Sunday, July 15, 2012

David Brooks embraces his inner (and outer) elitist. (He just wants all the other elitists to be like him.)

And they call this guy a "conservative."


engelsk översättare said...

Well, I wouldn't call that surpricing, do you?

David Forward said...

Over the last several years the philosophies of neoconservatives -- as exemplified by Brooks -- and moonbat progressives have been slowly becoming a reflection of each other. While there remain small differences in their respective concepts of how to govern (i.e., the neocons prefer for the population to be God fearing as a means to promote self discipline, while the lefty progs want the people to believe in their government as all controlling gods) how to control society in the proper manner, the ultimate goal of both philosophies is to gain and maintain the reins of power in order to sculpt the benighted unwashed masses into an Utopian society for the benefit of the state.

Both believe that man is much too stupid and self centered to properly govern themselves or others. Only their respective Platonic philosopher kings have the capacity to chart mankind's course for the ultimate good of all mankind and for the greater good of the collective of the species.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Again - I'm not sure we read the same article!


It's what we *SHOULD* have, but "affirmative action" ensures that we don't!

**THAT** is why things are so screwed up - and it's *EVERYWHERE*!

I'm 100% for "Equal opportunity" - in fact I'm more like 10000000% in favor thereof!

But that's not what we have!

We have a "some animals are more equal than others" system, even when they ain't!!