONLY ONE PURPOSE to disarming the law-abiding, and that is enslavement of some kind, if not actual murder. I may leave this Earth a bit prematurely defending my basic right to self-protection and defense of my liberty and my nation, but it won't be for free.

Anonymous said...


Please forward this to all those considered 'idiots for not facing the true nature of the world we live'


Anonymous said...

Frankly, This is just part of the process for gun control to which the end result will be no firearms in the hands of citizens .Things are being prepared right now for that coming event . But we all know the very last straw is gun confiscation .When it comes it will most likely be under a form of martial law or some other event or so called terrorist attack (Be it a blag flag as a possibility ).All of this media hype is just the formation of coming events concerning gun control.But when they come after your guns as the last straw , I have one thing last to say ! Give them the bullits first ! Molon Labe !

Anonymous said...

I am no longer fit and am medically disabled, but I will stand my ground and never, never, ever allow a tyranical regime like Obama to disarm my family. It is beyond belief that over the last several years, this regime of Obama has declared men of religion, vetrans, sportsman, gun owners and patriots as "terrorists", yet supports the Muslim Brotherhood in the overthrow of Egypt, Libya, and Syria. The time is near that we may be forced to make the most important decision of our lives-one of which there is no turning back. Many men on April 19, 1775 had to make the same decision.

David Forward said...

Anti gun rhetoric is heating up all across the country -- not by responsible everyday citizens, but by the left wing self anointed elites who want to design and control society strictly according to their visions of Utopia. This includes the vast majority of the effete lamestream media sycophants who suck on the teat of progressivism.

Obama has started his straw arguments ginned up to attack gun rights:

Looking at our latest "distinguished" guest in Aurora, CO seeking their photo op time benefiting from this false-flag psyops let's one know that all of the low life vermin in the country are coming out in force.

We're "so fortunate" to have the master race pimp himself -- the man who has almost single-handedly created the schism of skin color in America while keeping blacks poor and on the Democratic plantation and lining his own pockets with ill gained booty -- Jesse Jackson. Man, it just doesn't get any better than this....

SWIFT said...

Strange how the biggest advocates for civil war, loathe guns. When it gets started; do they plan to have a mercenary arm fight for them? Do they feel their armed body guards will shoulder the entire burden of not only protecting them, but going on the offensive? And once the armed body guards have been dealt with, do they believe people like me will look the other way simply because they are unarmed? Do they believe I will forgive and forget those responsible for starting a war? My, my, my. Is such a belief system cognitive or congenital?

RVN11B said...

My sentiments to a "T"!

Could not have said it any better.

Anonymous said...

"It’s a bit odd, isn’t it, that we license cars, boats, drivers, baby sitters, restaurants, street vendors and a whole raft of other things based on the common-sense notion that we have a certain responsibility to do what we can to keep one another from harm — accidental and, certainly, purposeful."

"Yet we let anybody with a charge card or a pocketful of cash assemble a private arsenal for whatever purpose a twisted imagination can design."

We license commercial activities so as to promote their continuation. For example, we offer a trademark designation (for a fee) to safeguard against brand theft and/or fraud.

Commercial transactions are not sacred. In fact, ancient Israel strictly prohibited commerce one day in every week--the Sabbath.

By contrast, innocent life is viewed as being sacred. No one would be held accountable for relieving the distress of a poor dumb ox who fell into a pit on the day of rest.

Government interference with commerce is an objectionable nuisance but abridgement of an inalienable right, such as the right to bear arms in defense of innocent life (your own or those of your countrymen) is grounds for armed rebellion.

Subverting the Second Amendment is not going to blot out the sins of James Holmes; it will only double down on failure and make the loss of innocent life more likely.


Anonymous said...

This guy needs to become more familiar with the following:

1. US v Cruikshank

2. The discusions by Jefferson & Locke on the functions of a "just government"

3. The history of wholesale gun confiscations in North America including those at Lexington, Concord and Waco.

Since there is no chance that he or any of his type will do so, this weekend I will buy a few more AR15 lowers and continue to prep.

To misquote Mama Liberty: "If they don't want a civil disturbance, why the hell do they insist on disturbing us?"

Anonymous said...

I hope that Jerome Chistenson is WILLING to come to MY home and disarm me, should he feel that the Second Amendment be repealed. All those squawking for its repeal ought to "man up" and volunteer to be the ones who disarm us. Don't send some cop with a wife and kids. Don't send my son, a Marine 2nd Lieutenant. Have the cajones to DO what you propose. I will meet you at my door man to man and let's see who walks and who is carried out feet first.

Anonymous said...

Remember what happened when King George, Gen Gage, and Col Smith tried to sieze munitions at Concord by the way of Lexington on April 19, 1775?

Anonymous said...

It does seem that the 2nd amendment is going to be attacked with this incident. The other side is already setting the stage. I just read an article in which the CIC was saying that AKs dont belong in the hands of civilians, they use the AK as an example because it is the enemies weapon. Better PR for them when making the argument.
We can bring up historical examples of firearms disarmament and those consequences all day long to no avail.
The question is whether or not the people will comply with another "assault" weapon ban? To the majority of gun owners, those with hunt'in rifles, this will not be a big deal. It is to me, but it wont be to them.
We can speak to what we would do if they came for our "assault" rifles until we are blue in the face. Truth is, they came for them once and we did nothing. And yes, banning them is the same as coming for them.
I dont think they are woried about bodies, I think they know that we will lie back and take it... Again.

Anonymous said...

The bill of rights cannot be repealed legally but since that doesn't seem to be important to them than maybe they should consider if its important enough for them to lose their lives to accomplish it.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

To Paul W --
"The 2nd Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights, which is a set of basic laws passed to specifically forbid certain actions and to otherwise limit the authority of the federal government. These are pre-existing rights, rights that cannot be wiped away with the elimination of the Amendments in question. "

Please allow me (gently) to inform you of an error in your thinking.
The Bill of Rights is NOT a set of laws, which can be granted and retracted by human Gubbment at will. The Bill of Rights is a codified (written) set of God-granted unalienable (not liable to be taken away by human Gubbment)rights (you were correct in the second sentence).
From " . . . to specifically forbid . . " you are 100% correct.

Thank you.
B Woodman

Anonymous said...

You ever notice how it's usually not the guys who deal with guns or violence on a daily basis that cry out for more gun control? It's always these guys that can afford to be detached from reality. They can make believe that everything's alright, and as long as no one touches their bubble, they can hold onto the illusion.

Meanwhile, the booming firearms industry is a sign that the public is waking up to the very real threats present in the world and embracing self-reliance while the political rhetoric doesn't. It's actually pretty hope inspiring.

Grantmeliberty said...

These vermin need to end up on regional cleanup lists as an object lesson to future traitors. When it starts let these fools be sent to the outer darkness as soon as possible. They apologize for evil and encourage it, and if the pen is mightier than the sword, they have done more damage with their lies than these isolated shooters have done with their firearms. The coercive government sponsored murder toll far exceeds that of the random renegades by orders of magnitude.

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to forgive them.

Right after that final drop on a new hemp rope.

God says so, so I will try to accommodate him and apologize for any delay caused by my anger and hatred, which I do not like and cannot help at this point. That said, they did bring it upon themselves.

Chef said...

@ Paul W.........Well said my friend. That sums it up.

Carl said...

Your comments are way too kind. Those are not the words of an unthinking putz, but rather the words of a traitor. We used to hang or shoot traitors back when there were more backbones available and justice still existed.

Anonymous said...

Wanna repeal the 2AM? Well, try it!
(sound of slide racking to chamber the first round)

Anonymous said...

Ironic. Everyone of these progressive retards that yell and scream to ban guns will the very first to hit the ground running to find a hidey hole when the shooting starts.

They don't understand that when it starts, lawyers and law enforcement will not be able to protect them. People will be looking for them and it's not to say thank you.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel those that "hee haw" for more rules so they can feel "safer" are deadly venomous snakes that knowingly or unknowingly work for big brother. I class them as the enemy. Speak against my rights and you have become part of the problem. I have solutions for the problem.

Anonymous said...

" One death is a tragedy , a million death`s is just a statistic ". The current criminal regime , would answer your question in few word`s "ALL OF THEM" !.